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Testing listening slide

  1. 1. Testing For Language Teachers Nursanti Setiorini 201012500913 Universitas Indraprasta PGRI
  2. 2. Testing Listening There are times when no speaker is called for such as when listening to the radio, listening to lectures, or listening to announcements. Testing is considered Testing of oral ability is considered A testing of listening is included for its backwash effect on the development of oral skill
  3. 3. Specifying What Test Takers Should Be Able to Do Content Operation : Macro - Listening for specific information - Obtaining gist of what is being said - Following directions - Following instructions
  4. 4.  Operation : Micro - Interpretation of intonation (recognition of sarcasm, etc.) - Recognition of function of structures (such as interrogative as request)
  5. 5.  Types of text - Monologue - Dialogue - Multi participants - Announcement, instruction, directions  Addressees General public, student, young children, etc.
  6. 6.  Topics These will often be indicated in quite general terms. Setting Criterial levels of performance set at an appropriate level  as with reading  a near perfect set of response  may be required for a ‘pass’
  7. 7. Setting The Task Selecting Samples of Speech Native or Non- Native Speaker Writing Items For extended listening, such as a lecturer : - Listen to the passage and take the note - Putting down what it is that candidates should be able to get - We can then attempt to write items that check whether or not they have got what they should be able to get
  8. 8.  Possible Techniques 1. Multiple Choice the alternatives must be kept short and simple. 2. Short Answer short-answer items can work well in listening test.
  9. 9. 3. Information Transfer of Involve such activities as the labelling diagrams or picture, completing forms or showing routes on map. 4. Note Taking Where the ability to take notes while listening to, say, a lecture is in question.
  10. 10. 5. Partial Dictation It may be possible to administer a partial dictation when no other test of listening is practical. Recording : or 6. Recordingto beLive Presentation : Live Presentation good acoustic qualities and with suitable equipment Speakers should have a good command of language of test and be generally highly reliable, responsible, and trustworthy individuals
  11. 11. Scoring The Listening Test In scoring a test of a receptive skill there is no reason to deduct points for errors of grammar or spelling, provided that it is clear that the correct response was intended