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Optimize Content like an Engineer


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As a Technical Communicator, you are responsible for an increasingly dynamic content experience. You are expected to contribute value through cross-functional and interdisciplinary functions, such as content strategy and quantitative analysis. Your content must enable more than break-fix, but engage users at every stage of the customer journey. There’s a lot to do!

Learn how to incorporate engineering principles and quantitative measures into continuous content optimization. Benefits include better cross-departmental collaboration and content ROI that proves the value of a mature content experience.

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Optimize Content like an Engineer

  1. 1. Sara Feldman, Content Experience Manager Optimize Your Content Like An Engineer
  2. 2. @SaraContentWise @mindtouch #stc19 #OptimizeContent Half Full Half Empty Twice the size it needs to be OPTIMIST ENGINEER PESSIMIST
  3. 3. @SaraContentWise @mindtouch #stc19 #OptimizeContent Technical Writer KCSⓇ Methodology Content Experience Customer Self-Service About Me
  4. 4. @SaraContentWise @mindtouch #stc19 #OptimizeContent Invert perspective to outside-in Challenge yourself to evolve Goals
  5. 5. @SaraContentWise @mindtouch #stc19 #OptimizeContent Outline Future of Content Measures & Methods Current Trends
  6. 6. @SaraContentWise @mindtouch #stc19 #OptimizeContent Current Trends
  7. 7. @SaraContentWise @mindtouch #stc19 #OptimizeContent 2021 15% support interactions will be completely AI (400% increase from 2017) RECOMMENDATIONS Automate engagement with AI / Machine Learning Distribute consistent knowledge across self-service & assisted channels Four Best Practices for Implementing Extreme Customer Self-Service (Gartner, 2018) 2022 85% support interactions will start with self-service (up from 48% in 2018)
  8. 8. @SaraContentWise @mindtouch #stc19 #OptimizeContent Content
  9. 9. @SaraContentWise @mindtouch #stc19 #OptimizeContent CONTENT A message that is delivered FORMAT How a message is delivered vs.
  10. 10. @SaraContentWise @mindtouch #stc19 #OptimizeContent Content Engineering What Is Content Engineering? | I am a Content Engineer Bridge gaps between strategy and development Transform structure and application of content assets Empower authors to deliver greater value
  11. 11. @SaraContentWise @mindtouch #stc19 #OptimizeContent Measures & Methods
  12. 12. @SaraContentWise @mindtouch #stc19 #OptimizeContent Conversions MICRO CONVERSION Move towards macro conversion MACRO CONVERSION Tied to business objective Micro Macro Ecommerce ➜ Subscribe to newsletter Purchase Content Publisher ➜ Click into content Click on ad Support site ➜ View an article Complete microlearning
  13. 13. @SaraContentWise @mindtouch #stc19 #OptimizeContent Leading & Lagging Indicators LEADING ● Activity oriented ● Easy to influence ● Directly actionable ● Insight into the future LAGGING ● Output Outcome oriented ● Hard to influence ● Quantify current condition ● Confirm a pattern Done is dead – welcome to outcome-driven development
  14. 14. @SaraContentWise @mindtouch #stc19 #OptimizeContent Leading Lagging Social Media ➜ Posts Channels Followers Knowledge Base ➜ Articles created/edited Time to publish CSAT, renewals Content Experience ➜ # personalized content Upsell, expansion
  15. 15. @SaraContentWise @mindtouch #stc19 #OptimizeContent Vanity Metrics PAGE VIEWS TIME ON PAGE BOUNCE RATE # OF ACTIVE USERS # UNIQUE/NEW VISITORS Measuring Page Velocity with Google Analytics Level up example here
  16. 16. @SaraContentWise @mindtouch #stc19 #OptimizeContent [KISS] Maximize work NOT done
  17. 17. @SaraContentWise @mindtouch #stc19 #OptimizeContent REFACTORING DATA-DRIVEN DESIGN RETROSPECTIVES ● Analyze data, make decisions, test decisions with more data ● Means to determine MVP ● Simplify design of existing code without changing its behavior ● Corrects for: unhealthy dependencies, inefficient allocation of responsibilities, and other varieties of confusion and clutter ● Identify what works well (and what doesn't!) so you can improve ● Follow-up: Don't let it be a ritual without value #RetroYourRetro
  18. 18. @SaraContentWise @mindtouch #stc19 #OptimizeContent Future of Content
  19. 19. @SaraContentWise @mindtouch #stc19 #OptimizeContent Information 4.0 Molecular freestanding from format Ubiquitous online, findable Profiled personalized delivery Dynamic continuously updated Independent usable in multiple contexts Spontaneous triggered by contexts Offered systems can pull Content at the Crossroads: The Information 4.0 Consortium
  20. 20. @SaraContentWise @mindtouch #stc19 #OptimizeContent Conversational UI / chatbot Litmus Tests Voice assistant / smart speaker
  21. 21. @SaraContentWise @mindtouch #stc19 #OptimizeContent Prioritize users/intent more than authors Blended content delivery Every page is page one > every snippet is snippet one Feedback loop to business objectives & products/services Mature Content Experience
  22. 22. @SaraContentWise @mindtouch #stc19 #OptimizeContent Win-Win: Subscribe to the MindTouch Blog! Customer Experience | Customer Support | Knowledge Management | Industry Trends
  23. 23. @SaraContentWise @mindtouch #stc19 #OptimizeContent Who to follow [A] - Master Content Model Ann Rockley - Intelligent Content Information 4.0 Consortium - Blog 4.0 Mark Baker - Multi-sourcing MindTouch - Why Chatbots Need Knowledge Management Precision Content - Microcontent Sarah O'Keefe - Smarter content in unexpected places Val Swisher - Trifecta of Global Content
  24. 24. Sara Feldman, Content Experience Manager Optimize Your Content Like An Engineer @SaraContentWise @mindtouch #stc19 #OptimizeContent