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Yahoo project 2

  1. 1. 7423153429002447925-333375<br />Department of MASS COMMUNICATION<br />MCM 354 (Internet and Marketing Communication)<br />533400173990<br />4467225305435<br />YAHOO.Going Middle East (UAE)<br />Project #2<br />Done by:<br />Daniya<br />Jawaher<br />Noora<br />Sara<br />Sharina<br />Q1) What is Yahoo?<br />Company Overview/ Background information about the company<br />Yahoo is the premier digital media company, creating deeply personal digital experiences that keeps more than half a billion people connected to what matters most to them, across devices and around the globe. That’s how they deliver our world, our way.  And Yahoo!’s unique combination of Science + Art + Scale connects advertisers to the consumers who build their businesses. <br />History, founder(s) Markets <br />Founded in 1994 by Stanford PhD candidates David Filo and Jerry Yang as a way for them to keep track of their personal interests on the Internet, Yahoo! has grown into a company that helps people uncover the best of the Web, more easily discover what they are looking for, and perhaps find something they didn’t expect.<br />Competitors<br />AOL = AOL, Inc.<br />GOOGLE = Google Inc.<br />Segments <br />Yahoo! is an innovative technology company that operates the largest digital media, content, and communications business in the world.<br />Target audiences <br />The target audiences are web surfer. Yahoo attracts more than half a billion consumers every month in more than 30 languages — making Yahoo! one of the most visited and most trusted Internet destinations.<br />493204534290<br />Q2) Why is Yahoo so popular? (Attributes or advantages, benefits and value, FAB+Value)<br />Yahoo is so popular because it provides various services that are customized to fit their different targets. Yahoo has many features such as the following:<br />What’s Cool - Cool, amusing, extra ordinary content<br />What’s New – Latest content <br />Random Link – Database provides links <br />Headlines – News different categories <br />Picks of the Week – List of good sites <br />Yahoo! For the day – Websites that are noteworthy <br />In addition, Yahoo provides many advantages for their consumers to benefit they provide various services that are personalized to support their consumers needs and wants. As listed below different sections of what Yahoo provides to benefit their consumers.<br />Yahoo mail<br />Yahoo widgets<br />Yahoo travel<br />Yahoo tool bar<br />Yahoo small business<br />Yahoo shopping<br />Yahoo search<br />Yahoo real estate<br />Yahoo photos<br />Yahoo music<br />Yahoo mobile<br />Yahoo message board<br />Yahoo local<br />Yahoo groups<br />Yahoo finance<br />Yahoo bookmarks<br />494538025400Yahoo autos<br />The clearer the features and advantages the clearer the benefit. Furthermore, the clearer the benefit, the higher the value. <br />Q3) Is Yahoo popular in the UAE?<br />Yes Yahoo is very popular in the United Arab Emirates, especially Yahoo Maktoob. <br />Q4) Please use the Simple Marketing Classification System (Figure 4-1) to focus your consideration of Yahoo marketing activities in the Internet environment<br />Using the Simple Marketing Classification System below are the activities found on the website:<br /><ul><li>Home: click-only
  2. 2. Served Market: Mixed
  3. 3. Market Coverage: Yahoo has the option to focus on a certain region, which makes it regional. Also it can be global since it has everything ranging from brands to places.
  4. 4. Entity Type: American corporation
  5. 5. Status: Mixed – provides information but also allows interactivity.
  6. 6. Offers: content/information and entertainment.
  7. 7. Sector: Advertising
  8. 8. Functions: Mixed – portal and billboard.
  9. 9. Fulfillment: Since it’s a click-only website and there is no physical store for Yahoo, it is only online. </li></ul>Q 5) Please visit Yahoo website and identify the key features of Yahoo Internet marketing. (Please see textbook, p. 133)<br />Yahoo Search Marketing (Overture) and Yahoo SmartAds:<br />49180751099185Yahoo is known to be a well known search engine that uses effective internet marketing techniques. Today, Yahoo is not just a search engine but it is a Pay Per Click search engine; making Yahoo an important component in online advertising campaigns. Furthermore, Yahoo’s SmartAds feature uses behavioral targeting to advertise to consumers based on their own searching and surfing habits. This information allows marketers to customize marketing messages making them more effective and efficient. It is known that behavioral targeting has proven itself to be effective due to the relevancy of ads to the individual. When internet marketers and advertisers create a campaign it is important for them to use online advertising as well as traditional advertising. Today, successful branding can only be accomplished by integrating traditional media with new media. Yahoo search engine marketing is able to provide better CTR (Click through Rate) and ROI (Return on Investment). Making Yahoo Search Marketing crucial for online business because of its ability to target the consumer based on what they search. This Yahoo feature can help internet marketers and advertisers target their audience more affectively.<br />Key Features Yahoo Search Marketing and Yahoo SmartAds:<br />Yahoo publisher networks have a huge percentage of internet users<br />Allows customized messages to be more effective<br />Gives marketers a better understanding of their target audience. <br />The Yahoo Publisher Network is integrated with PayPal making small publishers more willing to advertise and promote their product on Yahoo.<br />Ads placed on Yahoo! Search Marketing can also be displayed on other yahoo platforms such as, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo dating, Yahoo Shopping and other Yahoo platforms. <br />Yahoo Pay Per Click and SmartAd management is great for is great for targeting local and international customers. It displays the listings based on geographic, demographics and psychographics. <br />Yahoo Pay Per Click uses keywords technology to target consumers. For example, if a consumer types in “ford” in the search engine an advertisement relating to the ford motor industry will appear and the customer’s click are recorded. <br />Yahoo Coupons! <br />48774351934845Yahoo developed a method to encourage customer to use Yahoo Shopping. The Yahoo Store coupon manager creates special coupon codes and gift certificates for specific products. This technology is integrating the coupon manager with new Yahoo Store checkout. This means that when a customer goes to the Yahoo Store checkout they receive a coupon or a gift certificate. This technology helps generate loyal customers and also helps establish long term relationships with their clients. Once gifted to the consumer these Coupons and gift certificates are tracked making it easier to locate and count return customers. Yahoo Coupons generates a vast amount of profit due to repeat customers. <br />Key Features of Yahoo Coupons:<br />Gives your customer benefits of discount.<br />Improves customer relationship.<br />Helps to improve business and generate profit.<br />Q6) Please create a web-marketing plan that aims at launching Yahoo Middle East. <br />1. Gather and analyze information- Yahoo! Maktoob offers many features and advantages which in return guarantees the company a high value among other digital media companies. - Yahoo! Maktoob's main competitor in the Middle East is Google. <br />2. Verbalize main marketing challenges- To make Yahoo! Maktoob preferable over its competitors, specifically Google.3. Set objectives- To attract more consumers- To highlight the many features and advantages provided by Yahoo! Maktoob- To launch "Yahoo! It<br />4. Develop general strategies- To create a positive brand association through the launch of the newest feature "Yahoo! It" - "Yahoo! It" is a real-time positive social network. It allows consumers to share their positive daily experiences with others all over the world. The goal of "Yahoo! It" is to create a "feel-good" network for consumers where no negativity will be condoned.<br />53778157708905. Choose appropriate tactics- Yahoo! Maktoob will offer current consumers and well known bloggers in the Middle Eastern region an advanced look at the feature, allow them to use it and provide insight and opinions about the feature.<br />Q7) Can Yahoo secure a rapid success in creating a major global brand name in the Gulf region?<br />Yes, Yahoo can achieve secure rapid success in creating a major brand name in the Gulf region. Yahoo has already acquired Maktoob, the biggest online Arab community. Through this acquisition, Yahoo has begun adapting its services to suit the Arab region such as creating a Yahoo/Maktoob Arabic homepage, as well as providing mail and instant messenger in Arabic. Yahoo also plans on providing specific local services. This would be very beneficial to internet users in the GCC as not all search engine websites have a GCC-specific website.<br />52711355448935<br />