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  1. 1. Submitted by SARA MOL SOCIAL SCIENCE REG. NO.: 13367015
  2. 2. Strong waves cause changes on the shores through the erosional and depositional processes. This leads to the conformation of different land forms.  Sea cliff  Sea caves  Sea arches  Stacks  Beaches
  3. 3.  Due to the force of the waves racks occur to the rocks to the rocks which are situated near to the shore in coarse of time these cracks becomes bigger and pieces tall away in to the ocean. This causes steep slopes to form on the shores. They are called sea cliffs.
  4. 4. Due to erosion by the waves, weak rocks by the side of the sea are carved out and sea caves are formed
  5. 5.  Some times due to the weathering and erosion caused by the waves which are close to each other are joined are arches are formed.
  6. 6.  When the size of the caves increases further due to the continued erosional processes, the roofs of the arches would collapse. The structure that remain after these are called stacks.
  7. 7.  These are formed due to the depositional work of the waves. The sand and soil brought by the waves are temporarily deposited to from beachers.