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Global Solutions: Here's how Santosh Devaraj can help your business


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In this Santosh Devaraj publication, we explore the field of cybersecurity and ways that your company can make investments that will protect crucial client data.

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Global Solutions: Here's how Santosh Devaraj can help your business

  1. 1. A Santosh Devaraj / Secure Logic publication GLOBAL SOLUTIONS Here’s How Santosh Devaraj and Secure Logic Group can help your business. • Which three industries should consider cyber security services? • Who is Santosh Devaraj and how can this founder and CEO help? • Which certifications make Mr. Devaraj a resource?
  2. 2. • Clients are supposed to trust companies to hold portions of their personal data under wraps from those with nefarious intentions. Unfortunately, hackers spend untold amounts of time and resources plotting ways to gain access to that information. • With help from Santosh Devaraj, who has decades of information security experience, your company can keep data safe and secure. Please continue reading to learn more! THE UNSEEN THREATS
  3. 3. • Governments, financial institutions and businesses are at a higher risk of data breach. MITIGATING THE RISK • These three sectors store massive amounts of personal data regarding individuals – from names and addresses to highly valuable banking information. • With a secure network, hackers will be turned away without ever being able to find a way into such data.
  4. 4.  Who is Santosh Devaraj and how can his skills be applied to your company’s security needs? • With Secure Logic’s Santosh Devaraj, you’ll benefit from research and development projects into cybercrime and cyber forensics, audits and compliance projects as well as risk management evaluations. • Among the clients that Secure Logic and Santosh Devaraj have helped are Westpac Banking Group, IBM Asia Pacific, Qatar Telecom, DBC Singapore and more. • Some of the solutions designed by Santosh Devaraj have used cryptography, public key infrastructure (PKI) certificates and token security. SANTOSH DEVARAJ CAN HELP
  5. 5.  Santosh Devaraj has spent two decades amassing the cyber security skills you need. THE ESSENTIAL SKILL SET • Mr. Devaraj holds a master of information technology degree from RMIT in Australia. • He is a Cisco-certified security professional, information system auditor, incident handler and more. • He is a payment card industry (PCI) qualified security card assessor.
  6. 6. As founder and CEO of Secure Logic Group, Santosh Devaraj knows information security. FOR MORE INFORMATION  If your company is considering the skills of Mr. Devaraj, know that threat research can help you steer clear of the possible pitfalls that other entities have previously succumbed to.