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Software Testing - Heuristics Cheat Sheet


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This cheat sheet consists of heuristics developed by many thought-leaders in the testing craft. Generate your test ideas using this and test better.

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Software Testing - Heuristics Cheat Sheet

  1. 1. Michael D Kelly 1 Touring Heuristics 2 Test Reporting Heuristics Ben Simo Error handling Heuristics Scott Barber Performance Testing Heuristics Adam Goucher Ordering of Testing Tasks Heuristics James Bach 1 Quality Criteria heuristics 2 Learning Heuristics 3 Test Oracles 4 Test Techniques Heuristics 5 Project Environment Heuristics 6 Test Strategy Heuristic Configuration Tour User Tour Testability Tour Scenario Tour Variability Tour Interoperability Tour Data tour Structure Tour Feature Tour Complexity Tour Claims Tour Security Mission Coverage Obstacles Status Techniques Environment Risk Functional Languages Appropriate RequIrements Impact Measurement Log Customers Information Developer Relations Team Schedule Test Items Deliverables UI Domain User Function Flow Scenario Claims Risk Automatic Recovery History Image Comparable product User Expectation Product Purpose Standards & Statutes Emotions Cognitive Savvy Knowledge Attracts Knowledge Experimentation Disposable Time Stories Critical Thinking Other Minds Words and Pictures Scouting Obsessively Scalability Performance Installability Compatibility Supportability Testability Maintainability Portability Capability Reliability Usability Frequent Intensive Business Critical Legal Obvious Technically Risky Stakeholder Mandated Audience Claims Familiar Problems Stress Equipment & Tools Structure Function Data Operations Time Platform Existing SecurityAuthentic Problems LocalizabilitySystems Thinking C U T S V I D S F C C S M C O S T E R L F I A M I C I L D T S T D D U U F F S C R A H R I C U P P S C K E E D S C O W S P S I C S T M P C R U S L A S F I B L O T S A C F S E S F D O T P E 1 2 12 345 6 HEURISTIC CHEATSHEET PRESENTATION BY SANTHOSH TUPPAD Disclaimer: The presentation idea is mine, but the ownership of these heuristics belongs to the respective test leaders and the credits have been given for the respective heuristic mnemonics creators. @santhoshst /in/santhosh-tuppad-338b7412/