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7 Tips to Open House Success for Real Estate Sellers


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Open Houses - We do then quite effectively - However, out of the hundreds of open houses we have hosted, I can count on one hand where the buyer came as a "direct result" of someone walking through the front door and being greeted by me, without a realtor, and wanting to buy the home that I or my team was hosting as an open house. However, notice that I said, "direct result". Open houses are free advertising on the real estate sellers channels that are not utilized, unless open houses are being used as one of the many "realtor" marketing tools. came as a result of the need, to build a search engine for open houses, around a local website. The registration component is extremely important with regard to having an open house hosted. We want to contact those that have entered the open house so we can ascertain if they may know someone or may be interested themselves. Also - one of the dangers of having an open house comes in the way of "not being able to filter" those visiting. Sometimes, people enter the open house in order to "case the joint" or "steal" - make sure your agent covers the risks associated with hosting an open house and make sure your Realtor let's you know how they are going to operate it with your "safety and security" in mind. We are a local Real Estate team serving the Greater Los Angeles Areas and Head Quartered in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities - California. We are known as and are happy to be of service working with the REMAX of Valencia CA brokerage.

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7 Tips to Open House Success for Real Estate Sellers

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