Rapid Fire Online Fundraising Tips


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Experts weigh in on their top fundraising tips of the year. From mobile email optimization to Facebook ads, these slides cover it all!

This presentation was part of Fundraising Day New York, 2012.

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  • Rapid Fire Online Fundraising Tips

    1. 1. Rapid Fire Ideas for Digital Fundraising 28 tips in 30 minutes! (Try to keep up!)Tweet this! #FRDNY12 Tweet this! #FRDNY12
    2. 2. Presenters: Liz Murphy, President, RedEngine Digital @RedEngine Lane Brooks, COO, Food and Water Watch @FoodandWater Ann Crowley, Membership & Online Strategy Director, Human Rights Campaign @HRC Harry Lynch, President, SankyNet @HarryLynch @SankyNetTweet this! #FRDNY12
    3. 3. 1 Mobilize or Be Left Behind!This month, more email will be read on a mobile device than a desktop.Email opens increased 83% year over year (mostly Apple). (Return Path)Not just opening, but also donating! • Check your site analytics. • Focus first on mobile friendly site, forms, emails. • For a mobile site: 1) Use your CMS templates to create a mobile-only site (http://www.domain.mobi/) or 2) Adapt your current website to mobile standards.Tweet this! #FRDNY12
    4. 4. Like Television, a Good Fundraising Series 2 Ends in a Payoff• 1st email – education and a call to action.• 2nd email – some education and moreurgent call to action.• 3rd email – request for funding to addressthe need.• Repeat as needed.Tweet this! #FRDNY12
    5. 5. 3 Just Do ItSet Up Infrastructure. • Technical, Programmatic, Day-to-Day.Try Everything At Least Once. • There’s no harm in “Lessons Learned”.Follow Your Competition. • Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Tweet this! #FRDNY12
    6. 6. 4 Add Google+ to your Fundraising Toolbox Recent changes to Google’s algorithm make having an active Google+ page essential to maintaining high search rankings.Tweet this! #FRDNY12
    7. 7. 5 Quick Win Landing Page Tests• Test iterations and placements ofyour control headlines, subheads,images, CTAs (words and color ofbuttons, etc.).• Test reducing page elements to asingle focus so user path is betterdefined (but don’t forget to provideenough copy to overcomeobstacles to action).• Test “you/benefits” copy vs. “what it is” copy.• Ask your webmaster to create a non-standard CMS template for yourlanding page tests – limited nav and promotion asks.Tweet this! #FRDNY12
    8. 8. 6 “Renew” your Prospects• Action takers think ofthemselves as members.• Treat them like members.• Don’t ask them to join.• Ask them to renew theirmembership.Tweet this! #FRDNY12
    9. 9. Social Media Puts the “Fun” Back in 7 FundraisingTweet this! #FRDNY12
    10. 10. 8 Don’t Forget About Bing Search Engine Marketing on Bing using AdCenter can offer: • High Quality Impressions. • Solid CTR and Response Rates. • Lower Cost-per-Click.Tweet this! #FRDNY12
    11. 11. 9A Facebook Ads: Secrets to Success • Create an Inventory of Facebook Ads – and Refresh 2x a Week! • Within 72 hours, the avg clickthrough rate for a FB ad campaign will dive along with your ad visibility and reach. (WebTrends) And you’ll pay more per click! • Create at least 8-12 ads (text and graphics) or posts for a Facebook advertising campaign at the onset. • Test 2-3 sets of ad creative each week.Tweet this! #FRDNY12
    12. 12. 9B Facebook Ads: Test Everything • Images and copy make a difference and need to be rotated and refreshed. Also test Sponsored Stories Ads against traditional ads like those at right. • Page Post Ads: Take advantage of popular and engaging FB posts.Tweet this! #FRDNY12
    13. 13. 10 A Picture is Worth $$ • A picture on the donate button itself can increase contributions.Tweet this! #FRDNY12
    14. 14. 11 Don’t Accept Status Quo • Test, Retest, Track & Analyze • A theory is a theory, until you test it. • Reevaluate long-standing programs. • Track your metrics.Tweet this! #FRDNY12
    15. 15. 12 Use Facebook, to just, like, say thanks! Post a public thank you online promote donor recognition and encourage other giving at the same time. “Thank You” message saw 40% more shares than average. Overall page engagement increase 34% afterwards.Tweet this! #FRDNY12
    16. 16. 13 Make Your Campaign Relevant • Create campaign “hooks”. • Help donors relate it to their lives . • Relate to current event/news. • Leverage current news as much as possible (think sports, world events, special occasions, etc.).Tweet this! #FRDNY12
    17. 17. Juggling Takes Two Hands14 (that work together) • Close coordination between Online and DM pays off. • Timing • Theme • CopyTweet this! #FRDNY12
    18. 18. 15 Integration is VitalChannel Crossover. • Mail donors have email addresses. • Social media users are reachable via phone.Launch a full-scale campaign. • Think beyond email. • Social media, text message, website, lightbox, blog post, press release, mail & telemarketing.Tweet this! #FRDNY12
    19. 19. 16 Target Facebook Ads to your own “Likes” • Use targeted Facebook ads to promote match. • Saw $12.08 for every $1 spent. • Increased overall donor engagement.Tweet this! #FRDNY12
    20. 20. 17 Website (re)Design No-Nos1. Rely completely on market research and personas to re-design your site (or not).2. One link on a page to important content is enough.3. Make headlines and links on your site graphics.4. Your mother can’t tell you the purpose of your site in 4 seconds.5. Use a lot of javascript and flash.6. Don’t worry about changing URLs for the new site.Tweet this! #FRDNY12
    21. 21. 18 Who’s Asking? • Establish a relationship between the donor and the asker. • Then vary it.Tweet this! #FRDNY12
    22. 22. 19 Mobile is on the Rise • Mobile Internet Access Grew 28% in the last year. • Optimize all emails & webpages for mobile access. • Find new ways to integrate mobile usage: • Join text notification network. • Use mobile in action campaigns.Tweet this! #FRDNY12
    23. 23. 20 QR Codes – Are They Obsolete Already? Still able to provide gateways between different campaign materials.Tweet this! #FRDNY12
    24. 24. 21 SEO Tips• For new campaign content, ask your SEO expert for formatting &guidelines for URLs, title and tags.• Do keyword research (Google keyword tool, Google News, Twitterhashtags, competitive research).• Unique title tag for every page and form(12 words or 75-85 characters)• Meta Description Tag – What your audiencesees/reads when a search result appears –Marketing copy with CTA! (12-24 words).• More readable, non-graphic copy on a pagebetter – min. 150 words/page.Tweet this! #FRDNY12
    25. 25. A Thousand Times NO!22 Well, OK. • At the end-of-year, it seems that you can’t ask too often. • Increase the pace from weekly, to bi-weekly, to daily, to…Tweet this! #FRDNY12
    26. 26. 23 Ask Supporters What They WantSurvey Your Membership • Find out info to guide program choices. • Discover demographics to target messages.Tweet this! #FRDNY12
    27. 27. 24 Think Outside the Lightbox Think Outside the LightboxExperiment and see what works.Customize lightboxes to achieve gift upgrades. Tweet this! #FRDNY12
    28. 28. Tell Them What You Told Them • Try emailing a word-for-word copy of the Direct Mail letter your donors recently got without any rewriting to give it “email speak.” • Introduce it with the sentence, “I recently sent you this letter in the mail, but haven’t heard back yet. Please take the time to respond today.”Tweet this! #FRDNY12
    29. 29. Email Basics• Can’t give or respond if they can’t read it.• Don’t assume I’ll download images for every email.Tweet this! #FRDNY12
    30. 30. Tweet this! #FRDNY12
    31. 31. Slow Down Your Email Unsubscribe Rate Offer choices like reduced frequency in place of a full opt-out. Fight to keep email constituents.Tweet this! #FRDNY12