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All hoots and claps to the new blood at the 43rd toastmasters meet


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All hoots and claps to the new blood at the 43rd toastmasters meet

  1. 1. All Hoots and Claps to the new blood at the 43rd Toastmasters meet! How it has grown!
  2. 2. The Booming thunderous applause in the new training room,jerked us apart from a mundane, normal day! All 30 odd pairs of hands Welcomed Me and Pradeep, We were the guest at the 43rd Toast Masters meet, and we did not even know it. The Organizers ( Devraj) introduced us to the new batch of trainees and would be Toastmasters and I for a second went back the memory lane when I was the part of the Toastmasters of OSSCube when it was just born! Started with 10 or so members, Toastmasters club of OSSCube held its first meeting a much smaller room. Now the club needs a bigger space. It has churned out the Speakers and communicators by the numbers that can make any other club green with envy. Back on the floorRam Awadh came in to introduce the whole concept to the trainees. It is under his leadership that we can see such energy & growth of the club. The meeting started started with the SOA : Keshi Chandra yadav stating the mission and handed over the proceeds to Toastmaster Devraj who anchored the meet throughout . Then came Table Topic Master, The Table Topic Master is someone who announces topics for the speech. The Energy and enthusiasm of the trainees grew rapidly and they volunteered to speak, Garg spoke on (What if there is only one country in the world)and Rahul Garg spoke on an equally interesting topic. "The Word of the day" was given by a trainee "Vaibhav" (people call him Google.)! It was becoming a bit serious, when Devraj broke the yokr with joke on a hilarious topic " Men Vs ladies" Sanchit included a small Video to add gravity to his speech! Innovation is the word of the day at any ToastMasters meet! Then came some prepared speech the highlights included "First speech for Advance Communicator Bronze (ACB) (humorous speech)" by Devraj The meet soon ended with 30+ YES! All ready to join the club! Here are the "Who's- Who and did What" SOA: Keshi Chandra yadav (Kicked off the meeting) Toastmaster: Devraj Singh (Conducted the whole meeting as an Anchor)
  3. 3. General Evaluator: Ram Awadh Prasad (President) (Evaluate speakers: table topic and speeches) Ah counter: Sanchit Puri (Count long pauses short pauses and "Ahs") Timer: Ashwani (Count the time taken in Prepared Speeches and Table Topic) Table topic master: Keshi (Random topic to Toastmasters) Grammarian: Sanjeev Sinha (Check the Grammar part of speakers) Parliamentarian: Devraj Singh (Check the decorum of the meeting) Word of the day: Vaibhav Prepared Speeches given by. 1. Keshi (PS topic RAGS-TO-RICHES Or RAGS-TO-ASHES) 2. Sanchit (PS topic "Team") 3. Sanjeev (PS topic “Struggle vs Easy life") 4. Devraj (PS topic Men vs Ladies) Table topic speakers 1. Ram (Blood for Blood, it is justifiable up to what extent?) 2. Deepak Garg (What if there is only one country in the world) --By the Way the feedback rating was aprox. 4 out of 5 by the attendees... NOT BAD! Best Wishes to the OSScubeToastmasters Club If you are still here, here are some of the sample Speech On April 1, 1992 published the famous book - Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray, PhD, total 286 pages. It is proven that men/Women listen better than Women/Men! Ladies and Gentlemen, please take a look at this mug! Let me tell you how I got it. One day during lunch time, I received a phone call from my wife. At that moment, my mouth was full of food. My wife called my cell phone tells me that she was upset with something. As luck would have it, I was choking on the food and could only reply “hmm… hmm…” for a long Life-threatening 900 seconds (15 minutes) as she finished her complaint. As I swallowed the food (gulp), I ended the phone conversation saying that I needed get a glass of water.
  4. 4. The next day, I got this card “World’s Best Hubby" as a gift and a watch I am wearing today. Mr. Gray said that men complain about problems because they are looking for solutions. When women complain about problems, they want their problems to be acknowledged. Gentlemen, better choke to "death" and do not disturb your lady when she is talking. Your lady will love you until the day you die. Do you agree with statement "better choke to "death" and do not disturb your lady when she is talking. Your lady will love you until the day you die." Top of Form Men are straight creatures. Men love their ladies at the “age” when they got married. (Special highlight: But I am sure that not the men read/listen to my speech here. only men outside here.) Let me show what I mean on this probe: These men love his ladies at the “age” of married. TEAM ? A team is not just a group of individuals who work at the same location or have the same logo on their business card. A real team is made up of people who may be unequal in experience, talent, or education, but who are equal in their commitment to working together to achieve the goals and good of the organization and each other. To be a successful team we should have :- 1 ) Common Purpose / Objectives. 2 ) Clear Roles. 3 ) Accepted Leadership. 4 ) Trust. 5 ) Communication. 6 ) Proper Planning.
  5. 5. The following teamwork stroy illustrates the need for every member of the team regardless of their differing talents and gifts. Title of Story :- “The Belly and the Members?” One day it occurred to The Members (parts) of the Body that they were doing all of the work while the Belly got all of the food. They believed the Belly was lazy and unproductive. It was decided that they would hold a meeting that evening to discuss how unfair this seemed. After what was a very long meeting that night it was voted on that The Members of the Body would go on strike until the Belly agreed to take its proper share of the work. The unhappy body parts didn’t do anything for several days in an attempt to stop feeding the Belly. The Legs stopped walking, the Hands stopped moving and the Teeth stopped chewing. As a result of this inactivity and the starving of the Belly, the Legs became more and more tired, the Hands could hardly move anymore and the Mouth became parched and very dry. Eventually the entire Body collapsed and passed away as the Belly completely starved. What is the moral of the story? Some members of the teams contributions may seem less significant or of less value than others. Especially as it compares to those louder and possibly more prominent members of the team. It is important that every member of the team understands their unique roles and what they bring to the team. It is also important that they clearly understand everyone else’s roles and contributions.
  6. 6. Another moral of this story is the need for teams to refrain from evil speaking of each other gossip, jumping to a conclusion and a whole host of other potential team illnesses. Doing so weakens teams and organizations.