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How to Maximize Knowledge-Centered Service Benefits

Although KCS adoption is truly unique in each organization, what
common threads create the best customer self-service experience and maximize benefits? Hear lessons learned and insights for successful adoption shared by experienced KCS practitioners. Sara Feldman, Content Experience and KCS v6 Certified Trainer at MindTouch

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How to Maximize Knowledge-Centered Service Benefits

  1. 1. Maximize KCS Benefits KCS® Adoption Guidance from KCS practitioners Sara Feldman KCS® is a registered trademark for the Consortium of Service Innovation™
  2. 2. | | This guide is an invitation to success. While it provides a step-by-step approach for planning a KCS adoption, it is not intended to be "the only right way." Our aim is to share what we have learned about what makes for a successful KCS adoption and help you maximize the many benefits of doing KCS. KCS Adoption Guide
  3. 3. 2,887 2,551 3,049 2,622 4,285 3,582 Increase capacity & reduce time to proficiency Self-Service Success Highest audience reach & lowest customer effort Organizational Learning Product, process, & service improvements KCS Benefits Operational Efficiency
  4. 4. “Need” Event Search Engines Mobile Devices Home Assistant IoT Devices Website Community Agent Your Customer Ticket Form Chat / Chatbot
  5. 5. Of 30 customers who experience a support need only 4 make it to a company web-property and only 1 will engage with the contact center Traditional KM “Need” Event Search Engines Mobile Devices Home Assistant IoT Devices Website Community Agent Your Customer Ticket Form Chat / Chatbot
  6. 6. The Blindspot Can Be Addressed Quickly Launch date Net-new traffic captured by new content
  7. 7. Foundation for success Operationalize KCS Effective self-service Continuous improvement Phase 1 - Planning & Design Phase 2 - Adopting Phase 3 - Leveraging Phase 4 - Maximizing KCS Adoption
  8. 8. Foundation for Success Phase 1 - Planning & Design
  9. 9. ✓ Program Manager Qualities ✓ Exec buy-in = Exec communication ✓ Carve out meaningful time to focus ✓ Get the RIGHT people in the room and make sure everyone is heard ✓ Assume there are assumptions Internal Team Alignment
  10. 10. What If You Expand Your Scope? KCS Strategic Framework - links the benefits of KCS to the goals of the organization Include other content or CX functions!
  11. 11. Operationalize KCS Phase 2 - Adopting
  12. 12. KCS Adoption = Change Management Huge shift for Support leaders (often need to redo performance evaluation) Individual ⇢ Team Activity ⇢ Value Creation Completion ⇢ Evolution Escalation ⇢ Collaboration Content ⇢ Context Knowing ⇢ Learning & Sharing “KCS isn’t something we do in addition to solving problems; it becomes the way we solve problems”
  13. 13. Inside-Out Thinking ● Internal processes and tools ● Team is most important ● Focus on change management Outside-In Thinking ● Customer workflows & interactions ● Customer is most important ● Focus on customer-centricity
  14. 14. Knowledge Worker Adjustment ✓ KCS clichés that work ○ Sufficient to solve (don’t have to be perfect!) ○ Findable and usable by a specific audience ○ Coaching ✓ Take advantage of momentum ✓ Be flexible ✓ Help them think big picture - Agents are more than case-closing-machines!
  15. 15. Effective Self-Service Phase 3 - Leveraging
  16. 16. Go To Where Your Customers Are If you don’t meet their expectations, they’ll find someone else who will.
  17. 17. 3 Magic Questions… 1. Who are your users? 2. What are they trying to do? 3. Do you have the content they need*? *need = more than just relevant knowledge
  18. 18. ✓ Align with customer intent ✓ Deliver an intuitive experience ○ Findability + Discoverability ✓ Provide knowledge across customer journey ✓ Embed content where users interact most Robust Self-Service Experience
  19. 19. Continuous Improvement Phase 4 - Maximizing
  20. 20. ✓ Data to get a seat at the table ✓ T-shaped KDEs ✓ Knowledge-centered automation (chatbots) ✓ Knowledge-centered leads & upsells! The Power of Collective Experience
  21. 21. Delivering Relevant Content and Knowledge to Customers Is Key to Great Customer Service | Gartner | Published: 5 December 2019 The latest from Gartner to improve customer experience... Begin with the organizational outcomes you want to achieve. Then identify the insights you need to collect to achieve them. Then start delivering successively improving experiences based on those insights. Delivering Relevant Content and Knowledge to Customers Is Key to Great Customer Service | 5 December 2019 |
  22. 22. through agent-created knowledge powered by MindTouch Provide exceptional self-service experiences