Top paper design cases from Cannes


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Every year in June, the Cannes Advertising Festival celebrates and honours compelling creativity. We selected some remarkable cases that use paper in a very original and effective way. Want to be inspired? Then take a look.

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Top paper design cases from Cannes

  1. 1. Paper wins! Top paper design cases from the Cannes International Advertising Festival 2013 Cases: Back to vinyl Art By A Chance Liberation Wrapper Amplifier Stafidenios Raisins The Tea Calendar Reflection of Music Watch Me Steal From You
  2. 2. Paper wins! Top paper design cases from Cannes Back to vinyl Gold Lion The campaign To promote the new Boris Dlugosch track to the advertising industry, dance label Kontor sent them what DJ’s use: a vinyl record. But how should the creative directors play it? So the advertising agency included a paper record player that was part of the mailing itself: the Office Turntable. Value added by paper With a special smartphone device, this tool combined both analog and digital fun. And a paper mailing became a fully operational record player! The results? 73% of the Office Turntabels were activated and 42% of the creative directors accessed Watch the case
  3. 3. Paper wins! Top paper design cases from Cannes Art By A Chance Shortlist The campaign Bonniers Konsthall, an art gallery in Stockholm, had to reach a rather “niche” audience for its exhibition “Slight Chance”. As the name already says, the exhibition focused on chance, luck and random coincidence. So they thought, why not let fate decide who gets invited? Value added by paper The invitation was sent by direct mail and had a 20% response rate. And what was rather original for a “direct” mail: there was no address on the envelope! The postmen were asked to drop it in a random mailboxes on their rounds. A very creative approach, which was possible thanks to the cooperation of the Swedish Postal Office. It became a topic of discussion, and the campaign was picked up by the newspapers. More info at
  4. 4. Paper wins! Top paper design cases from Cannes Liberation Wrapper Silver Lion The campaign Freshness Burger in Japan had a major challenge: to liberate women from “The Spell of Ochobo”. Perhaps this needs some explanation. You may not be aware of this, but for Japanese women, it is considered inappropriate to widely open their mouth in public. So, they weren’t very eager to order the large Classic Burgers of the restaurant. Value added by paper The solution was brought to Japanese women in the form of a Liberation Wrapper: a paper napkin in which the burger was served, and that covered the lower part of their face with a “printed face” while eating. The results? Sales went 21.3% up… and a simple piece of paper had beaten cultural prejudice! Watch the case
  5. 5. Paper wins! Top paper design cases from Cannes Amplifier Bronze Lion The campaign To promote Coca-Cola in Brazil, a print-out of the most popular youth magazine was made. People could roll up the magazine, put their phone in and … enjoy the music! Value added by paper For a most innovating campaign, Coca-Cola used … a paper magazine! Combined with the latest technology, it offered the target audience an experience they would never forget. Watch the case
  6. 6. Paper wins! Top paper design cases from Cannes Stafidenios Raisins Shortlist The campaign In order to boost sales, Stafidenios Raisins gave the packaging of its product an extra function. As their raisins are mainly meant for kids, art work and structural design for 10 different paper toys were developed. A small-size package was designed that could fit in a kid’s hand. Value added by paper The paper used was carefully selected and became the packaging, and the packaging became a toy! And because no glue or scissors were needed, the assembly of the toy was really, uh, child’s play. The success of the product is growing by the day. More info at
  7. 7. Paper wins! Top paper design cases from Cannes The Tea Calendar Gold Lion The campaign Haelssen & Lyon has quite some competition on the international tea market. They combined the oldest drink in the world with the oldest print medium: a calendar. Next, they made printed calendar sheets from tea leaves: just pour water on it, and you have a cup of tea! Value added by paper Haelssen & Lyon showed that there is no such thing as old-fashioned media or drinks. They went to extensive research and produced a paper made out of tea leaves that could be printed on. The result: an innovative campaign underlining the innovative spirit of the famous tea maker. And what’s more: a response rate of 50%! Watch the case
  8. 8. Paper wins! Top paper design cases from Cannes Reflection of Music Shortlist The campaign “Coke Studio” by Coca-Cola India brought together some never before seen singers in order to promote the brand with the country’s youth. Part of the campaign was a print ad in Rolling Stone Magazine. “A print ad?” you say? Value added by paper Yes, but get this. A can of Coke was included with the magazine. Readers were asked to put the can in the centre of the ad. Then, a music chip was activated and they could listen to a song by Usha Uthup. And in the can, the artwork of the ad was reflected, showing a portrait of the singer. What better way to show the possibilities of integrating paper in a creative campaign? Watch the case
  9. 9. Paper wins! Top paper design cases from Cannes Watch Me Steal From You Shortlist The campaign SOVIP faced two problems. 1: how to sell security cameras to companies that already have security cameras, guards and alarms? And 2: how to do this with a very small budget? The creative concept brought good news on the budget side first: the campaign would turn out to be a real steal... Value added by paper The plan: let’s steal some stuff from our prospects! SOVIP sent a thief and someone with a hidden camera to companies. The film, together with the stolen object and a brochure were later sent by mail. The result: sales went up with 29.5%. How the content of a direct mail makes all the difference... More info at