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Organic pulses cultivation - black gram cultivation

Black gram is a highly nutritious pulse. It is rich in protein, potassium, calcium, iron, niacin, thiamine and riboflavin. These slides illustrate organic way of cultivating the black gram.

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Organic pulses cultivation - black gram cultivation

  1. 1. Traditional Technology Solutions Presents Organic Farming Methods – Part 5 Organic pulses cultivation (Black gram) Presented by, N. S. Santhana Krishnan, Traditional Technology Solutions, E-mail:, Website: .
  2. 2. Organic pulses cultivation  In this presentation we are going to discuss about cultivation of Black gram.  Black gram and few other pulses have tendency to fix atmospheric nitrogen in roots which will be used for the next crop  We started the cultivation at the end of rainy season since the crop could not with stand heavy rains.  This cultivation took place in our lands situated in the Village named “Thiru-Magaral”.  We chose one acre for black gram cultivation.  We also cultivated black gram in our ancestral residential plots in Neyyadupakkam village.  We didn’t irrigate the lands but used the monsoon rain itself for cultivation.
  3. 3. © Organic farming 3 We initially ploughed the land using tractor with tine attachment.
  4. 4. © Organic farming 4 Soil after ploughed with tine attachment in tractor
  5. 5. © Organic farming 5 We used TN state government certified black gram seeds
  6. 6. © Organic farming 6 Seeds got dispersed evenly on ploughed field
  7. 7. Land was ploughed after seeding using tractor with rotary plough attachment which converts and covers the seeds with soft powdered soil
  8. 8. Black gram seeds got germinated after ten days from seeding
  9. 9. Plants after twenty days
  10. 10. Plants after thirty days
  11. 11. Plants after forty days
  12. 12. Black gram pods started to appear after seventy days
  13. 13. Plants got plucked and kept as bunches for collection
  14. 14. Plant bunches were collected and kept covered for three days for the pulses to get matured.
  15. 15. The plants were allowed to dry after three days of maturing to separate the pods
  16. 16. We got 40 kg of black gram from 60 cents of land without adding fertilizers and pesticides. We didn’t even irrigate the land Plants got grown using little drizzle of rain and morning dew water Simultaneously we cultivated black gram in our residential land at neyyadupakkam village with an area of 59 cents.  We did this cultivation to reduce weeds and increase soil fertility. In this land we used only around 40 cents of free land for cultivation since rest of the land was occupied by trees & construction materials. In this land the soil was sandy loam type hence we distributed the black gram seeds and ploughed over it with tractor.
  17. 17. Ten days after germination of seeds.
  18. 18. Other side of land
  19. 19. After forty days of seeding
  20. 20. Fifty days after germination of seeds
  21. 21. After sixty days of seeding
  22. 22. Seventy days after seeding
  23. 23. Eighty days after seeding
  24. 24. Other side of the land
  25. 25. Plants got matured by ninety days and the leaves turned yellow
  26. 26. Plants got plucked after 95 days of seeding
  27. 27. Harvested plants got collected , covered with plastic sheet for three days and allowed to dry
  28. 28. We got around 15 kg of black gram from this small place
  29. 29. We husked the external black cover of black gram and it was packed to avoid moisture leakage
  30. 30. Conclusion: We got very good quality of black gram. It was practically tested in our home by making idly and vadas. The taste of the food products were good and also it gave three to four times volume of wet grinded flour for unit quantity of dry pulses. Since we have cultivated in small area we have limited amount of stock for sale. We are getting good feedback from the customers who used it. This time we have started to cultivate black and green gram in an area of around 7 acres. Hence we expect to provide sufficient amount of pulses to every customer in another three to four months.
  31. 31. © Organic farming 31 Thank You