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Grow digital


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Digital printing : individualisation and print on-demand

Published in: Education, Business
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Grow digital

  1. 1. Grow digital nth a mo h sea rc e ogl n Go o 1 bi l l i ek 3 il s a we 304 e-ma 1 billion Youtube views a day 200 million websites
  2. 2. Information flow• High need for relevant and personalised information • Only what I want to know • Delivered to me personally • Right now • Immunity to digital advertising e alu• Print needs to become: tv rin • Relevant to each individual dp • Add value to each individual se • Feel personal rea • Be delivered fast Inc 1 to 1 marketing Direct-mail Trans-promotional
  3. 3. Individualisation: Me 2.0I am my own brand Print needs to enable:I want to read my own magazine ▪ Self-publishingI want to publish my own book ▪ Web-to-printI want to be unique applications ▪ Long Tail products e alu tv rin dp ME se rea Inc
  4. 4. Individualisation: The long tail Source: Chris Anderson
  5. 5. On-demandIndividual needsImmediate satisfaction of needsReduced footprint: no waste, no stock e alu tv rin dp se rea Inc Source:
  6. 6. Faster product life cycles Marketing and advertising need extreme: Reactivity e alu Proximity to the market tv Flexibility rin dp se Print needs: rea Inc Shorter runs High flexibility Extremely fast delivery
  7. 7. Solutions for toner based communication A coated paper offering excellent performance on multiple toner printing systems A breakthrough in print quality and run-ability A paper specially designed to respond to the challenges of digital print industrialisation A pricing that allows growth of digital print The right performance, the right format, the right service
  8. 8. Solutions for inkjet based communication A range of uncoated papers specially designed for inkjet printing in transactional and transpromo Unique offset look and feel on coated papers with full inkjet functionality for direct-mail, books, magazines… Quality and prices allowing growth of the inkjet technology