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Tale of Freelancing: Boon or Bane? [Infographic]


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Always thought freelancing is a great line to explore – haven’t you? Here are 7 aspects that may urge you think twice before taking up freelancing as a profession.

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Tale of Freelancing: Boon or Bane? [Infographic]

  1. 1. Infographic created by: CARD INCOME TIME Mighty excited about a vacation to the hills or the ocean? Hold on! Are you cool with maintaining your e-presence while you’re roaming around? After all your freelance business has to keep going! DEADLINES DEADLINES DEADLINES DEADLINES Tale of Freelancing BOON BANE? FREELANCING! A sensational buzz that’s been ruling a part of work culture for quite some time now. Be it working from the comfort of your home or not being constantly pegged down by your bosses or being able to make your own creative decisions – people get allured by the predominating flexibilities that freelancing offers. Indeed, the apparent sense of freedom is too difficult to ignore! But having said that, there’s always an opposite side of the coin! Let’s analyze those not-so-glorious sides of being a freelancer. ABSOLUTE FLEXIBILITY – IS THAT WHAT YOU THOUGHT?1 READY TO MIX WORK WITH FAMILY LIFE?2 ARE YOU EXPECTING A CARE-FREE VACATION?3 HAVE THEY TAKEN YOU FOR GRANTED?4 KEEP AWAY FROM DISTRACTIONS – CAN YOU?5 HAVE YOU PLANNED YOUR MONEY WELL?6 DO YOU MISS BEING A SOCIAL BEE?7 If you don’t wish to be caged by time limits, you might not be the right pick for freelancing. Wondering why? Most likely it’s your client who will set the deadline for you, and expect your availability as per theirs! You ought to show up according to their demands, or else your business might be at stake. Corporate life mostly gets you relaxed after the work hours. Once you are back home, you may do away with those back-to-back official phone calls. But if you’re into freelancing call it a bye-bye to 9 to 5 schedule! If you have a laptop with you, work will chase wherever you are, whatever time it might be. You might be constantly expected to reply to your client’s e-mails and phone calls. Worse would be when you’ve to open your laptop to do some assignment. If you’re a freelancer, you might have already cast an impression of you being unemployed. Well, there’s a way of judging it yourself. While you might be busy with some serious freelance assignment, have you ever been nagged into doing some otherwise-not-so-important household task? It would probably take another freelancer to understand what you’re doing. Like any other business, freelancing has its share of ups and downs. The monetary flow isn’t consistent. The wet land frequently sees famine. Do you keep the tabs of social media sites and your personal e-mail open, while focusing on your assignment at the same time? Do you get easily distracted from your work, if there’s a sudden ping? 6 11 7 23 2 But as a freelancer, be prepared to be away from the social buzz. You will be mostly working from home, and that too alone, without getting to mix with anyone. It’s evident that corporate life is majorly responsible for you being a social bee. After all, we end up spending more than just 9 hours each day at work. Freelancing, being a one-man show, demands your complete attention. It’s even better if you are well-organized and multi-tasking, without affecting your main job. or WORK WORK W ORK WORK WORK Hence, it is important to save parts of what you earn today, to reap the best fortune tomorrow. If you aren’t good with saving, think twice!