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Media pitch


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Published in: Education
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Media pitch

  1. 1. Sarita ColeMedia Pitch: Phone CallPhone Call with a reporter for the Virginian Pilot:Good Afternoon. I am calling with a very exciting story about a recent college graduatewho was able to land an amazing opportunity following her graduation at LongwoodUniversity. She is also from the Virginia Beach area in 2007 and this story would fitperfectly into the community section of the Virginian Pilot. It has been extremely hardfor graduates from all Universities to find jobs, but Sarita Cole not only found one, butalso an amazing opportunity. She was just hired by CRT/tinaka as there accountcoordinator which is a very large and successful Public Relations firm. This story coulddefinitely bring a glimmer of hope to other college graduates while also highlighting thesuccess of one of your natives. If I do not hear back from you today I will call you backtomorrow to do a follow up. Thank you.