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Teaching manual sandhy. s


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Teaching Manual

Published in: Education
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Teaching manual sandhy. s

  1. 1. Teaching Manual Submitted By Sindhya. S Reg. No: 13367011
  2. 2. Concept Attainment Model Name of the Teacher :Sindhya. S Date : Name of the School :R.V.S.M.H. S. Prayar Strength : Class :VIII Division : Subject : Duration : Unit : Stage :13+ Topic : Curricular statement : Pupil are enabled to generate different dimensions of knowledge and different values related to force through discussion, demonstration, experimentation, observation and evaluation. Content Analysis New terms : Facts f1 : F2 : F3 : Concept : LEARNING OUTCOMES Remembering : Enable the pupil to recall the definitions and recognize facts regarding force for developing factual knowledge.
  3. 3. Understanding : Enable pupil to interpret, exemplify and explain definitions regarding force and summarize force for developing conceptual knowledge. Applying : Enable pupil to execute and implement techniques regarding force for developing procedural knowledge. Analyzing : Enable pupil to differentiate and organize force to develop conceptual knowledge. Evaluating : Enable the students to prepare a report regarding inertia that they observe in their surroundings by reflecting measures for developing meta cognitive knowledge. Creating : Enable the pupil plan and generalize and reorganize force for developing procedural as well as Meta cognitive knowledge. Process Skills : Observing, finding, raising questions, experimenting, generalization, Measuring and charting. Entry behaviour : Learning Materials : Essential Attributes Non-Essential Attributes
  4. 4. Focus : Syntax Phase I : Presentation of Data identification of concept Teacher Activity Teacher : Pupil : Teacher : Pupil :
  5. 5. Phase II : Testing of Attainment of Concept Teacher Activity Teacher : Teacher Pupil : Teacher : Pupil : Teacher : Pupil : Teacher : Pupil : Teacher : Pupil : Teacher : Pupil : Teacher :
  6. 6. Phase III : Analysis and thinking strategies Teacher : Pupil : Social System : Principle of Reaction : Support System : Effect of the Model Instructional effect concept attainment model 2.
  7. 7. Nurturant Effect Review Follow up Activities