Life Styles Food


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Life Styles Food

  1. 1. LIFE STYLES FOOD Karol Dyan Mendoza Ramírez Derly Dayana Castro Sterling Valentina Gómez Trujillo Julian David Reyes Murillo Jhon Fredy Jimenez Castro Santiago Pastrana Perez
  2. 2. HYGIENIST This diet removes all processed, industrialized , cooked or fumigated , besides animal foods , in order to cleanse the body . So tap water is allowed to consume , plus fried and reheated meals. The order is important : you should eat acidic foods first and then sweet , first fruits , then vegetables and finally the proteins , starches and lipids. The Favorite Foods are a Pineapple , apple and green vegetables. Variety of raw and fresh fruits without preservatives. Raw and fresh vegetable salads baked. Starch and organic cereals. Natural proteins and grase. Products from animals not injected.
  3. 3. MACROBIOTIC It comes from Japan and looking for the physical and emotional balance through food. Initially followed a similar diet vegetarian but accepting fish. Everything is steamed , no other seasoning salt sea. Then it's on to a stage in which the food is vegetarian , with many grains and cereals . In the final phase only crushed cereal grains ingested. Without the guidance of a specialist nutritional imbalances can occur.
  4. 4. VEGETARIANS Vegetarians follow a meat -free diet , which emphasizes the consumption of vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains , seeds, sprouts, nuts , seaweed , soy and quinoa . Combined properly, these foods provide all the nutrients the body needs. More profit by increasing the consumption of raw and organic vegetables are obtained. There are subtypes of vegetarians, depending on whether or not ingest food derived from animals . The ovo vegetarians eat eggs but no dairy . The Lacto vegetarians , backwards . Vegans are the most demanding : do not eat honey or eggs or dairy . This group should consume fortified with vitamin B12 ( yeast, soy , wheat germ ) foods.
  5. 5. ORTHOMOLECULAR This option favors food whose molecules can be digested easily. The consumption of industrially processed foods avoided, as these processes can change their molecular structure. Your diet seems to vegetarian but incorporates organic meat production and its by-products . This group reduces the risk of allergies. However, it is recommended that their followers take some nutritional supplements.
  6. 6. Rawfood Also known as ' the diet of living foods ' . Its practitioners do not eat anything cooked , whereas germinated or fermented sun dehydrating natural methods or other foods. Nor consume industrially processed products. They must ensure the intake of vitamins , minerals, fiber and water.
  7. 7. NATURISM The natural food, explained in a simple way, is to consist of the choice of essential foods, especially vegetables, always rejecting those that have been grown with chemical fertilizers and / or adulterated. In this sense, naturism differs from the macrobiotic diet in the first gives more importance to the consumption of vegetables and fruits, while the second proposed as main food whole grains.
  8. 8. VEGANISM Veganism is an ethical and healthy consumption and reliance on alternative products-not adapted to our physical and spiritual needs-such as meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey, animal products, and other articles of animal origin such as leather and fur. Arguably lifestyle is healthier and respectful of animals and nature.