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One dollar application converts iPad2 into a healthcare device that measures heart rate and breathing.


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One dollar application converts iPad2 into a healthcare device that measures heart rate and breathing.

  1. 1. One dollar application converts iPad2 into ahealthcare device that measures heart rate andbreathing. Nikkei Business Online January 25, 2012 Satoe Kuwahara, Nobuyuki Yajima Satoe Kuwahara Sapporo Sparkle k.k.
  2. 2. One dollar application converts iPad2 into a healthcare device that measures heart rate and breathing. One dollar application converts iPad2 into a healthcare device that measures heart rate and breathing. Nobuyuki Yajima (Research associate of Nikkei Visionary Management Institute): It also tracks the rising and falling of the chest "Great grand design" is a project that looks at the movements to measure your exact breathing rate. grand design of the things with Ms. Kuwahara who The measuring of the breathing rate can be done has been designing information systems for long with your clothes on. time. This time we will look at a consumer IT product that adds additional value to the product. The newest version of this application will have a new function that would allow us to move during a Last time, we looked at Kinect application. So measurement. This application is sold at Apple what are we going to study today? Store for one dollar. Satoe Kuwahara(System coordinator in Sapporo Yajima: Sparkle K.K.): Only one dollar, its amazingly cheap. But the ap- We will look at an unique example of iPad2 appli- plication uses advanced technology, so it can be cation. "Vital Sign Camera" for iPad2 has been sold more expensive. designed to measure heart rate and breathing re- motely, by using the iPad2s camera. Kuwahara: As you are saying, the price is very low, its practi- Vital Sign Camera is developed by Philips, the cally free isnt it? Because of the price, many peo- Netherlands. A video clip of this application has ple find it tempting to buy this application and use been posted on the web site. So lets watch it to- it for their health maintenance. gether.(link to go to the video clip) You actually can your heart rate and breathing any- When he or she is in front of iPad2s camera, Vital time and anywhere. By placing the iPad2 next to Sign Camera immediately measures heart rate and your bed, you can check your heart rate and breath- breathing and shows the results on the display. It is ing just before you start checking email or message very easy to use this application. You dont need to form a social networking site. You also can check prepare of do anything before a measurement. them while you are using the iPad2. I think this What you have to do is, be in front of the iPad2s device is good for older peoples, because small, camera. light and easy to use. You can send the results of the measurement to While the technologies used in this application are your family and friend as well as home doctor very advanced and sophisticated, it is absolutely through email, Facebook, Twitter and other social easy for users to handle and use this application. networking site. Therefore, it will be integrated into your everyday life. Software required to measure the heart The camera and the sensors of iPad2 are good qual- ity and they are adequate for the applications rate and breathing is just one dollar. needs. The developer of this application maximized the technology and the price advantage of the con- sumer IT product. Yajima: Vital Sign Camera measures the heart rate and Yajima: breathing, but how does it really work? How about the accuracy of the measurement of the application? Is it accurate enough to use in Kuwahara: healthcare field? It measures the heart rate by tracking the difference in skin coloration. The change in skin color is very Kuwahara: little and it is hard or almost impossible to be Philips notes that "this application is not a medical aware of human eye. The image data taken by the product and should only be used for entertainment iPad2s camera is analyzed by the software. 2 Sapporo Sparkle k.k.
  3. 3. One dollar application converts iPad2 into a healthcare device that measures heart rate and breathing. purpose". As you all may imagine "for entertain- Im pretty sure there are many possibilities in the ment purpose" does not really mean that it enter- computer vision system. But it requires the special- tains users. But as far as I heard, the accuracy of ized knowledge and the technical know-how and the application is quite high and is decent to be large-scale equipment to utilize it at full value. used in the healthcare field. Many people evaluate However now, iPad2, consumer IT product, offers that it indicates the possibility of the technology. similar quality of the monitoring of the computer vision system. It can be used for health monitoring purpose, but is of course not a substitute for doctors and nurses. Actually, I saw similar example about two years However, I think it is good enough considering its ago. User can measure his or her heart rate and usage. Naturally, it is good to be very accurate, but body temperature just by standing in front of the the perfect precision is not an absolute requirement camera embedded in the mirror. The users do not for this application. Because it does not aim to sub- have to be conscious of the camera. The objects to stitute for medical devices. be measured are slightly different, but the applica- tions mechanism is almost same. The things cannot be achieved by ex- However, the application was very expensive and I thought that "its cost-effectiveness is not good pensive specialized device. enough and still needs to some work". Because it requires a lot of equipment and it imposes a heavy burden on the user. Yajima: It is pretty amazing that we can create a healthcare After two years, a consumer IT product takes the device(even it is for entertainment purpose) by place of that application. I think the use of comput- combining general purpose device, iPad2, and an er vision system will be more expanded. I think application. there is a good chemistry between the consumer IT product familiar with the public like iPad2 and the Kuwahara: computer vision system, and both of them will be Yes, you right. mobile device, such as iPad2 can be developed in high detail and supported further. transformed into various type of devices by only combining with application. What is more it can be created at a low cost and with less effort. Connecting "customs" and multiple ser- Yajima: vices This application uses iPad2s camera to measure heart rate and breathing. Have we never had this kind of technology before? Yajima: What do you think about the future development in Kuwahara: the healthcare application for iPad2? The technology used in this application is called "computer vision system that analyzes image data", Kuwahara: and has already been used for some other purposes. I think people will more frequently use healthcare The store analysis application using Kinect also applications in the future and will accustom to uses the computer vision system. themselves to check their health condition with the healthcare applications,iPad2 and other services. The typical example of the computer vision system is monitoring or surveillance. Computer monitors, Naturally, electronic health record system and elec- analyzes and alerts operator instead of people do. tronic chart will be expanded in the future. If a The computer vision system is very stable and health problem is found through the monitoring, more reliable compared to human eye. It can moni- you might be able to talk a doctor through a system tor multiple points at once and for long time. that connects a patient and a doctor. By using these advantages, we have used the com- I think we will be able to combine health check puter vision system for prison surveillance and hos- application, diet menu application and jogging pro- pital patient monitoring. It monitors prisoners eve- gram application to create a comprehensive system ry act or hospital patients vital sign and movement. of healthcare. With use of this system, users can monitor their health condition easily and frequently 3 Sapporo Sparkle k.k.
  4. 4. One dollar application converts iPad2 into a healthcare device that measures heart rate and breathing. without having to go to a hospital, and can make a training program or a menu for healthy eating by The design of this system can possibly be used for their own. the nursing care. Given a high-speed connection to the internet, the The monitoring health check should be done every consultation can take place today between a patient day and the iPad2 will be an essential device for and doctor. I think this telemedicine conference many people. It not only monitors users health system will be greatly expanded and improved in condition but also plays a role of communication the future. Doctor will be able to measure the channel between the service platform and the user health condition of a patient using the new tele- terminal. medicine conference system. Given this perspective, functions and applications To develop a new system by using the consumer IT (especially related to healthcare) used every day is products familiar with the public, such as iPad2, it very important. Because they are the contact points will become easy for even older people to use, and for both the users and the service providers. the cost burden for local governments and medical institutions will be reduced. Adding a new twist to this system, we will be able to develop a safety confirmation system for the By using the features of the system, it will be pos- elderly person or your grandparent living alone. I sible to create a new application. For example, we actually think it will be realized by the combination can use its features(measuring heart rate and of the iPad2, applications and services. breathing) to develop a sleep prevention system for a driver of a vehicle or for people who are study- ing. Development to medical, nursing care The system detects drowsiness of the people who are driving or studying, and gives an audio warning and fraud prevention by comparing the heart rate and the breathing pat- tern. Yajima: Yajima: Do you think this system is going to firmly com- Using this system in the field of the medical and bine with medical care? the nursing care as well as the fraud monitoring, the accuracy and the reliability of the system Kuwahara: should be very important. I think this system will expand its services and functions to meet medical requirements. The users will combine self-reported information and doctors diagnosis through this system. However, carefully Thinking about the usage that maximiz- designed studies are essential to determine how this es the advantages of the technology. healthcare system will be used in the future to best effect. Kuwahara: At the moment, this system only can measure heart The accuracy and the precision required in accord- rate and breathing. If the system can measure body ance with its use. Naturally, if the system is used in temperature, blood pressure, blood glucose level diagnosis, it would be essential to have the high and so on, its practical use will be increased in the accuracy and precision. So Im not saying that the future. However, if we want to use this system in computer vision system can be used every occa- the medical fields, we would need to improve its sion. We need to think carefully about how to and accuracy and reliability and to promote the im- where to use it. provement of technology. So therefore it is important to think about carefully The future healthcare system will measure and rec- the accuracy and precision required for the use ord the health condition of individuals. The data when you design general purpose products and spe- accumulated is accessible by the user and the doc- cific purpose products. I think that the iPad2s ap- tors. If there is something wrong in the result of plication may not be able detect sign of problems measurement, an alert will be sent to the doctor or in your body, but it is good enough to use in the the medical center where appropriate examinations measurement of the health condition. and treatments could be undertaken. 4 Sapporo Sparkle k.k.
  5. 5. One dollar application converts iPad2 into a healthcare device that measures heart rate and breathing. Yajima: start developing it. The comparing to others would The trend for new IT product to emerge first in the do nothing to achieve your goals. You just have to consumer market and then spread into business consider the use and the features of the product, organization is called "consumerization". And now and then the design the best process to develop it. I somehow understand the meaning of the consum- erization by seeing the example of the use of con- It also is necessary to consider combination with sumer IT products such as Kinect and iPad2. other applications. It helps to compensate for the weakness of the application, and to create useful Kuwahara: product. I also was impressed by the way of using Kinect adn iPad2. It actually shows us that the technolo- From last time to this time, I have introduced the gies used in consumer IT products can be used to consumer IT products, Kinect and iPad2 with high create new kind of experience. The consumer IT quality and advanced technology. Next time, I will products for video game and video unit have the provide an example of advanced technology and availability. value creation by not using the advanced technolo- gy. By combining technologies used in the consumer IT products and imagination, we will be able to deliver unique and valuable products. What is more, the technologies have advanced and more sophisticated. Giving priority to value creation than cost reduction Yajima: Solutions created by the combination of the con- sumer IT products and their applications are much cheaper than the previous method of using the spe- cialized product and large-scale system. Kuwahara: A large number of consumer IT products are being produced and sold to all over the world. The prod- uct quantity is much larger than the products for business use. Naturally, the consumer IT products are cheaper than the business use products. But this is not directly related to the reduction in production cost. The consumer IT products can be used where it is most appropriate or needed. As I have told you the usage scene is diversified and expanded quite rapidly. The important thing is to increase the value of the product or organization by utilizing technology rather than simply decreasing its cost. I think the key to achieve this is the designing. In other words, in order to increase the value of the production or the organization, we should carefully consider the design of the overall picture and the use or applica- tion. The point of designing is to think carefully about the product and draw an overall picture before you 5 Sapporo Sparkle k.k.
  6. 6. Publisher Sapporo Sparkle k.k.Date of Issue January 31, 2012No. 2012013102