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Live with print


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Published in: Education, Business, Design
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Live with print

  1. 1. Life with PrintThe "Life with Print" series of publications is dedicated tomeaningful use of print in the media mix, with the 2010 editionfocusing on sustainability in sourcing and production of print andpaper. Life with Print showcases many lavishly illustratedexamples of work by printers and other professionals who taketheir environmental responsibilities seriously.In 2009, the main theme of the series was the integration of a newgeneration of digital media in the media mix. Life with Print centered onnew applications in Web 2.0 and new media tools, featuring interviewswith experts on the subject like Chris Anderson, Andrew Keen, Loie LeMeur, Yuko Tanaka and Marc Bressel. The examples described in the2009 edition came from various well-known organizations, such asEurostar, Shamir, the Indian Times and Hellmann’s. And for the firsttime there were references to additional online content.of internet in the media mix, with comments from various publishers The digital universe of paper and printing knowledge
  2. 2. Customer communicationIn 2008, the central theme was corporate communication in themedia mix. Life with Print, that year, described various corporateidentity tools and featured interviews with prominent members ofthe marketing and design community. The examples of successfulprint projects illustrating the subject matter came fromorganizations such as Daimler-Chrysler, Thyssen Krupp,Lamborghini, Deutsche Telekom and Fair Trade.The 2007 edition focused on integration and leading members ofthe international marketing scene. In the year before that, 2006,Life with Print covered the integration of brochures and cataloguesin the media mix, featuring examples from famous brands likeOtto, Yves Rocher, Spyker, Woolworths, Mercedes-Benz and LaRedoute and interviews with experts from different branches ofindustry, highlighting the application flexibility of brochures andcatalogues. Direct Mail is another important and unique aspect ofthe media mix, discussed in the 2005 edition by Seth Godin(About Permission Marketing) and Don Peppers (One-to-One-Marketing). Case studies featuring Guiness, Reader’s Digest andUnesco illustrate the successful use of direct mail in this issue ofLife with The digital universe of paper and printing knowledge