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Officite advisory board introduction letter


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This letter was written for Officite for introduction to the advisory board created to shape dentistry and the online industry.

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Officite advisory board introduction letter

  1. 1. 3010 Highland Parkway Ste 625 Downers Grove, IL 60515 P 630-230-3200 F 630-230-2301 Dear Dr. Hirschinger, I am pleased to invite you to become the first member of Officite’s Advisory Board for 2013. As a leading dentist & Internet marketing expert, being a member of Officite’s Advisory Board provides you with an opportunity to continue to shape dentistry and the online industry. Officite is in search of deeper insight into the needs and wants of other dentists within this industry. A dentist with your experience, expertise, and insight would be the perfect person to help Officite continue to advance our services and spread the word about Officite through speaking engagements, and press communications. Operating since 2002, Officite is the leading website and Internet marketing company serving healthcare practices. For nearly a decade, we have helped doctors just like you to build an expansive Web presence that showcases your accomplishments and generates an ever-growing online pipeline for securing new patients and referrals. Our services include website design, local search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social networking and patient reviews management. With unmatched client support and multiple services under one roof, our clients gain access to marketing specialists who are intimately familiar with the special requirements of medical practices. With your help as part of Officite’s Advisory Board, we strive to always advance our services so that we can better provide for our clients. The main purposes of Officite’s Advisory Board is to: • Assist with product evaluation and product direction • Speaking engagements and seminars • Press communications • Articles and interviews Thank you for taking the time to consider being part of Officite’s Advisory Board. I will be in touch with you soon, but in the meantime, I am available to discuss any questions you may have. You can reach me by phone at (630) 230-2310, or via email at Sincerely, Glenn Lombardi
  2. 2. Officite Dental Advisory Board Providing new directions & deeper insight. With your help as part of Officite’s Advisory Board, we strive to shape and advance our services and spread the word about Officite. As part of Officite’s Advisory Board you will have the opportunity to participate in the following activities: Product Evaluation You are an expert in your industry and we value your opinion on our services offered. Through the Advisory Board we ask that you are open and frank because we want to know your thoughts on our products and services offered at Officite so that we can continue to expand our brand, and provide dentists with the best Web presence possible. Product Strategy Help guide us in better understanding what dentists look for in our available products. Your insight as a leader in dentistry, allows us to better understand why dentists should use our services and what they are looking for in a product. Speaking Engagements Officite works to spread the understanding of Web Presence, which is often completed through speaking engagements. As part of the Advisory Board we will invite you to participate in numerous speaking engagements to help other dentists better understand the importance of an exceptional Web presence, and what better way than to hear it from one of their peers. Press Communications Positive, well-planned press communications help any business thrive. By participating in Officite’s Advisory Board we will work with you to create press communications to further evangelize Officite and the services we provide. Articles & Interviews From time to time we will ask you to provide quotes and interviews for major medical publications and associations in relation to Web Presence management and Internet marketing. Annual Advisor Summit As an appreciation of your help and support, we will invite you to an advisor summit. We will gather together to visit someplace special to show you we value your time and efforts in helping Officite grow and expand. Personal Officite Advisor To continue to serve you, just as you help Officite, please take advantage of your own personal Officite Advisor for your needs. Any questions you might have or interest in new products offered can be directed through your personal Officite Advisor.