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Hr management recruitment ppt


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Hr management recruitment ppt

  1. 1. HR management: Recruitment
  2. 2. HR management: Recruitment
  3. 3. LEARNING GOALS • Explain the importance of effective recruitment for a business • State the five categories of job analysis • Explain the types of information required for drawing up a job description • Explain the internal recruitment and its advantages and disadvantages • Explain the major methods of external recruitment
  4. 4. The importance of effective recruitment for a business • Effective recruitment helps to gain new suitable members for the business • It can attract the best candidates for the job vacancies. • Wrong persons selected will mean suffering of administration costs for recruiting activities • Suitable persons selected may give some competitive advantages for the businesses © PhotoDisc
  5. 5. Job analysis • • • • • Task analysis Activity analysis Skill analysis Role analysis Performance analysis © PhotoDisc
  6. 6. Major Elements for a job description • General information: title, place, main tasks • Job content information: detailed tasks, purpose of the task, methods involved, responsibility • Working conditions: physical, social and economic conditions • Performance information: criteria for measurement © PhotoDisc
  7. 7. Methods of recruitment Methods of recruitment Methods of recruitment Internal recruitment External recruitment © PhotoDisc
  8. 8. Methods of recruitment Internal recruitment • Advertising jobs inside the business and appointing internally from its existing employees • Advantages: a chance for employees, less risk of employing wrong persons, quicker and cheaper • Disadvantages: limited numbers of applicants, no chance for external applicants, new vacancies created
  9. 9. Methods of recruitment Internal recruitment External recruitment • Firms fill vacancies by recruiting new employees • Advantages: a wider number of applicants for choice • Disadvantage: expensive and timeconsuming
  10. 10. Methods of external recruitment • • • • • • Commercial employment agencies Job centers Headhunting The career service Visiting universities Advertising agencies © PhotoDisc
  11. 11. Finding Qualified Candidates • Access internal and external sources • Consider internal employees first • Look outside if qualified candidates not available internally © PhotoDisc
  12. 12. Selecting and Hiring Employees • Must follow the requirements set by federal and state law • Failure to comply with equal employment opportunity legislation can expose an employer to fines and penalties, bad publicity, and poor employee morale © PhotoDisc
  13. 13. Selecting and Hiring Employees • Some firms try to screen out highrisk employees by requiring drug testing for job applicants © PhotoDisc
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