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This is our presentation of the Cultural Event

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Cultural event

  1. 1. Through this presentation, we want to share the results of our work for the cultural event. We hope you enjoy and send us your comments and suggestions © Diego Melo – Sara Forero – Edwin Mora 2010
  2. 2. HISTORY OF SCORPIONS • In 1973 Michael left the group and instead enters Uli Jon Roth, he had the same influences of Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. • That same year (1973) into alignment Jurgen Rosenthal on drums and Francis Buchholz on bass, replacing Wolfgang Diziony and Lothar Heimberg, respectively. • In March 1975 released In Trance. • In 1980, the first disc of Scorpions with Mathias( a new guitarist) recorded Animal Magnetism.
  3. 3. HISTORY OF SCORPIONS • Total lift-off of the teutona band came in 1984 with LP Love at First Sting, containing the hit "Rock You Like A Hurricane". • 1985, Produces the largest musical triumph of the band recording a strenuous tour by almost everyone. The called World Wide Live. • This material were 52 weeks in the charts around the world.
  4. 4. HISTORY OF SCORPIONS • In 1993, the band released the sale Face the Heat, one of the heavier Scorpions. • In 2000 recorded along with the Berlin Philharmonic, the Moment of Glory, which again to achieve a successful álbum. • The year 2001 would be the decisive for the band out the disc and DVD Unplugged entitled Acoustica. • In 2004 released the album Unbreakable
  5. 5. HISTORY OF SCORPIONS • Humanity-Hour 1 goes on sale in the year 2007 • 25 January 2010 announced their farewell in his website, along with a new album entitled Sting in the tail, published on 19 March 2010, and a world tour.
  6. 6. ACTUAL MEMBERS • Klaus Meine - vocals • Matthias JABs - guitar • Rudolf Schenker – guitar • Pawel Maciwoda - bass. • James Kottak – drums
  7. 7. ACTUAL MEMBER Klaus Meine - vocals • Klaus Meine is the vocalist for the German band hard rock/heavy metal "Scorpions" born in the city of Hanover 25 May 1948. He joined the band in 1969 together with Rudolf and Michael Schenker brothers.
  8. 8. ACTUAL MEMBER Matthias JABs - guitar • Matthias JABs (25 October 1956, Hanover, Germany) is a German guitarist. Member of the band Heavy Metal Scorpions. Before joining Scorpions, JABs had played for the Lady, Fargo and Deadlock bands.
  9. 9. ACTUAL MEMBER Rudolf Schenker – guitar • Rudolf Schenker (31 August 1948, Hildesheim, Germany), is a Hard Rock and Heavy Metal guitarist. Schenker is a founding member of Scorpions, together with Klaus Meine. It is one of which has most contributed in the composition of this German metal band songs.
  10. 10. ACTUAL MEMBER Pawel Maciwoda - bass. • Paweł Mąciwoda (20 February 1967) is a musician hard Polish rock joined Scorpions in 2003 as bassist, becoming an official member of the band on 10 January 2004. Born in Wieliczka Mąciwoda began to play bass guitar semi- professionally at the age of fifteen years.
  11. 11. ACTUAL MEMBER Pawel Maciwoda - bass. • James Kottak (December 26, 1962, Kentucky, United States), is a drummer of Heavy Metal, currently playing in the German band Scorpions, which he joined in 1996. Before joining Scorpions, Kottak was a drummer in the band Kingdom Come Warrant, Montrose, Wild Horses, McAuley Schenker Group, Buster Brown.
  12. 12. New Album: Sting In The Tail • Raised On • Turn You On Rock • Let's Rock • Sting In The • SLY Tail • Spirit Of Rock • Slave Me • The Best Is Yet • The Good Die To Come Young • Thunder And • No Limit Lightning • Rock Zone (Bonus Track) • Lorelei
  13. 13. CHRONOLOGY 1966-1972 1973-1977 • Klaus Meine - Voz. • Klaus Meine - Voz. • Rudolf Schenker - • Rudolf Schenker - Guitarra. Guitarra. • Michael Schenker - • Uli Jon Roth - Guitarra. Guitarra. • Francis Buchholz - Bajo. • Lothar Heimberg - Bajo. • Jurgen Rosenthal - • Wolfgang Dziony - Batería. Batería. • Rudy Lenners - Batería.
  14. 14. CHRONOLOGY 1978-1992 1993-2005 • Klaus Meine - Voz. • Klaus Meine - Voz. • Rudolf Schenker - • Rudolf Schenker - Guitarra. Guitarra. • Matthias Jabs - Guitarra. • Francis Buchholz - Bajo. • Ralph Rieckermann - Bajo. • Herman Rarebell - • Herman Rarebell - Batería. Batería. • Curt Cress - Batería. • Matthias Jabs - Guitarra. • Ken Taylor - Bajo. • James Kottak - Batería. • Paweł Mąciwoda - Bajo.
  15. 15. The Scorpions band was born in Germany in the 60's, only one year after the german authorities built the sadly famous Berlin Wall, which divided Germany in two. But this was not an impediment, and after several changes of the original members of the band released their first album "Lonesome Crow", in which they began to reflect the first influence of Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton in their solo guitar.
  16. 16. Also an important point in the strategy of emergence of the band was the decision that their songs were entirely in English, and thus have greater host worldwide.
  17. 17. Analysis of any songs of the band and the relationship with the social function
  18. 18. Although they had been created at the beginning of the 60's, Scorpions found their success in the mid 70s, where they became famous with albums like "Fly to the Rainbow" and "In trance", which would be located within the first places of the charts worldwide.
  19. 19. One of the most memorable songs of the band, is "wind of change" was a voice of protest to the many years that the Berlin Wall done to suffer their people, because of the democratic Republic of Germany. This song was also the result of the stay in Russia of Klaus Meine, and the inspiration that gave his that country. Here you can see the video:
  20. 20. Wind of Change was taken by many social groups as a song of hope and reconciliation, to the point that were created in Russian and Spanish, and even the singers themselves highlight the importance of this song as an anthem for reconciliation in Europe.
  21. 21. Another song that immortalized this band was "Rock you like a hurricane", which was considered one of the most representative songs of the band and has been updated versions as "Hurricane 2000" and "Hurricane 2001." This song is also considered one of the greatest successes in the history of Rock.
  22. 22. RELATIONSHIP OF THE MUSIC OF SCORPIONS WITH THE SOCIAL FUNCTION. • In some videos the group tries to show the advantages of working together, seek common objectives and think that you can be more if you work with everyone in mind, this view calls to stop looking as competition and as enemies and join forces in order to have a world best. • In Others videos, the Group calls indirect violent countries and Nations in war, suggesting radical changes, where war is changed to friendship, where the enemy here it as a brother, where children can live happily, where women have equal opportunity to leave later and inequality is not the common denominator of the Nations.
  23. 23. RELATIONSHIP OF THE MUSIC OF SCORPIONS WITH THE SOCIAL FUNCTION. • Not much different to these positions, the singers to Governments and people to be careful with nature, that she is responsible for building beautiful things in this world and do live fascinating moments. • And finally, another of his general and strong themes is of love, the benefits that generates the soul of the joys and sorrows that you can take on how this is handled this feeling.
  24. 24. SOME VIDEOS YOU CAN SEE. • Humanity: 0 • Believe in love: Y&feature=channel • No pain no gain: M&feature=channel
  25. 25. Presentation of comments and opinions from various social sectors, including followers and non – followers of the band.
  26. 26. This band has been praised and criticized by many individuals and social groups around the world. The most controversial genre of the band was generated around the cover of its album "Virgin Killer" in which a minor appears naked on the face and was banned in many countries worldwide, after the cover was replaced for an image of the band.
  27. 27. Despite the many criticisms that the band has had its success globally inspired the creation of groups of fans who follow the band around the world and spread their love for the music of "Scorpions", also because many of its songs have a strong social content and reflection.
  28. 28. Comet follower: "Listen" Blackout "today in the midst of genres such as black, thrash, power, stoner metal, in others, can sound too quiet. But we must put the disc in the context of the time, 1982 a banner year for the true heavy metal: "Number Of The Beast", "Screaming For Vengeance", "Iron Fist", "Denim And Leather" and so on. In this environment of metal jewelry, this album of Scorpions is the height of the albums mentioned. It is sadness that this band is associated or remembered for his successful ballads, but takes into account that the disk has only two items that fall into that category”.
  29. 29. Comparison of the social contribution of Scorpions regard to the contribution or other similar bands.
  30. 30. In this table, are organized the groups that more resemble to the German band Scorpions, whose rhythms and some of their songs have similar messages.
  31. 31. Scorpions, joins the not-too-long list of metal bands that sing with social and political content, and have demonstrated over many years with songs like "wind of change" to other famous bands like Black Sabbath, AC / DC, Iron Maiden and Metallica, latter with songs like "The Day That Never Comes", which criticizes the U.S. invasion of Iraq.
  32. 32. One of the most significant contributions of the band, were some of its most famous ballad, which went around the world and were ranked within the top of the charts worldwide. Scorpions even participated in one of the biggest rock festivals in history, as it was "Rock in Rio", with the participation of bands like Queen, Ozzy Osbourne, Kiss, Bon Jovi, among others.
  33. 33. IMPACT BY THE WITHDRAWAL OF THE BAND IN 2010 The withdrawal of the German band Scorpions has had an impact in his followers, where many of them not expected this news. While some would like to thank the great moments that could share in different concerts and world tours, others show their sadness by not having been able to share any scenario about, either by having missed or because artists not visited her country. The withdrawal is bad news for all fans, however many indicate that this withdrawal is not real because his music will live in them for a long time, and memories will be taxed in the mind.
  34. 34. IMPACT BY THE WITHDRAWAL OF THE BAND IN 2010 Now, no doubt is removed one of the best rock of the 1980s and 90 ' s, with its successes felt many feelings to his followers, and always keeping a constant struggle for the world changed his thoughts and how to deal with the Nations. Some comments of his followers: (in Spanish) • Aguanten las bandas de los 80!!!! que época esa, buenos tiempos que no volverán • QUE LASTIMA!!!! Bueno lo bueno dura poco. Los temas lentos son buenisssimos y los de los 80 son los mejores, me traen tantos recuerdos... • No, loco...Scorpions no... • Yo vi caer el muro de berlin...wind of change fue sin dudas lo mejor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  35. 35. Conclusion
  36. 36. From our point of view, Scorpions is a band that has change completely the way you see the Heavy Metal, noting that this sort could also to make social and political criticism and that even after many years its music is remain.
  37. 37. This band proved that even if there were changes within its members, not change its style, but on the contrary strengthened its success and popularity with several songs representative of the band. Scorpions is a band with a long history, because after 40 years of artistic life are still considering launching what would be its last album and thus leaves in triumph.
  38. 38. Evaluation
  39. 39. We invite you to evaluate our work and send us your feedback. For this, we have a blog (This blog was create for the event cultural of English Level 3. Now, is the complement in of our cultural activity in the English Level 4) which you can find additional videos, photos, and more. In the entry "Evaluation" you can comment. The link of our blog is: http://scorpionswindofchange.blogspot. com/
  40. 40. Credits
  41. 41. Universidad Nacional de Colombia English Level IV DIEGO Student: Economy Ninth Semester SARA Student: Business Administration EDWIN Ninth Semester Student: Business Administration Ninth Semester
  42. 42. Bibliography
  43. 43. * * 5 * * * * blackout+opiniones+acerca+de+scorpions&cd=1&hl=es&ct=clnk&gl= co * *,les.html
  44. 44. Thank you.