Renaissance Curacao Resort & CasinoGuiltyin multimillion dollar Aqua Spa suitHere’s the story out of the AmigoeNieuws Cura...
between the Bank and Riffort and Renaissance. Not found what importance the Bank thereby wouldhave, especially now retrosp...
a US attorney’s hands for safe keeping. It has taken the plaintiffs $100,000 of fees paid to anembarrassingly weakrepresen...
complete silence by those that have lost or been affected by it. That is no longer the case as AmericanInvestment money wi...
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Renaissance Curacao Resort & Casino Guilty in Aqua Spa Suit


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Renaissance Curacao Resort & Casino Guilty in Aqua Spa Suit

  1. 1. Renaissance Curacao Resort & CasinoGuiltyin multimillion dollar Aqua Spa suitHere’s the story out of the AmigoeNieuws CuracaoORANGE CITY / WILLEMSTAD- Aruba Bank is not to blame in the demise of the luxurious Aqua Spa Beauty Spa of Arubans Mena Lopezand Emile Hassell. The court has concluded that the Landlord Riffort and the Renaissance (Curacao) didact unlawfully and must pay compensation.February 19. 2013By our reporterSharinaHenriquezThe Court of First Instance in Curacao declared a verdict yesterday in the case brought by theentrepreneurs Hassell , Lopez and Arnold Huizing court appointed Curator and trustee of the bankruptbeauty salon as one of the plaintiffs. In total demands Aqua Spa 12 million florins to damages: $ 5.4million from Riffort / Renaissance and nearly 2.2 million florins of Aruba Bank. During the handling of thetrial on 18 September, the judge also focuses on the role of the bank in the whole. One of theentrepreneurs, Mena Lopez also began in late October in this paper that the bank during the trial hadlied and that the case is a matter of principle was the dishonest act of Aruba Bank by colluding withRenaissance so that the latter could get a spa cheap. In the verdict yesterday the court was notconvinced that the bank had acted unlawfully, nor forsaken its duty of care. The company had at thetime of termination of the credit agreement had long failed to fulfill its obligations. The interest andprincipal payments were not paid. Also, the bank had insufficient collateral. "It was therefore for thegood of the Bank due to Aqua Spa still got respite in order to find new investors and its financial housein order." The fact that the bank has just invaded in a period of the Holidays (December) and seized theinventory, as the entrepreneurs claimed, has seen all late payments and letters of Aruba Bank this fallsunder the court therefore understand. Aruba Bank has not acted in breach of reasonableness, fairnessor fulfill its duty of care.Cahoots One of the most important and remarkable accusations in this lawsuit is the charge of the cahoots ofRiffort / Renaissance Aruba with Bank. As evidence for this was the sale of the seized inventory for solittle. The bank would for a pittance to the Renaissance have sold the hotel and then went after thebankruptcy of Aqua Spa himself further with a spa in the same location. "Although the Court palpableAqua Spa note that the current situation as such experiences, the Court sees no evidence of foul play
  2. 2. between the Bank and Riffort and Renaissance. Not found what importance the Bank thereby wouldhave, especially now retrospectively must be noted that the Bank is left with a strong claim.Aruba Bank is not to blame for the demise of Aqua Spa but Riffort Village and Renaissance areaccordingto the judge. Aqua Spa had accused the Riffort Renaissance Curacao of wrongdoing because thepromised promotions in the agreements were not complied with while the lease for no valid reason wasterminated and the spa staff was denied access to get into the Spa. All of these actions were alleged tobe an indication of the intention to take over the spa itself. According to the court statements,it’sconceivable that they intended to take over the Spa, making it one of their same groups of companies.This is also evident in the documents which show the companies of the Riffort and the Renaissanceacted as if they were the same entity. Hence the court in assessing the damage question - and claimthatboth companies belong together. There is an important fact that Aqua Spa was to be promoted tothe guests of both these companies. There was also a walkway guaranteed to come in the contract toensure that the Hotel guests would have easy access to the Spa. That did not happen and Aqua Spa onmultiple occasions pleaded and complained to get that access open and useable to the attention of theHotel yet that never occurred. The promised marketing never happened causing the Spa to receive farfewer clients than what the consulting firm and Deloitte& Touchprojected.When Aruba Bank claimed to be seizing the inventory,Riffort looked at it as the trigger for the lease tobe pulled. The Renaissance Riffort Curacao believed that the revoke terms of that agreement had beenactivated, but the court found that not so.The rent was paid up to date in full at that time. The Judgeclaimed that the Spa staff was wrongly denied access by the Riffort Renaissance Curacao to their Spamaking it impossible to restart the business. Even after the seizure of the bank of the contents remainedin the Spa so itcould have continued to run. The actions of denying the Spa staff the ability to enter theirplace of business deprived them of their rights as a business to proceed and from these actions thecourt claims the damages have occurred.The Verdict is a Lie to deceive you so the system stays in placeThis is a comical verdict. How can a Bank who was in complete control of this loan, where no Hotel coulddo what the court is claiming alone if the Bank involved in the process was a reputable Bank instead ofthe driver of this criminal predatory approach. These two entities always worked together and in courtthe Bank instead of seeking the money for their investment from the Hotel the guilty party, went afterthe Spa people constantly trying to kill the case they had against the Renaissance that would have paidfor the Spa? Now that the verdict says the Renaissance has to pay, the Bank is still going after the Spa?This is the most upsidedown filthy dirty criminal country at the court level you will ever pay witness to.In the Aqua Spa loan the overwhelming evidence that a crime occurred simply did not allow them tojustup and walk away. American investors immediately ushered all evidence out of the country and into
  3. 3. a US attorney’s hands for safe keeping. It has taken the plaintiffs $100,000 of fees paid to anembarrassingly weakrepresentation by anattorney who acted as a doormat for the Bank to get this thiscooked verdict. He had to be watched constantly as he made multiple snafus that except for beingcaught at the last moment would have thrown the case.The whole system is run like this. Judges,Curators, Attorneys, Accountants, Court people all are parasites in asystem designed to tapunsuspecting people who enter into this carnival of lies and deceit. The mountain of evidence isscreaming that the Bankwasat least an equal partner andpossibly the driver; the Judge during the courtcase on multiple occasions made reference to the Bank’s unusual behavior and in the final questioningabout the illegal closing of the Spa acted as if he simply did not believe their testimony. Now after 5months of delay, there is not one single mention or revisit of any of the points the so called attorneymade showing the connections implicating the Bank? There is evidence showing collusion with the Hotelin a mock public sale where they had already negotiated a price and how they would conduct the socalled public auction so that the public could not bid. Who removed the Judge and his opinion and cameup with this Kangaroo verdict? The writer here is fully convinced from the investigation and evidencethat has been uncovered to date along with the complete 180 degree reversal of the Judges approachthat this system is completely corrupt and irretrievable. The Government of the Netherlands is obliviousto this corruption as they are recipients of the spoils of the criminal enterprise that they look to becovertly keeping in place.The system will shake you for all your money as the court willensure you lose as they Bank controls the system end to end If there is anyone contemplating investing in this cesspool of corruption or even visiting theseAntilles?Let this story be at least a warning. You are in for a ride and education of your life. This systemlacks integrity on every single level and is hidden to the short term visitor. It only becomes evident onceyou enter into any contact with Government offices, conduct business, and interact with citizens whohave been through courts or lost businesses to this system. People are either victimsor predatorsworking for the system. If you lose you are told it’s against the law to talk about what has happened toyou. You are told you cannot take the Bank to court. You are visited by local messengers whomthreaten you or warn you through subtle messages to keep quiet and out of the media. This is veryevident and explains the Natalee Holloway cover up. The people are prisoners on their own Islandgenerated by this system being held in place by Netherland Government officials. This is more than justan aggressive Bank.It encompasses all Banks, Insurance companies and Central Bank whom is nothingmore than a Facade to make you think this is a legitimate Banking system. In the US these people wouldbe under indictment or already behind bars and the Banking Institutions would all be under Federalinvestigation. This is beyond fixing as it is systemic throughout all areas where Commerce, publicInstitutions, Banking, Insurance, Central Bank, Education, disbursement of public contracts occurs.Please tell everyone you know about this as no one should have to face what these people whomthought this was “One Happy Island” have faced since investing in a Spa? This is the most corruptGovernment generated system imaginable. It is simply an off the map type operation that teeters on
  4. 4. complete silence by those that have lost or been affected by it. That is no longer the case as AmericanInvestment money will ensure the International community is made acutely aware.You would never believe that a people could be held hostage like this until youare in the system according to Americans whom have been involved in this case.Please find another place to vacation. Your money spent here only feeds a systemwhere locals are being enslaved. They will survive. Eventually changes willhappen. The Natalee Holloway coverup and this case another are just a glimpse ofhow these Antilles are being abused by a very immoral Holland. The Dutcharerunning a criminal operation through their Banking system that has enslaved awhole people of these Islands. The Banks and a few selected Dutch tap the localpeople for millions as they steal their wealth in a human trafficking typeoperation.