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Top 10 Trendy Baby Boy Names of 2019


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At Gomama247, we have numerous curated lists, a huge database of multi-origin names for various cultures and religions. To make it easy to single out a suitable name for your baby, we have filtered our database and picked a few adorable and stylish baby boy names. A short list of 10 hand-picked modern Indian baby boy names has been presented here for the new parents who want a meaningful and trendy name for the little Rock Star who has recently joined the lineage. These names are positive, meaningful, trendy and modern. Do let us know how do you find them. Check more such handpicked new baby names here:

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Top 10 Trendy Baby Boy Names of 2019

  1. 1. Top 10 Baby Boy Names of 2019 COMPILED BY: SAPANA VIBHANDIK
  2. 2. Indian Baby Boy Names 2019 NEW BABY NAMES WITH MEANING Indian parents are often curious about finding rare and trendy new baby names with positive meanings. After sharing numerous lists of Indian Baby Names, we have decided to come up with a curated collection of trendy baby boy names originated from Sanskrit, Hebrew and such ancient origins. Here, you can find a collection of the top baby boy names with meaning where historical, royal, natural, spiritual, fictional and multi-origin – various aspects have been considered to offer you a blended essence of modern baby names.
  3. 3. Origin: Sanskrit The name refers to a traveller or an intelligent person It connects you with nature as well with the meanings like air and sky Adhvan also means a place Adhvan अधवान
  4. 4. Origin: Sanskrit Denotes a bright or great personality Associated with Lord Vishnu The name also signifies something extensive or well-known Brihat हत
  5. 5. Origin: Persian The name of a Persian emperor A positive name signifying a royal lineage It also means a noble or great person who is good natured Dariush दा रउश
  6. 6. Origin: Hebrew The name used for something which is enclosed It is used to denote something which is surrounded by a wall Stylish and modern name Hezron हेझरोन
  7. 7. Origin: Sanskrit An epithet used for Lord Krishna, a major deity in Hinduism The name also refers to the universe It also means the day of the Trinity God  Brahma Kahan काहन
  8. 8. Origin: Gaelic Used to denote a distant place, person or thing The name also signifies something not modern or an ancient thing, person or culture Kian कआन
  9. 9. Origin: Sanskrit Derived from Mitra which means a friend or a companion A friendly personality The name is used to refer to Goddess Lakshmi Maitrey मै ेय
  10. 10. Origin: Sanskrit The greatest among all or the superior one in a group or family A person who doesn’t resemble anyone, the unique or eminent one An epithet for Goddess Lakshmi Pravar वर
  11. 11. Origin: Sanskrit Roh means to climb The name refers to a person who climbs or the act of climbing/rising Rohtak also means the Sun Also, Name of a city in Haryana Rohtak रोहतक
  12. 12. Origin: Hebrew A parched place A bright or sunny place or area Metaphorically denotes a bright personality Zion झओन
  13. 13. GOMAMA247.COM Thank you. Visit us for more beautiful baby names.