Introduction to B2B Recruitment Services - Hrizzus


Published on will be of great help to the corporate / HR Managers. As now with Hrizzus, they can tap 100s of HR Placement or Staffing firms, freelance recruiters. This will increase the overall productivity of the recruitment. At the end of the day what is important is result”. Further, Hrizzus is creating a history, doing something which none of the portal has ever done and that is paying for posting a job on Hrizzus. For the first time in recruitment world, a company or recruitment firm will get paid for posting a job. Hrizzus is first of its kind B2B Recruitment Portal in Delhi, India. It is a tool that bridges gaps between recruitment consultants and Employers by incorporating the entire recruitment process into an automated system. It is a complete hiring solution for employers across industry.

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  • All these methods consume enormous amount of money, efforts and manpower. The recruitment is generally more than 70% of the entire HR cost.
  • Introduction to B2B Recruitment Services - Hrizzus

    1. 1. A revelation of future of recruitments.
    2. 2. Introduction(Who We Are) 1 2 3 4 First B2B Recruitment portal. End to end recruitment solutions. Opens endless opportunities for all stakeholders. Hassle free recruitment for all.
    3. 3. Who We Are • Team of the best available talent from the recruitment industry. • We believe in the recruitment of ethically grounded professionals to help shape the future growth of our clients globally. • The aim is to develop the most efficient and effective human resource for the overall development of the society.
    4. 4. Mission Make recruitment system simpler, better, faster and cheaper by innovations in processes and services.
    5. 5. Vision To free companies of the complexities of vendor Management. To free job consultants of the stress of business development. Provide platform for rapid and organic growth.
    6. 6. Current Trends in Recruitment Industry Through Internal Sourcing and References Through Interview drives (walk-ins, scheduled drive) Through Newspaper, other media advertisements. Through Job Consultants /Head Hunters.
    7. 7. Current Challenges of Recruitment Industry Corporate Perspective Specialized consultants for different functions. Sign up agreements with multiple consultants. Selection of right consultants for different positions. Problem of following up & managing multiple consultants. Joining formalities and payout to consultants. Time consuming and repetitive work. Positions take a longer time in getting filled.
    8. 8. Current Challenges of Recruitment Industry Recruitment Consultant Perspective Business development constraints Entry barriers at corporations Lack of opening for their specializations No equal opportunity.
    9. 9. The solution :- Hrizzus Corporate Perspective Hire desired manpower without having to deal with any consultant. Benefit of specializations without its hassles. Live feedbacks for your requirements. Multiple levels of quality filtering before reaching corporate. Stiff internal due diligence at no cost. Define own recruitment process , conduct online scheduling of interviews. Close positions up to 300% faster. Detailed Status reports|NIS at the click of the mouse.
    10. 10. The solution :- Hrizzus Corporate Perspective Single window solution KPO support of highly trained and personnel. Track efficiency quotient of hiring team. Complete confidentiality for sensitive positions.
    11. 11. The Solutions:-Hrizzus Recruitment Consultant Perspective Unlimited business at the doorstep. No business development hassles. Hassle free online functioning & tracking Dedicated KPO support. Monitor performance of its recruiters. Solicit CVs for existing clients. Sell/Purchase CVs.
    12. 12. Thank You