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Hospice Annual Report - 08


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Hospice Annual Report - 08

  1. 1. November 1, 2008 HOSPICE of Orange & Sullivan Counties, Inc. Annual Report Celebrating 20 Years of Service, Honoring Staff & Volunteers In Your Home or In Ours … … It’s About How You Live. Considered to be the model for quality, compassionate care for people facing a life-limiting illness or injury, Hospice and palliative care involve a team- oriented approach to expert medical care, pain management, and emotional and spiritual support expressly tailored to the person’s needs and wishes. Support is provided to the person’s loved ones as well. nth Mo ss e ren wa eA ic osp i sH The focus of Hospice relies on the belief r be that each of us has the right to die pain- em free and with dignity, and that our loved N ov ones will receive the necessary support to allow us to do so. • Hospice focuses on caring, not curing, and in most cases, care is provided in the person’s home. • Hospice care also is provided in freestanding Hospice centers, hospitals, and nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. HOSPICE of Orange & Sullivan Counties, Inc. • Hospice services are available to patients of any age, religion, 800 Stony Brook Ct. • Newburgh, NY race, or illness. 845.561.6111 • 800.924.0157 • Hospice care is covered under Medicare, Medicaid, most private insurance plans, HMOs, and other managed care organizations.
  2. 2. 2 November 1, 2008 A special advertising supplement of the TIMES-HERALD RECORD HOSPICE of Orange & Sullivan Counties, Inc. President’s Message Board Of Directors By Dan Grady, M.S. CEO & President HOSPICE of Orange & Sullivan Counties, Inc. faces new challenges that never occurred to us in our inception year, 1988. Thank You HOSPICE of Orange & Sullivan Counties, Inc. Recognizes all Hospice employees and volunteers who President & CEO Daniel Grady, M.S. Chairperson Joan P. Kaplan, LCSW Back then, we thought that serving 270 patients per year was a give of themselves every day for the care and needs of others. It is through your work and support that we Vice Chairperson long-term goal. In just 20 years, our community has embraced Hos- A. Vincent Mazzie pice, and we have the ability to far surpass that number. In 2007, continue in our mission to affirm life for those with a we provided more than 47,300 days of care, and we have expanded life-limiting illness and for their families. Treasurer our services to include the option of 24-hour/7-day-a-week care at Glen L. Heller, Esq. our Kaplan Family Hospice Residence. Secretary Throughout our 20 years of service, one of our proudest achieve- ments has been the responses we have had from interactions with Credits Ronald K. Barton Immediate Past Chairman Hospice families. The gratitude the families share with our staff Dr. John D’Ambrosio HOSPICE of Orange & Sullivan Counties, Inc. makes us all feel we are the ones who are blessed. Each and every Directors year, our largest groups of supporters are Hospice families, their Hon. Jeffrey G. Berry President & CEO.......................................Daniel Grady, M.S. friends and loved ones. Mary Bonura Director of Marketing ...............................Janice Valentino To be the President and CEO of Hospice is a very humbling Mary Ann Butler position. I know that it is the loving care provided by our staff and David T. Cocks volunteers that has been recognized and appreciated by our fami- Chairperson ...............................................Joan P. Kaplan, LCSW Mary L. Crabb lies. Our staff receives inspiration by being able to witness the quiet Vice Chairperson .......................................A. Vincent Mazzie Fred C. Dana Preston L. Felton strength and love that our families give to the patients. It is the total Treasurer ...................................................Glen L. Heller, Esq. Hon. Anthony T. Kane support of the entire community, from private industry to private Secretary ...................................................Ronald K. Barton Lewis Klugman citizens to government agencies, that allows us to continue. What Dr. Joseph Lauterstein person would not be humbled to be a part of such an endeavor? All Charles Milich of our patients are able to receive care in places of light, laughter TIMES HERALD-RECORD Sue Najork and love, whether in their home or ours. Barbara Naru, RN, MA CNAA Special Publications Editor ....................... Fina Bruce Frank Phillips Cover & Graphic Design........................... Sara L. Johnson William Richards, President, SUNY Orange Publisher & President ............................... Joe Vanderhoof Ian M. Rieger Director of Advertising ............................. Kathi L. Hammer Thomas P. Sullivan Joe Vanderhoof Special Publications Manager ................... Cathy Ast Advertising Representative ....................... Mary Ann Butler Medical Director Dr. Robert Dinsmore Designed, printed and distributed by the Vice President & COO TIMES HERALD-RECORD Gail Burton, RN 40 Mulberry Street, Vice President of Finance Middletown, N.Y. Jeanne Maltes (845) 341-1100 ‘‘ My husband George was diagnosed just about 10 years ago with COPD/emphysema. Like so many, I had always associated Hospice with end-stage cancer patients, not realizing that services were provided to others coming to the end of life and wanting to remain at home with family. I can’t begin to express my thanks, and that of our whole family, to everyone at Hospice. I knew from the very be- ginning that we had made the right decision and were in very good hands. His care has given us a better quality of life than we had any right to expect. Being able to have George here at home, where he is happy and comfortable and able to spend quality time, is a gift that just can’t be quantified. None of this would have been possible without Hospice support. Thanks, and God’s blessings on you all. ~ Gail Dejmal, Washingtonville, N.Y. ,,
  3. 3. 4 November 1, 2008 A special advertising supplement of the TIMES-HERALD RECORD What is Hospice? HOSPICE is a specialized care program for terminally ill patients of any age, with an advanced end-stage illness, having a life expectancy of six months or less. Hospice works in tandem with primary care physi- cians, and enables patients to live every day of life to the fullest: focusing on comfort and the enhancement of the individual’s quality of life. ‘‘ We will ever be grateful that our Sister Josephine, who as a nurse cared lovingly and professionally for our sisters in community in years past, could receive such care in her last days. The staff at the Kaplan Family Hospice Residence, and the care that they provided Sister, allowed EMOTIONAL us to be present for her on other levels. Healing achieved with assistance of Thank you. HOSPICE-certified Social Workers and HOSPICE volunteers, working with patients & their families. ~ Sister Marjorie Robinson Carmelite Monastery, Beacon The care, kindness and respect were unbelievable. We could not have found a better place than the Kaplan Family Hospice Residence for our mother in her last days. Thank God we have the people Healing we have who work on the Hospice team. They were wonderful. ,, SPIRITUAL PHYSICAL Healing provided through Healing of symptoms is accomplished by HOSPICE Pastoral Care a team that includes the patient’s physician, ~ Phil Sicuro Coordinators, working in HOSPICE nurse, pharmacists & other conjunction with local therapists, who identify symptoms (pain) Ninette Deninno clergy to support patients & develop a plan of care that eliminates the symptom or problem. Westbrookville, N.Y. and their families.
  4. 4. 6 November 1, 2008 A special advertising supplement of the TIMES-HERALD RECORD Hospice Nurses Affirm Life, Offer Comfort By Connie Carlsen, RN, BS, CHPN and Padma Dyvine, RN, MA, CHPN W hen a person comes onto the HOSPICE Palliative Nurses, along with Licensed Practical Nurses in achieving a death with of Orange and Sullivan Counties, and Home Health Aides. We provide these services to our dignity. It is our honor to Inc. program, they come with their community in their homes, some nursing homes, and in the travel this challenging and extended family and declining health that affects everyone Kaplan Family Hospice Residence. rewarding road to a place in their community. and time of acceptance and Our approach always affirms life by providing care and Each family has a primary registered nurse (RN). services that offer comfort, hope, clarity and opportunity peace for all. Embracing the natural process of dying, the last stage for healing at this awesome time of end of life. Sharing Hospice nursing is holis- of human growth and development, the RN coordinates stories, offering hugs, laughing, crying, sharing prayers, tic in practice. We recognize care and assigns resources and personnel as needed and as simply holding hands in silence, we recognize and honor a and celebrate the mind, available. S/he addresses physical symptoms (pain, nausea, life that all too soon will be gone. Our expert and compas- body and soul. Many of us difficulty breathing, etc.) that the dying person experiences, sionate staff provides emotional comfort and support to recognize it as “a calling”: and the emotional, spiritual and educational needs of all family and friends who begin the grieving process as their to wake up each day and set concerned, by collaborating with the interdisciplinary team, loved one declines. out to practice this special which includes social work, spiritual care, the physician and volunteer. We offer 24-hour, 7-days-a-week nursing For the dying person, there may be unfinished plans in gift that includes creativity, coverage, by having an on-call staff of RNs who cover need of completion, life that still wants to be lived and cel- deep listening and love. In and will make visits in the evenings, nights, weekends and ebrated, words yet to be said, and love yet to be expressed. helping people at end of life Kaplan Family Hospice Residence holidays, to assure competent and comprehensive care. Our There may be regrets and hurts that need healing; inner face the inevitable, the Hos- staff of excellence includes Bachelors-trained, Masters- peace to be achieved. At the first visit, the Hospice nurse pice nurse, in turn, must embrace her/his mortality regu- trained, a Nurse Practitioner, and Certified Hospice and comes with experience and knowledge of the profound larly. We bring profound appreciation for the treasuring impact these kinds of issues can of life, our most precious gift on this earthly journey. So have and skills to empower the often we are asked, “How can you do this?” For a Hospice dying person and their loved ones nurse, the question becomes, “How can I not do this?” ‘‘ My dad had need for Hospice care in November 2001, after being released from the hospital in the final stage of congestive heart failure. Our nurse was Sue Martino, and she was great. She recognized in need of anything. She was compassionate and kind to all of us. Because of the care from Hospice, he was able to remain at home with his family and die peacefully, with his wife of 55 years at his side. ,, my mom’s own expertise as a retired registered nurse and really listened to her when dad was ~ Trisha Moller, Walden, N.Y. The Hospice nurses were dedicated, professional, caring, and always ready to help at anytime. They were informative and thorough. They were my angels at a time when I needed them most. Some of Hospice's many expert, compassionate nursing staffers. ~ Gloriette Owens, Chester, N.Y.
  5. 5. 8 November 1, 2008 A special advertising supplement of the TIMES-HERALD RECORD Volunteers, Legacy Program Make A World of Difference Support, Respite & Companionship The Frank Kimler During A Difficult Time Leave a Legacy Program By Debra Epstein, Director of Volunteer Services H ospice offers a “Leave a pass down Legacy” program to our your wisdom, A volunteer is an important member of two to three hours a week, covers the of the Hospice team, providing up following areas: the history and philosophy patients and their families. traditions and to four hours per week of patient of Hospice, the volunteer’s role, the volun- This is made possible through the special moments. and family support. Volunteers are trained teer and Hospice team, spiritual needs of generous gift of the Kimler family in Legacy is telling by Hospice Professional Staff and other the patient and family, the stages of death memory of Frank Kimler. your story as only you can. professionals from the community and and dying, children’s issues, bereavement, What is the Frank Kimler Legacy The Frank Kimler Legacy program serve as people who understand the needs communication, infection control, personal program? is a service of HOSPICE of Orange of patients and caregivers facing a difficult safety, corporate compliance and traditions “The Frank Kimler Leave a Legacy & Sullivan Counties, Inc. time in their lives. A Hospice volunteer and customs of death and dying. Program” is a permanent presentation For more information, please go to offers comfort, respite and companionship This training is both informational and of your life story through the use of and click and is available to the patient and caregiver interactive. The training prepares the pro- video/audio recording or scrapbook. on About Us, or call the Hospice Vol- to be of help in whatever way is needed. A spective volunteer to offer support to the It is a unique gift allowing you to unteer office at (845) 565-4849. Hospice volunteer is someone who cares. patient, caregiver and family, the Hospice Volunteers can offer their services in administration, the residence staff, and the many different areas, which include, legacy, adults and children who attend bereavement bereavement, vigil (providing companion- groups. Upon successful completion of the ship to patients who are in the last hours of orientation program, the volunteer has the their lives), and care in a patient’s home or opportunity to signify which areas are of in the Kaplan Family Hospice Residence. A particular interest. volunteer can also offer their support in the For more information, call Debra administrative offices of Hospice. Epstein, Director of Volunteer Services, Volunteer training begins each spring at (845) 565-4849. and fall. This 10-week training, consisting ‘‘ ,, My most heartfelt appreciation and gratitude go out to Patti, John and Pat, who created an amazing scrapbook of my mother’s life. The care and concern that went into every single page sings directly to my mother’s life and soul. They captured what seemed to be only in our hearts and minds, and translated it into an incredible keepsake. I am blessed to have had this incredible opportunity to create a family keepsake that documents the magical life of my mother. Family keepsake scrapbooks, documenting the lives of loved ones facing end of life, are created with loving care by Hospice volunteers. Left to right: Patti DeLeo, Pat O’Brien, John Johnson. Not pictured: Lillian Varner-Neal. Hospice volunteers understand the needs of patients and caregivers, offering help in what- ever way is needed. Left to right: John Brosnan, Tom Szeigethy, Gary Farbman, Mary Kanney, Pat Brennan, Cheryl Barker. Not pictured: Ann Turnbull and Ray Baubles.
  6. 6. Hospice Annual Report 9 Report to Our Community HOSPICE of Orange & Sullivan Counties, Inc. Annual Report to the Community Patients Served in 2007 I n 2007, over 47,300 days of care were provided to our patients, and services were expanded to include the option of 24-hour/7-day-a-week care at our Kaplan Family Hospice Center. Total expenses for HOSPICE of Orange & Sullivan Counties, Inc. were $10,405,428, and total revenue received was $10,169,285. Fundraising contributed $1,300,000 to the total revenue. North Sullivan Middletown/Goshen 10% Hospice Receives Exceptional Results In 2007, responses from the Family Evaluation of Hospice Care Survey were entered into the 22% South Sullivan National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization database. The overall results were outstanding. 10% The response rate for HOSPICE of Orange & Sullivan Counties, Inc. was 50%, compared to a New York State response rate of 40% and a national response rate of 41%. When asked if patients received information about their symptoms, Hospice received a 95%, compared to a national and Ulster New York percentage of 94%. In addition, when asked if patient’s pain was controlled, the family’s Monroe 5% response was a favorable 94%, compared to New York State, 93% and national, 94%. And finally, 5% the most gratifying response of all, “Would you recommend Hospice service to others?” Our fami- lies’ replies were 99% positive. Warwick/ Port Jervis HOSPICE of Orange & Sullivan Counties, Inc. recognizes that performance improvement is a 11% continuous process. In the home care setting, the patient and his/her family are important partners in maintaining patient safety. Hospice continually evaluates its ability to improve palliative care outcomes and provide a culture of safety to all who receive Hospice care. A survey is sent to the family/caregiver two months after the patient’s death. This Family Evaluation of Hospice Care Sur- vey provides Hospice with valuable feedback on the care, treatment and services Hospice offers. Newburgh/Cornwall It also provides an opportunity for Hospice to benchmark, which is a comparison of our Hospice 37% services to other Hospice services in New York State and the nation. Donations Kaplan Family Your Gift Stays Hospice Residence Close To Home G enerous donations make a difference in your com- munity — all it takes is a donation to HOSPICE of Orange & Sullivan Counties, Inc. Chances are that your family or someone you know has already benefited from services offered by Hospice. After all, we’ve been helping the people of Orange & Sullivan County for the past 20 years. Your contribution can be personal and as unique as you choose. • Honor the memory of a loved one with a Memorial Gift. • Commemorate a birthday, say “thank you,” or otherwise acknowledge a special person with an In Honor of Gift. The honoree will receive a card announcing your gift. The Kaplan Family Hospice Residence is the only facility in Orange and Sullivan Counties designed and built to provide 24-hour hospice care. Its gracious, peaceful design and dedicated • Provide for HOSPICE of Orange & Sullivan Coun- professional staff means the Kaplan Family Hospice Residence offers the best in hospice care. ‘‘ ties, Inc. in the future with a Deferred or Planned Gift ,, — a gift you designate for Hospice to receive such as a bequest, trust, annuity, or insurance policy. The Kaplan Family Hospice Residence is a wonderful facility. The staff was caring and soft-spoken, and took good care of my mother. Our only regret was • Encourage your company or organization to sponsor a that we had to push our doctors to get her on to Hospice. They wanted to do fundraising Special Event like the annual Hospice Gala, more tests. We finally said, ‘no more'. Hospice Golf Challenge or the “Tree of Life.” ~ Jean Urbanak, Beacon, N.Y. • Join our Circle of Life with a yearly gift of $1,000 or more from an individual, business or organization. • Purchase an engraved leaf for the Hospice “Tree of Life” for a donation of $500 or more. Hospice Skilled Nursing Affiliates As we are not-for-profit, your donation is tax deductible, and there may • Achieve Rehabilitation and Nursing Facility • Valley View Center for be further tax advantages with carefully planned giving. Should you de- • Catskill Regional Medical Center Nursing Care & Rehabilitation cide to give, you may contribute by check or credit card, by mail, phone, • Elant at Goshen • Schervier Pavillion or online. • Elant at Newburgh • Sullivan County Adult Care Center For more information about these and other giving opportunities, contact • Glen Arden Health Care Center • Saint Theresa’s Nursing Home the Development Office at (845) 561-5362. To make an online contribu- tion, visit • Middletown Park Manor Health Care Facilities • Montgomery Nursing Home