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Best Foods for Weight Gain in Babies


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What foods are rich in calories which help baby gain weight? Other than breast milk, you can feed these foods to your little one for making him/her gain healthy weight. (Only for babies above 6 months old)

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Best Foods for Weight Gain in Babies

  1. 1. GoMama247 Foods To Increase Baby Weight
  2. 2. GoMama247 Breastfeeding  Nothing is as healthy and nutritious as breast milk for a baby.  Breast milk alone provides enough calories to a baby during exclusive breastfeeding  Extended Breastfeeding till baby is 2 years old is highly recommended.
  3. 3. GoMama247 Banana  There are more than 100 Calories in one Banana  Bananas are rich in carbohydrate, potassium and many other vital nutrients  Banana daily in your diet is best to boost energy and to keep you healthy  Best Baby Food. Easy to feed and loved by babies.
  4. 4. GoMama247 Almond and Nuts  Nuts like Almonds, Cashews and Walnuts are high in calories  Many babies are allergic to Nuts so please avoid nuts in case your baby is having allergy of nuts.  Some Dried Fruits like Dates are super healthy and rich in healthy fats. You can add dates for natural sugars to sweeten baby’s food. (Please make sure you do not over use dates)
  5. 5. GoMama247 Avocado  Avocados contain high amount of monounsaturated fat.  On an average one avocado contains 200 calories (minimum)!  Rich creamy test of avocados makes it one of favorite baby foods .
  6. 6. GoMama247 Sweet Potatoes  Power house of Vitamin A and antioxidants Sweet Potatoes are very healthy for babies, toddlers and children .  They help in improving regulation of blood sugar.  The high fiber contents of Sweet Potatoes help in digestion.  Sweet and rich texture is just prefect for making desserts.
  7. 7. GoMama247 Clarified Butter  Home made clarified butter from fresh milk cream is best source of rich calories.  Clarified butter contain fatty acids essential for healthy brain development.  Add a teaspoon of clarified butter to warm baby food.
  8. 8. GoMama247 Meat and Eggs  Normally an egg contains 70 calories, 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of fats. Around 100 gms of Chicken contains 239 calories.  Proteins from Eggs and Chicken provide building blocks for muscles.  Best age to introduce Eggs and Chicken to baby is above 9 months.
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