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  1. 1. 8/3/2009 Lecture’s Topics • Basic Hand Tools. Automotive Engines Tech. • Power Tools & Equipments. ME-111 • Automotive Shop Safety. • Measurements. Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 11/10/2009 Chapters covered: 3, 4, 5. Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 1 Basic Hand Tools Tools rule: Basic Hand tools 1- Use quality tools. 2- Keep tools organized. 3- Keep tools clean. 4- Use the right tool for given job. Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 3 Wrenches Types of Wrenches They are used to remove Wrenches come in two sizes, Metric or ِEnglish. and install nuts and bolts. There are five types of wrenches: Following these rules: 1.Open End Wrench. 1- Select the right size always. 2.Box End Wrench. 2- Never hammer standard 3.Combination Wrench. wrenches, use slug 4.Line Wrench. wrench if you have to use hammer. 5.Socket Wrench. Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 4 Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 5Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer
  2. 2. 8/3/2009 Open End Wrenches Box End Wrenches They have open, split, jaw on each end, the jaws are They have completely closed ends to surround the weak and should not be used for extremely tight bolt, they will not round off the bolt head easily, nuts and bolts, the jaws will flex or round off the they come with 6 points or 12 points. 6 points is bolt head. stronger and should be used for rusted strong bolts. Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 6 Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 7 Combination Wrenches Line Wrenches • They have box end and open end, it offers two • Also called tubing, or flare nut wrench. different wrenches on the same piece, usually • It has a box end, but with a small opening. they both ends have the same size. • It is used for brake lines, fuel lines and power steering lines, it prevents soft fittings from damage. Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 8 Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 9 Socket Wrenches Socket Handles • It is cylindrical shaped, box end tool the fits over the bolt. The other end has squared hole to fit the socket handle on. Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 10 Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 11Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer
  3. 3. 8/3/2009 Screwdrivers Screwdrivers Phillips Head Standard Head Reed and Prince Head Clutch Head Torx Head Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 12 Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 13 Pliers Slip Joint Pliers • Could be used to cut, grip, • Also called combination hold and bend various pliers. parts. There are many • The jaws are adjustable to types of pliers each is grasp different size parts. used for specific job. Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 14 Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 15 Rib Joint Pliers Needle Nose Pliers • Also called channel lock • For holding small parts pliers or water pump only. pliers. • Do not twist to hard, • It has extra wide jaws to otherwise you will break hold heavy parts. the tips. Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 16 Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 17Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer
  4. 4. 8/3/2009 Vise Grips Pliers Snap Ring Pliers • Also called locking pliers. • Have sharp and small tips. • Used to hold two parts • Used to remove special firmly, to free the clips called snap rings. technician hands. • Also used to remove damaged bolt head. • Should never be used on undamaged bolts. Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 18 Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 19 Hammers Ball Peen Hammer • Hammers Rules: • It is the most used hammer and it is a general 1. Select the right size. purpose hammer. 2. Check hammer head • It has two faces, a flat face for general striking and tightness. 3. Use brass, plastic or dead a round face for shaping sheet metals. blow hammers, if the part could be damaged by steel. 4. Use steel hammer if maximum force is needed. 5. Always strike squarely Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 20 Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 21 Sledge Hammer. Brass Hammer • It has a very large and • It has a soft head made of brass. heavy head. • Usually used to prevent the part from scarring, in • It is the most powerful other words, to protect the part from being hammer used to remove frozen parts. damaged by the hammer. Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 22 Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 23Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer
  5. 5. 8/3/2009 Plastic Hammer Rubber mallet • Used when light striking is needed, to prevent the • It has a head that is made of hard rubber. Not parts for damage. recommended to be used on solid metal parts, since it will bounce and rebound. • Used on sheet metal or plastic parts. Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 24 Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 25 Chisels and Punches Handling Tools • Chisels are used for cutting damaged or rusted • Vice, is used for holding parts during cutting, nuts, bolts and rivet heads. drilling, hammering and pressing operations. • Punches are used to make parts for reassembly. • C- Clamps also used for holding parts on a work surface during drilling, cutting welding, it is a portable holding tool. Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 26 Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 27 Power Tools & Equipment • Power tools are tool driven by compressed air, Power Tools and equipmetn electricity, or pressurized liquid. They make the operations easier and quicker. • Shop equipment are large shop tools such as floor jacks, part cleaning tanks, steam cleaners .. etc. Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 29Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer
  6. 6. 8/3/2009 Compressed Air System Compressed Air System • The system includes the following parts: 1. Air compressor unit: it has an electric motor that compresses air inside the tank to keep the pressure level high. 2. Filter: to remove water from the air. 3. Pressure regulator: used to set the pressure exiting from the unit, usually between 100-150 Psi. 4. Lubricator: to lubricate the tools. 5. Hoses & Lines: to carry compressed air. Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 30 Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 31 Air Tools Air wrenches • Air tools use the energy of compressed air for • Air wrenches or impact wrenches are used to operation, also called pneumatic tools. quickly remove on install threaded fasteners. • Some air tools: 1.Air wrenches. 2.Air ratchet. 3.Impact Sockets. 4.Air Hammer. 5.Blowgun. 6.Air Drill Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 32 Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 33 Air Ratchet Impact Sockets • It is a special impact wrench designed to work in • Impact sockets are special sockets that should be limited spaces. used with air wrenches or air ratchets. • Ordinary sockets could be totally damaged if used with air wrenches. Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 34 Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 35Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer
  7. 7. 8/3/2009 Air Hammer Blowgun • It is useful for driving or cutting operations. • Used to clean, dry, wash parts with solvents. • Used for cutting old rusted parts. • It can produce 1000 – 4000 impacts per minute Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 36 Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 37 Air Drill Electric Tools • It is multiuse powerful tool, it performs job too • There are many electric tools that could be used in quickly with less effort. automotive shops, some of them: • Could be used to drill, brush, cleaning and filing. 1.Bench grinder. 2.Drills. 3.Press Drills. Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 38 Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 39 Bench Grinder Drills • Could be used for grinding, cleaning and polishing • Are used to make holes in plastic or metal parts. operations. • The drill bit should be chosen according to • It has two wheels, one for grinding and the other material the would be drilled. one for cleaning and polishing Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 40 Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 41Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer
  8. 8. 8/3/2009 Press Drills Hydraulic Tools • Are large drills, bench • Hydraulic tools use the power of pressurized mounted. It allows the bit liquid. to be pressed against the work piece with increased • Some hydraulic tools: force. 1.Floor jack. 2.Transmission jack. 3.Engine crane (hoist). 4.Hydraulic press. Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 42 Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 43 Floor and Trans Jacks Engine Crane Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 44 Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 45 Hydraulic Press Shop Equipment • Used to remove or install gears, pulleys, bearings, Some shop equipment: seals and other parts that need high pushing 1.Arbor press. force. 2.Jack stands. 3.Engine stands. 4.Pullers. Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 46 Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 47Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer
  9. 9. 8/3/2009 Arbor Press Jack & Engine Stands • It is the same as hydraulic press but it does not use hydraulic power. Used to install small parts like bearings. Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 48 Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 49 Pullers • Used to remove seals, gears, pulleys, axles and other press fit parts. Auto shop & safety Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 50 Shop Layout Repair Area • There are many areas in • It is any area where repairs are performed, it the auto shop, some of includes: them: 1.Shop stall. 1. Repair Area. 2. Tool Room. 2.Lift. 3. Class Room. 3.Alignment rack. 4. Locker Room. 4.Out side area. Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 52 Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 53Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer
  10. 10. 8/3/2009 Tool Room & Class Room • Tool room is used to store shop tools, small equipment and supplies (nuts, bolts, oil, etc). • Class room is used for seminars, demonstrations and other training activities. • Also, any workshop should include a locker or dressing room for technicians. Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 54 Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 55 Shop Safety Types of Accidents • Every year thousands of technicians are accidently • Work shop accidents, could be one of these: injured or killed on the job, and that is due to their Fires. Chemical burn. negligence of safety standards. Explosions. Electrical shock. Asphyxiation. Physical injuries. • Always while working look around and think of safety, look for unsafe work habits, unsafe equipment and other potentials for accidents. Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 56 Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 57 Fires Explosions • Some combustible substances ( gasoline, oily rags, • An explosion is rapid combustion that would paints, thinners). create a powerful shock wave that travel through the shop. • General rules: • When charging a battery, Hydrogen is produced, 1. Store gasoline in approved & sealed container. which is highly combustible gas with colorless 2. Disconnect the battery before working. flame. 3. Wipe up gasoline spills immediately. • Keep heat away from the gasoline tank, since the 4. Keep heat away from gasoline. gasoline tank is vented to the atmosphere. 5. Do not use gasoline as a cleaning solvent. Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 58 Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 59Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer
  11. 11. 8/3/2009 Asphyxiation Chemical Burns • Is caused by breathing toxic gases such as the • Solvents (part cleaners), battery acid and other exhaust gas which is extremely toxic gas. shop substances could cause chemical burns to • When operating a vehicle in enclosed area, the the skin, you should wear protection gloves. tailpipe should be connected to a ventilation system. • Carburetor cleaner is very powerful and can burn • There are many shop substances that are harmful your skin in seconds. if inhaled, for example brake dust (asbestos). Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 60 Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 61 Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer 62Eng. Bashar Alzuwayer