Trendsformers, engaging the new influential


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The role of magazines in reaching the new influential consumer

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Trendsformers, engaging the new influential

  1. 1. Trendsformers The role of magazines in reaching the new influential consumer Sanoma Uitgevers, the Netherlands March 20, 2010 Research summary 1
  2. 2. Introduction Revival of opinion leadership In the past years, due to the growth of available information and rising popularity of word of mouth communication the concept of opinion leadership has revived . Research has shown that word of mouth may have higher credibility, empathy and relevance to customers than branded sources. The main objective of the Trendsformers study is to find out whether the concept of opinion leadership is still relevant for today’s marketeer. And if so, what is the role of magazines in reaching the new opinion leaders or influentials.
  3. 3. Research questions What we want to know about the influential consumer 1. How to define and identify this group influential consumers? 2. What sources are being used by this group for informational and inspirational purposes? 3. What are the word of mouth topics? 4. How is information being used? 5. How do they participate in online conversations?
  4. 4. From two step flow to Trendsformer Updating the research model The TNS FutureView™ model identifies future shapers and helps to understand how today’s consumer landscape is likely to change in the coming years. After extensive study of available literature and data analysis of both the classical model and the FutureView model the last one was chosen for our research. Using this model we have looked at media behavior, the information needs and online participation of the influential consumer.
  5. 5. The Research How the study was done Food Fashion Home & interior Wellness Since opinion leadership is category specific the field research consisted of four different online questionnaires, one for each category. Base: 15-65 male/ female (food/home & interior), 15-65 female (food/ fashion & wellness). The fieldwork was done in May 28th – June 10, 2008 using TNS NIPObase, by CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing). The Gross samples are reweighted to gender, age, region, household size and internet usage.
  6. 6. Trendsformers Characteristics based on research data They are the influencers, through word of mouth communication. They have in-depth knowledge of certain subjects, and they are persuasive. They are pleased whenever they can to advise their peers.
  7. 7. Sources of information Top 5 out of 22 channels that were included in the questionnaire Food Fashion Home & int. Wellness Retail shops Retail shops Retail shops Retail shops Family & friends Magazines TV programs TV programs editiorial Websites Folders Magazines Family & friends non brand not addressed editiorial Books Family & friends Magazine ads Magazines editiorial Magazines Folders Websites Websites editiorial addressed non brand non brand 22 different media and marketing channels were included in the questionnaire. In all categories magazine ads and/or articles were among the 5 most important sources for Trendsformers to stay informed about the latest trends in the specific category.
  8. 8. Sources of inspiration Top 5 out of 22 channels that were included in the questionnaire Food Fashion Home & int. Wellness Books Retail shops Retail shops Magazines editiorial Family & friends Folders Magazines TV programs addressed editiorial Retail shops Family & friends Websites Family & friends non brand Magazines Magazine ads Websites editiorial Family & friends non brand Websites Magazines non brand TV programs Retail shops editiorial 22 different media and marketing channels were included in the questionnaire. In all categories magazine ads and/or articles were among the 5 most important sources for Trendsformers to get inspiration (ideas, suggestion)
  9. 9. Word of mouth conversation topics Fashion Trendsformers give more brand choice related advice 61 Sales related 51 54 Brand related 16 51 Category related 35 50 Usage related 30 34 Manufacturer or retail related 21 24 Product related 12 0 20 40 60 80 Trendsformers % followers %
  10. 10. Trendsformers are heavy users They are more likely to read magazines than other consumers 59% 53% vs 37% vs 45% Home & interior Food 50% vs 18% Fashion Avarage readership for specific magazine titles; vt wonen, libelle, cosmopolitan, in the past 12 months. Tf vs followers.
  11. 11. Trendsformers in practice
  12. 12. Case To measure the impact of Trendsformers a separate study was conducted using the same research model. This study focused on the introduction campaign of a new organic brand. Magazines, online, TV and outdoor media were selected to introduce the new organic brand.
  13. 13. Trendsformers in practice Results(1) 10 out of the 15 different organic food brands that were included in the study scored significantly higher on aided and non aided brand awareness with Trendsformer consumers. 3,5 months after introduction of the new brand brand awareness is significantly higher with Trendsformer consumers.
  14. 14. Trendsformers in practice Results(2) Awareness of the campaign message and of the brand values was much higher with Trendsformers. They were able to name more different products in de range and they did better on product familiarity. Magazines and also internet are the only two media channels that scored much higher on information and inspiration for organic foods with Trendsformers versus followers.
  15. 15. Word of mouth transmitters Trendsformers spread the word for organic food brands Trendsformers followers I advise friends and family about buying organic food products 30% 5% I have conversations with friends and family about organic food products 28% 3% When it is about organic food products people do take my advise 19% 2%
  16. 16. Magazines influence the influencers
  17. 17. Identify and communicate A few tips on how to engage with Trendsformers They are part of a large network which they influence. For example 59% of all fashion Trendsformers shared fashion information last time they red a magazine. They like to start the conversation. Give them something to talk about, make sure the campaign has storytelling elements. Magazines are perfect for storytelling. They have in-depth knowledge about products and a need for information. Tell them all there is to know about the brand, the product or the service. Tips and tricks are needed. How to use the product, where to buy, which celebrity is a fan? anything that generates a conversation and helps them being good advisers. The succesful campaign starts by conqueringTrendsformers. Yes, they can make or break a campaign. Create brand advocates by engaging them. Magazines are the engagment medium. Magazines have a strong bond with their readers, that is unique and a perfect start to stimulate brand identification. Trendsformers are motivated consumers, ready for interaction and participation. Ask for their opinion let them participate, yes, also in magazines. Be creative! 44% of the wellness trendsformers participate in online conversation. Make sure your magazine ad triggers them to go oline. Magazines are good in generating webtraffic! Set the agenda voor these word of mouth transmitters. What do you want them to talk about? They decide themselves but the advertiser often can decide on which direction. Remember digital and social media are powerful these days but word of mouth in most cases cannot survive without the help of public (mass) media like printed magazines.
  18. 18. Trendsformers start the conversation and are more likely to create positive word of mouth. They can reinforce the effects of marketing and advertising. They read more and spent more time reading Magazines. Magazine ads and articles are a primary source of information and inspiration for new influentials. Claims made in the first part of the study are supported by the findings of the Whole Earth case: by targeting Trendsformers as a separate group overall results of advertising will improve.
  19. 19. Research Consultants Sanoma Uitgevers: Nancy Detrixhe, Robert Witteman Research agency: TNS NIPO, Nienke Smit, Vincent Kuijpers University of Amsterdam: Prof. Dr. F. Bronner