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OCM LIMS solution for oil and fluid testing labs


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Managing your oil and fluid testing laboratory’s continuous manufacturing processes efficiently while ensuring that your products meet defined specifications and safety requirements is mission-critical. Doing this manually and with disparate systems leads to production delays, and therefore decreased profitability.

These laboratories is all about delivering allowably logical testing results, while constantly adapting to increasingly strict regulations. Environmental labs differ in size, sample workflow, business management and instrumentation integration. However, each lab must conform to the same sample analysis methodology dictated by regulatory agencies. In addition, commercial and outsourcing pressures demand a LIMS that can adapt quickly to changing needs without compromising the quality of the data and information provided to customers.

With streamlined processes and improved automation, LabSols offers a unified laboratory informatics platform that contains all core laboratory informatics needs for a continuous overall process in a single system.

You can automate all of your fluid laboratories using a centralized and standardized solution to streamline your QC testing and product release activities with iOCM. Whether you operate regionally, nationally, or globally, iOCM is designed to support your organization.

iOCM is a totally web based and highly configurable and flexible solution for these industry testing laboratories. Labsol LIMS takes care of Total Business Process & Workflow Automation activities of these Labs. The solution handles laboratories, functions and procedures.

It covers Sample Management & Tracking, Testing with test suites and methods, Workbooks, Quality Control, Test Result Printing, Report Generation, COA, Invoicing, Document Management, KPI, Reports, MIS etc.

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OCM LIMS solution for oil and fluid testing labs

  1. 1. Reporting & Analytics Solution - Oil & Fuel Condition Monitoring iOCM Advance Oil Analysis Tool for various OCM tests Statistical Reporting & Detailed Analysis Range of Reports as per need on flexible formats Great success stories with top clients. Complete Solution – LIMS, Customer Portal, Invoicing, Documenting, Support & Mobile Monitor everything – Sampling, Usage, Results, KPI, Data & more Its on CLOUD. Powered by Microsoft Cloud Computing Platform Windows Azure.
  2. 2. Business Challenge & Solution Oil Condition Testing Business Challenge • Every year shipping and automotive companies spend hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars on the operating and maintenance of their equipments and mechanics. But what if they could prevent a lot of these maintenance costs, extend the life of their equipment, lower unscheduled downtime and save their company money? Solution – iOCM Reporting & Analytics Solutions • Bit Wave Solutions can help them do just that, with our fully integrated condition monitoring and oil analysis reporting software solution, iOCM. It is designed to allow oil testing laboratories to do better oil analysis conducting detailed statistical analysis for two important aspects, the condition of the oil being analyzed, and the condition of the equipment involved. • This will result in a detailed Diagnostic Report to be presented to the customer describing the condition of the oil/lubricant. iOCM present in an easy-to-read and understandable report of all kind of oil and lube test results. It provide a series of excellent reports and graphical analytics of the oil samples which accurately tested from the OCM laboratories. Fuel Testing Lubricant Testing Grease Testing Fluid Testing
  3. 3. Excellent Sample Management Advance Reporting Statistical Analytics Quick Documenting & Communication Organized Customer Platform Organized sample inventory with simple and advanced search in just one click . Keeps track of all tests and analysis conducted on each sample by tightly integrating all the steps and all processes Stage wise sample analysis recording various stages of the testing process and all information related to each stages and more Powerful Reporting providing critical facts for organization's better analysis and decision making Reports can be classified according to various users and tailored needs – getting clear information of various details in a glimpse Provides both analytical and graphical reports which give a detailed insight of analysis Advanced analytics dashboard showing all testing related activities along with results and analysis SPC chart is fully functional in providing minute Statistical Report, Sample analysis data Historical analysis and condition monitoring data in flexible formats Provide effective document and data management to allow search and access all the relevant and critical data in quick time Equipped with powerful communication tool that will enable users to create communication templates and pre assign to users to be sent automatically according to an event Optimum security for both elements all the time Allowing lab customers to enter test requests and to retrieve reports, pay invoices and to get support from the lab in no time Allowing customer the opportunity to access information pertaining to their samples easily from anywhere in their smart phone or tablet Allowing customer to log their issues online and giving instant support in minutes How iOCM helps?
  4. 4. Operation Flow - Glimpse • An use-case diagram shows the glimpse of activities performed by different users interacting with the iOCM.