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Question 3 what have you learned from your audience feedback

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Question 3 what have you learned from your audience feedback

  1. 1. Santana StewartQuestion 3 – What have you learned from your audience feedback?We chose to post the music video onto Facebook for viewers to comment on it. As when we tryingto get people to write on the video on YouTube you have to create an account with YouTube or youcouldn’t comment which was creating a lot of problems for viewers. We also chose to post questionsunderneath the music video focus group and then our audience could give us the feedback wewanted.The first question we chose to ask was ‘What genre do you think this videois?’.We chose to ask this question as we wanted to make sure the audience newwhat genre we chose for the music and video. Everyone who commentedreplied with ‘pop’ which is correct as we chose to have an indie pop genre.Indie as it is a new artist so is still independent and unheard, and pop as themusic is a pop song. The feedback we gathered was great as this is what wewanted the audience to decode the video as a pop music video.The second question we chose to ask the audience is ‘Whatdo you like themost about this music video?’We chose to ask the audience this question as this tells us what parts of thevideo the audience prefers and whether we the video is good or not. Onemember of the audience chose when the singer is looking at her phone atthe message her ex has sent her. This is good feedback as we definitelywanted to add this shot to the video as it shows when the singer becameindependent. Another member of the audience wrote ‘ I really like theburning photograph I think it symbolises the end of the relationship veryeffectively’ This is great as this tells us exactly what idea the audience hasfrom the video and how they decoded the shot. This is also great feedbackas we wanted the burning photograph to symbolise the break up betweenthe singer and the ex and this is exactly what it encodes. The last audiencemember wrote ‘The fact that it’s at the sea side, it’s unique and adventurous’. This is also very goodfeedback as we didn’t know whether shooting the video at the sea side would be a good idea as thisusually encodes happiness but as it was a dull day we believed it may work as it encodes sadness asthe sky and sea is dull and windy.
  2. 2. Santana StewartThe third question we asked the audience ‘Do you understand thestoryline?’Each member of the audience replied with yes, which states to us thatwhen recording and editing the video we chose which shots to put togethercorrectly as the audience has understood the storyline. That the video isabout upset and heartbreak. This also states to us again that the genre, andplace we recorded the video connect as the audience know the storyline.The fourth question we asked the audience was ‘Do you think the locationof our video is suitable for the storyline, yes or no?’All of the audience members replied with yes. Again this is exactly thefeedback we wanted as we wasn’t sure whether recording the video at thebeach would be such a god idea as again the beach is usually a happy placewhere people go to have fun but as the day was dull and very windy webelieved it may work. Due to the feedback we got, we now understandthat the setting of the video did work as all of the audience agreed.The fifth question we asked the audience was ‘Whatcould we improve if we recorded this video again?’One member of the audience replied with ‘Make sure all miming is intime and maybe shoot in more locations.’ This states that the acting inthe video could have been better and tells us that we should’verecorded the video in more location. Which we were going to do but wedidn’t want the audience to become confused at the different types oflocations we may have recorded at. For example we didn’t want to jump
  3. 3. Santana Stewartfrom a beach scene to a bedroom scene, but the comment proves that if we had chosen to record inlots of different locations that the audience wouldn’t have become confused as this is what theywant to see.Another member replied with ‘I think that you should improve the miming and in some places makesure that the miming is in time with the words in the song’ This again shows us that the miming wasnot so great and the acting could be better but also shows us that the editing could be improved asin some areas of the song the miming and the actual song are not in time with each other. Which wecan improve by just editing small sections of the video to get the song and miming in time with eachother.The last member wrote ‘The miming make it more realistic’. This again shows that the acting was notgreat and could really be improved. This also insists that we should have recorded scenes more thanonce as if we had back up scenes for each and every different shot we had then we may havecreated better shots as some shots will be better than others .