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Finnish National Gallery Open Data and Materials 2016


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An overview of the Finnish National Gallery open data and materials at Hack4Fi – Hack your heritage, 2016, with Siina Hälikkä.

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Finnish National Gallery Open Data and Materials 2016

  1. 1. Finnish National Gallery Data and Materials Sanna Hirvonen, Kiasma Siina Hälikkä, FNG Collections Management Department Hack4FI / 5 Feb 2016
  2. 2. Over 37 000 works of art Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma Ateneum Art Museum Sinebrychoff Art Museum Collection metadata • Api + data packages • CC0
  3. 3. Finnish State Art Commission 10 500 artworks Collection metadata • CC0
  4. 4. Architecture of Kiasma Kiasma was designed by Steven Holl and completed in 1998. Photos: Finnish National Gallery / Petri Virtanen, Pirje Mykkänen CC BY 2.0 • 100 photos from 1996–2014 • Captions on materials, details, architectural ideas • CC BY 2.0
  5. 5. Photos on Wikimedia Commons • Category:Media released by FNG • Mainly photos of contemporary artists and the Kiasma building • CC BY-SA 3.0
  6. 6. Photographs by Hugo Simberg Finnish National Gallery Archive Collections •994 negatives taken by Finnish artist Hugo Simberg (1873–1917) + digitally made positives •”Selfies”,  artist working, art works, working process, family, summer life, travels, Helsinki, studios… •More about Simberg as a photographer:
  7. 7. Glass negatives by Daniel Nyblin Finnish National Gallery Archive Collections •Unique collection of glass negatives by prominent early photographer Daniel Nyblin (1856–1923) + positives + metadata •Photos taken between 1879–1904 •Contemporary Finnish art from the turn of the 20th century: on glass negatives were recorded newly completed or first-exhibited Finnish art works.
  8. 8. Historical Photos of Ateneum • 13 high resolution pictures from 1894–1915 • CC-BY 2.0 • 7661957007454
  9. 9. More information Sanna Hirvonen @sannahirvonen | Janne Heinonen @pikselia | Siina Hälikkä