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Importance of focusing on employees to sustain in business

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Importance of focusing on employees to sustain in business

  1. 1. Importance of focusing onEmployees to sustain in Business Santosh Singh Channa
  2. 2. WHY is it Important?Company’s greatest assetsThey become more engagedDirect Interaction with customersAffects various aspectsLower Attrition RateThey make and represent the company
  3. 3. HOW can it be Done Generous compensation Clear career paths Balance life Comfortable working area Role modeling Appreciation and recognition Team building
  4. 4. HOW can it be done…continued Fair treatment Proper assignment Flexibility and space Listening Tactful criticism Teach them to teach Decision making authority Promote health and fitness
  5. 5. Existing Examples
  6. 6. THANKYOU