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Branded content: kies de vorm die bij je merk past


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Branded Content kent vele vormen. Van een gezamenlijk content platform, print specials, online advertorials tot op maat gemaakte magazines. Sanoma heeft veel van die mogelijkheden in huis en aan de hand van praktische cases, voorbeelden en bijzondere partnerships komen vele inspirerende vormen langs.

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Branded content: kies de vorm die bij je merk past

  1. 1. Branded Content Marc Stubbé CCO Sanoma
  2. 2. (Branded) Content 1. What is branded content? 2. Why do we do it and is it growing? 3. Branded content in Sanoma’s commercial strategy 4. Some tools-cases 2 19 February 2014 Presentation name
  3. 3. What is branded content?
  4. 4. Branded content Native Advertising
  5. 5. Native Advertising Native advertising is advertising that delivers relevant content in a familiar context for the user
  6. 6. Branded Content The creation of, or natural integration, into original content by a brand Cannes Lions
  7. 7. Effective Contextual Advertising Branded Content Native Advertising Matrix Sponsored Texts Advertorials Scalability (Automation) © 2013 Content (Marketing) Advertising (Format) User Engagement (Customization)
  8. 8. Why branded content?
  9. 9. Native advertising And native advertising is NOT:  Traditional banner or display ads  Automatic Good native advertising is:  Delivered to the user in the form of content  Not disruptive  Relevant to the user 9 19 February 2014 Presentation name
  10. 10. 10 19 February 2014 Presentation name
  11. 11. 11 19 February 2014 Presentation name
  12. 12. Branded Content Onderzoek Sanoma 2012 Algemeen      Wees relevant, informatief & actueel Zorg voor nieuwswaarde Duidelijk en overzichtelijk weergeven Niet te commercieel karakter Om de merkherkenning te optimaliseren is het aan te raden het merk in de eerste alinea te noemen PC, laptop  Geef tips en adviezen  Mogelijkheid voor meer informatie door intensief leesgedrag  Kop moet maximaal triggeren vanwege lagere bezoekfrequentie 12 19 February 2014 Presentation name Smartphone  Kort en bondig  To the point: "what's in it for me"  Nieuwswaarde relatief belangrijk Tablet  Bied uitgebreide en rijke content aan (bijv video, games)  Zorg voor interactie  Maak boodschap persoonlijk relevant
  13. 13. Positieve waardering Branded Content Deze pagina is gemaakt om mij producten te verkopen Print: Advertentie 85% 36% Print: Branded Content 83% 50% Online: Rectangle 78% 37% Online: Branded Content 13 Deze pagina is gemaakt om mij te vermaken 74% 61% 19 February 2014 Presentation name
  14. 14. Succesfull content rules 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Positive Emotion or arousal Create social currency memory-inducing trigger headlines Quality of the story -informative BPP  Upworthy  Buzzfeed 14 19 February 2014 Presentation name
  15. 15. The added value of branded content Trustworthy and reliable Great entertainment value Consumers enjoy reading it The brand consideration grows Bron: onderzoek Sanoma / mediatest 2012 Brand awareness is the basis for effective branded content
  16. 16. Branded Content Consument centraal Relevantie, verrijking , subtiliteit
  17. 17. Branded content and commercial strategy Sanoma?
  18. 18. From Space to Solutions
  19. 19. 20
  20. 20. Categories of Solutions 1 2 3 4 Improved advertising (tools, ROI) Content marketing Partnerships AIDA Domain solutions Effectiveness and efficiency Owned and earned media services Direct Stakeholder in (sales) results advertiser Build infrastructure for demand and supply
  21. 21. Content Data Insights Infrastructure Platforms Solutions
  22. 22. Categories of solutions 1 2 Improved advertising (tools, ROI) Contextual advertising Content marketing e.On 3 4 Partnerships AIDA Domain solutions Histor Etos McDonald’s Branded Content
  23. 23. Tools & Examples
  24. 24. Content Marketing: Intelligent Content Integratie Re-use Content Create Content Sanoma: Archive Content Content library Distribute Content  Supports  Provides content  Takes care of external placement incl. social  Cost efficient content  Extention of external organisation towards editorial office
  25. 25. Content Marketing: Intelligent Content Platform 1. Dynamic Content Platform 2. Data 3. Distribution Goal: Right message Right moment Right receiver
  27. 27. Cases
  28. 28. Case: Histor Challenge: Creating brand activation
  29. 29. Case: Histor Solution in 4 stages: 1) Call: make this cupboard unique. Influencers / bloggers played important role 2) Judging: a jury with the editor in chief from 101 woonideeën judged 2000 applications. 3) Event: the cupboards where painted in Piet Hein Eek’s studio 4) Reporting: in Grazia, Marieclaire, vtwonen, 101 WI, Athome, adding a mini booklet, 10 how-to video’s Results: a lot of buzz through the influencers, activation: 2000 applications, generating earned media and a lot of content
  30. 30. Case: Etos Challenge: Becoming top of mind when it comes to babies
  31. 31. Case: Etos Solution:  Being part of the Customer Journey of first time mums through a catalogue  Together with advertisers  Discountcoupons for mums Distribution:  This spring in store  And part of the Ouders van NU babybox
  32. 32. Case: McDonald’s Challenge: Change perception of food quality and origin
  33. 33. Case: McDonald’s Solution: Mums of Holland are watching McDonald’s and search for the answers the questions other mums have. At farmers, in the kitchen etc. They tell their story. Results:  Stories where published in print and online media.  Libelle Nieuwscafe event on the topic of quality and origin of food.
  34. 34. Case: Kamer van koophandel Challenge: Inspire and inform small businesses
  35. 35. Case: Kamer van Koophandel Solution: an online inspiration platform, available for tablets, smartphones and desktops Results:  Offers inspiration  Connects  Creates traffic to
  36. 36. Case: E.ON Challenge: creating ambassadors and customer loyality
  37. 37. Case: E.ON Solution: - E.ON magazine print: the backbone of the formula - E.ON magazine digital - E.ON magazine newsletter
  38. 38. Case: e.ON Results: E.ON magazine - satified customers, score 7,3 - reading penetration 57% - 67,9% feels a connection with E.ON because of magazine E.ON magazine digital - reuse of content from the print magazine - archivefunction - positive effect on SEO and traffic on E.ON magazine newsletter - 10.000 visitors every edition, 4 times above benchmark - open rate: 57,5% - click through rate: 15,7%
  39. 39. Case: Challenge: Fulfilling the need of consumers to buy and get advise on healtcare products online
  40. 40. Case: Solution: A content and e-commerce platform A magazine Newsletters
  41. 41. Case: Contextual advertising
  42. 42. Case: Contextual advertising
  43. 43. Case: Challenge: Owning subject sustainable living
  44. 44. Case: Solution: Dialogue platform with tailormade possibilities for commercial partners
  45. 45. Marc Stubbé @marcstubbe
  46. 46. Download de Sanoma Adverteren App voor iPad in de Appstore 48 19 February 2014 Presentation name