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Teaching manual

Teaching Manual

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Teaching manual

  1. 1. TEACHING MANUAL LESSON TEMPLATE 1 Name of the teacher :Arunima. A Std /Division :VIII B Name of the School :R V S M H S S, Prayar Strength :40 Name of the subject :Social Science Duration :45 minute Name of the Unit : Ip´-mSpw Imbepw P-Po-hn-Xhpw Date :18/06/2014 Name of the Topic : Ip´-m-S³ `q{]-IrXn Learning outcomes : After learning this Topic the student will be able to – Recalls related knowledge or information about surrounding of Kuttanadu. Describe about surrounding of Kuttanadu Interprets about surrounding of Kuttanadu Organize different elements of surroundings of Kuttanadu in the situation. Applies this life style of Kuttanad in to new situation innovative suggestion for surroundings of Kuttanad Issue :imkv{Xo-b-amb ÿe-Pe amt-Pvsa‚ns‚ A`mhw Sub issue : Hmtcm {]tZ-i-sØbpw aÆpw ap-jy-p-am-bpÅ _‘w Ahn-SsØ P-Po-hn-XsØ Fßs kzm[o-n-°p-¶p-sh¶v Xncn-®-dn-bp-¶n-Ã.
  2. 2. Content Analysis Terms : C¥y³ D]-`q-JWvUw, kpK-‘-hn-f-Iƒ, thº-m´v Imb¬, aqhm-‰p-]p-g, eh-Wmw-iw, Hmcp-sh-Åw, `q{]-Ir-Xn, ae-m-Sv, CS-m-Sv, Xoc-{]-tZ-iw, BZn-hm-kn-Iƒ, ap°p-h³am¿, I¿j-I¿. Facts : C¥y³ D]-`q-J-WvU-Øns‚ sXt°-b-‰Øv Ad- n-I-S-ens‚ XocØv ÿnXn sNøp¶ kwÿm--amWv tIc-fw. tIc-f-Øns‚ `q{]-tZ-isØ Xoc-{]-tZ-iw, CS-m-Sv, ae-m-Sv F¶o aq¶p-hn-`m-K-ß-fmbn Xncn-®n-cn-°p-¶p. tIc-f-Øns‚ G‰hpw henb Imb-emWv thº-m´v Imb¬. kap-{Z-n-c-¸n¬ n¶pw hfsc Xmgv¶p-ÿnXn-sN-øp¶ Hcp {]tZ-i- amWv Ip´-m-Sv. tIc-f-Øns‚ s]mXp-hmb `q{]-Ir-Xn-bn¬ n¶pw thdn-´p- n¬°p¶ Hcp `q{]-tZ-i-amWv Ip´-m-Sv. ae-m-´n¬ BZn-hm-kn-Ifpw, CS-m-´n¬ I¿j-Icpw Xoc-{]-tZ-iØv ap°p-h-cp-amWv A[n-h-kn-®n-cp-¶-Xv. tIc-fo-b-cpsS apJy-Po-hn-X-am¿§w Irjn-bmWv. tIc-f-Øns‚ `q{]-IrXn kpK-‘-hy-⁄--ß-fpsS hf¿®bv°v Ap-tbm-Py-am-Wv. Concept : Ip´-m-S³ `q{]-IrXn Previous knowledge: Ip´-mSv Im¿jn-I-{]m-[myw A¿ln-°p¶ Hcp {]tZ-i-amWv F¶v am[y-a-߃, Ne-Nn-{X-߃ F¶n-h-bn-eqsS e`n® Adnhv Ip´n-Iƒ°v D- v. Learning materials : sImXp-ºp-sh-Å-Øns‚ amXrI ImWn-°p-¶p.
  3. 3. kvs]kn-sa³ : R- v, sIm©v, I°, NIn-cn, Ib¿, ap´ F¶nh ImWn-°p-¶p. tIc-f-Øns‚ `q{]-Ir-Xnsb ImWn-°p¶ Nn{Xw AS-ßnb Nm¿´v. Reference kmaq-ly-imkv{Xw Ãm³tU¿Uv VIII `mKw 1 tIc-f-k¿°m¿ hnZym-`ym-k-h-Ip-¸v. A[ym-]nI klmbn Ãm³tU¿Uv VIII te_¿ C³Uy Classroom interaction procedure Actual response Introduction A[ym-]nI ¢mkn¬ {]th-in-°p-¶p. Ip´n-I-fp-ambn kulr-Z-kw-`m-jWw S-Øp-¶p. n߃ GXv PnÃ-bn-emWv Xma-kn-°p-¶-Xv.? Be-¸pg PnÃ-bnse Im¿jn-I-{]m-[m-y-a¿ln- °p¶ {]tZiw GXmWv? Presentation A[ym-]nI Ip´-m-Sns‚ D¬`-hsØ kw_- ‘n® ck-I-c-amb Hcp IY ]d-bp-¶p. “hfsc Ime-߃°v ap³]v Ip´-mSv Hcp _p²-kw-kvIm- c-tI-{μ-am-bn-cp-¶p. A°m-eØv CXns‚ t]cv _p²-mSv F¶mWv Adn-b-s¸-´n-cp-¶-Xv. C¶pw Be-¸p-g-bn¬ n¶v _p²-kw-kvImc Ah-in-jvS-߃ e`y-am-bn-´p- v. F¶m¬ sImSpw h-am-bn-cp¶ Cu Ip´-m´n¬ alm-Xo-
  4. 4. ]n-SpØw D- m-Ip-Ibpw B hw Nq´p-Nm-º- em-hp-Ibpw sNbvXp. AXn-m¬ CXns Np´- mSv F¶pw Adn-b-s¸-Sp-¶p- v. alm-{]-f-b-Øm ¬ Cu {]tZiw ]n¶oSv Pe-k-ar-²-ambn amdn..Ö ..Aßs-bmWv CXv C¶sØ Ip´-m- Smbn amdn-b-Xv. tijw A[ym-]nI Ip´-m-´nse sImXp-ºp-h- Å-Øns‚ amXrI ImWn-°p-¶p. Activity 1 Ip´-m-´nse lukvt_m-´ns‚ Nn{Xw, sIm©v, ap´, R- v, Icn-ao³, Ib¿ D¬¸-¶-߃ F¶n-h-bpsS kvs]kn-sa³ A[ym-]nI Ip´n- Isf ]cn-N-b-s¸-Sp-Øp-¶p. XpS¿¶v A[ym- ]nI Ip´n-Isf {Kq¸p-I-fmbn Xncn-°p-¶p. Hmtcm {Kq¸p-Iƒ°pw hyXy-kvX-t]-cp-Iƒ ¬Ip-¶p. tijw A[ym-]nI Ip´-m-Sn-s-Ip-dn ®pw Ahn-SsØ Pohn-X-co-Xn-I-sf-Ip-dn®pw N¿® sNbvXv hni-I-e Ipdn¸v Xøm-dm-°m³ Bh-iy-s¸-Sp-¶p. Ip´n-Iƒ ]d™ Imcy-߃ Dƒs¸-SpØn A[ym-]nI t{ImUo-I-cn-°p-¶p. Ip´-mSv tIc-f- Øns‚ sÃ-d-bm-sW-¶pw. tIc-fsØ Im¿jn-I-k-º¶am°p-¶Xv Ip´-mSv BsW- ¶pw. sXmgn¬ cwKØpw `£-W-cw-KØpw Gsd sshhn-[y-߃ ne-n¬°p¶ Hcp thdn´ `q{]-tZ-i-amWv Ip´-m-Sv.
  5. 5. Activity 2 A[ym-]nI tIc-f-Øns‚ `q]Sw ¬In-sIm- v Ip´-m-Sns‚ ÿmw sjbvUv sNømpw Ahn-SpsØ `q{]-IrXnsb Ipdn®v Adn-bm-hp¶ hnh-c-߃ {Kq¸n¬ N¿® sNbvXv eLp-hn-h-cWw Xøm-dm-°m³ Bh-iy-s ¸-Sp-¶p. Ip´n-Iƒ ]d-™-Im-cy-߃ Dƒs¸-SpØn A[ym-]nI t{ImUo-I-cn-°p-¶p. kap-{Z-n-c- ¸n¬ n¶v Gsd Xmgv¶p ÿnXn-sN-øp¶ Ip´- mSv tIc-f-Øns‚ s]mXphmb `q{]-Ir-Xn-bn¬ n¶v thdn´p n¬°p-¶p. tIm´bw, Be-¸p-g, ]Ø-w-Xn´ XpS-ßnb PnÃ-I-fn-em-bmWv Ip´- mSv hym]n-®p-In-S-°p-¶-Xv. tIc-fsØ `q{]-Ir- Xn-bpsS ASn-ÿm--Øn¬ CS-m-Sv, ae-m-Sv, Xoc-{]-tZiw F¶n-ßs aq¶mbn Xcw-Xn-cn- °p-¶p. AXn-p-tijw tIc-f-Øns‚ `q{]-Ir- Xnsb ImWn-°p¶ Nn{Xw AS-ßnb Nm¿´v A[ym-]nI {]Z¿in-¸n-°p-¶p.
  6. 6. Conclusion C¥y³ D]-`q-J-WvU-Øns‚ sXt°-b-‰Øv Ad- n-I-S-en-tmSv tN¿¶mWv tIc-f-Øns‚ ÿmw. tIc-fsØ Im¿jn-I-k-º-¶-am-°p-¶Xv Pe-k-ar- ²-amb Ip´-m-S³ {]tZ-i-am-Wv. sshhn-[y-am¿¶ Imem-h-ÿ, kpK-‘-hy-⁄- -ß-fpsS e`yX, hyXy-kvX-amb sXmgn¬ coXn-Iƒ F¶nh tIc-f-Ønv kz¥- am-Wv. Ing°v ]›n-a-L-´-Ønpw ]Sn-™mdv Ad_n IS-enpw CS-bn¬ InS-°p¶ tIc-fsØ Xoc-{]-tZ-iw, ae-m-Sv, CS-m-Sv F¶n-ßs Xcw-Xn-cn-®n´v D- v. Review tIc-fsØ {][m--ambpw F{X `qhn-`m-K-ß-fmbn Xcw-Xn-cn-°p-¶p.? Ip´-mSv tIc-f-Øns‚ GXv PnÃ-bn-emWv Dƒs¸-Sp-¶Xv? tIc-f-Øns‚ s]mXp-hmb `q{]-Ir-Xn-bn¬ n¶v thdn´p n¬°p¶ `p{]- tZiw FXv? ae-m-Sv, CS-mSv, Xoc-{]-tZiw F¶n-hn-S-ß-fn¬ A[n-h-kn-°p¶ {][m--P- -hn-`mKw GXv? Enrichment activity Imem-h-ÿm-hy-Xn-bmw sIm- v Ip´-m-´n¬ kw`-hn-®n-´pÅ {]Ir-Xn-t£m- `-ß-fpsS ]{X I´nwKvkv AS-ßnb A¬¸w Xøm-dm-°p-I.? n߃ Ip´-m-´n-te°v Hcp bm{X t]mb-Xmbn k¶¬¸n-®p-sIm- v Hcp bm{Xm hnh-cW Ipdn¸v Xøm-dm-°p-I.