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Level up your content metrics


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Learn about a quantitative maturity model for technical documentation. Use metrics to systematically connect content production to company-wide organizational value. Benefits include better customer experience, cross-departmental strategy, and content ROI that proves the value of a mature content experience.

In this session attendees will learn:
--The minimum metrics you should be measuring on your content
--The difference between leading and lagging indicators
--How to make an executive-level business case for content production
--How to link tech docs to marketing and sales automation
--How to merge traditional tech pubs documentation with more fluid support content
--Why content metrics will help you level up

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Level up your content metrics

  1. 1. # LavaCon #ContentMetrics Level Up Your Content Metrics Sara Feldman & Neal Kaplan # LavaCon #ContentMetrics
  2. 2. # LavaCon #ContentMetrics Content Metrics
  3. 3. # LavaCon #ContentMetrics Goals 1. Make strategic decisions 2. Optimize and demonstrate value
  4. 4. # LavaCon #ContentMetrics Senior Technical Documentation Manager at Splunk @NealKaplan Content Experience Manager at MindTouch @SaraContentWise
  5. 5. Outline ● Setup ● Maturity Model ● Next Steps # LavaCon #ContentMetrics
  6. 6. # LavaCon #ContentMetrics A “content” reminder # LavaCon #ContentMetrics
  7. 7. # LavaCon #ContentMetrics Conversions Micro Conversion Move towards macro conversion Macro Conversion Tied to business objective Example Micro Conversion Macro Conversion Ecommerce Subscribe to newsletter Purchase Content Publisher Click into content Share content Support site Rate an article Complete guided help
  8. 8. # LavaCon #ContentMetrics Vanity Metrics Page views Time on page Number of unique visitors Number of active users
  9. 9. # LavaCon #ContentMetrics Leading & Lagging Metrics Leading Input oriented Hard to measure, easy to influence Insight into the future Actionable to influence Lagging Output oriented Easy to measure, hard to influence Quantify current condition Confirm a pattern
  10. 10. # LavaCon #ContentMetrics Leading & Lagging Metrics Item Leading Indicators Lagging Indicators Product development --% team availability --Velocity --# outstanding bugs Milestones achieved Knowledge Base --Articles created/modified --Time to publish CSAT, customer loyalty Content experience --# targeted content deliveries Upsell, expansion
  11. 11. 1. Accept the challenge (this is hard!) 2. Tackle one mission at a time 3. Act like a 3 year old … why, why, WHY? Game Rules # LavaCon #ContentMetrics
  12. 12. # LavaCon #ContentMetrics# LavaCon #ContentMetrics
  13. 13. # LavaCon #ContentMetrics Level 1: BASELINE # LavaCon #ContentMetrics
  14. 14. # LavaCon #ContentMetrics Value Strategic Decisions BASELINE ✔ Identify conversions ✔ Current content inventory ✔ Ensure tracking is enabled ✔ VIP content that is NOT measurable (yet)
  15. 15. # LavaCon #ContentMetrics To Do: Take Inventory # LavaCon #ContentMetrics
  16. 16. # LavaCon #ContentMetrics Who Can Help? Sales Align the documentation to sales goals Marketing Align the documentation to the brand Explain how the documentation can drive customer engagement Customer Success Explain how this will help them with customer engagement and retention
  17. 17. # LavaCon #ContentMetrics Level 2: EXPLORE # LavaCon #ContentMetrics
  18. 18. # LavaCon #ContentMetrics Value Strategic Decisions EXPLORE BASELINE ✔ Metadata strategy ✔ Measure conversions ✔ Measure all content ✔ Correlate vanity metrics
  19. 19. # LavaCon #ContentMetrics To Do: FOCUS ● Areas of friction (high customer effort) ● Content placement opportunities ○ High value touchpoints -OR- Easiest to tackle ● Customer Success Paths (not only conversion-based)
  20. 20. # LavaCon #ContentMetrics Level 3: REFINE (Boss Level) # LavaCon #ContentMetrics
  21. 21. # LavaCon #ContentMetrics REFINE Value Strategic Decisions EXPLORE BASELINE ✔ Leading & lagging metrics mastery! ✔ $ROI
  22. 22. # LavaCon #ContentMetrics Leading Metrics Example 1. Look at new users and new IPs (unauthenticated users) 2. Track which content gets the most page views and time on page 3. Correlate those metrics to determine training curriculum priorities 4. Tie the users taking training to cross-sell and upsell opportunities # customers signed up for training = leading metric; renewal = lagging metric A company using these metrics determined that users who engage with training have an 80% higher renewal rate
  23. 23. # LavaCon #ContentMetrics Boss Level Options: ● Advanced/automated content workflows ● A/B testing ● Personalization ● Predictive customer engagement ● Rinse & repeat (for other “missions”)
  24. 24. # LavaCon #ContentMetrics Next Steps: Start with business objectives # LavaCon #ContentMetrics
  25. 25. # LavaCon #ContentMetrics Checklist Level 1 - Baseline ✔ Identify conversions ✔ Current content inventory ✔ Ensure tracking is enabled ✔ VIP content that is NOT measurable (yet) Level 2 - Explore ✔ Metadata strategy ✔ Measure conversions ✔ Measure all content ✔ Correlate vanity metrics Level 3 - Refine ✔ Leading & lagging metrics mastery! ✔ $ROI # LavaCon #ContentMetrics
  26. 26. # LavaCon #ContentMetrics Correlated Trends, KPIs REFINE Value Strategic Decisions EXPLORE BASELINE Content-Based Conversions Prioritized Inventory Content Placement Opportunities Metadata Advanced workflows A/B Testing Personalization Leading Indicators Metrics Momentum
  27. 27. Sharing is Caring Join the discussion on Slack! # LavaCon #ContentMetrics