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50035324 study-on-consumer-buying-behaviour-amp-satisfaction-level-of-two-wheeler-with-refrence-to-bajaj-auto-ltd


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50035324 study-on-consumer-buying-behaviour-amp-satisfaction-level-of-two-wheeler-with-refrence-to-bajaj-auto-ltd

  2. 2. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTI have pleasure in successful completion of this work titled: Study on consumer buying behavior& satisfaction level of two wheeler with reference to Bajaj auto ltd.The special environment at B.Y.K College of Commerce, Nasik that always support educationalactivities, facilitated my work on this project.I acknowledgement the support and encouragement, extended for this study by PrincipalDr. Dhanesh Kalal.I greatly appreciate the motivation and understanding extended for the project work, byAshok. Hemrajani (Manager) and the staff of the surveyed business unit, who, respondedpromptly and enthusiastically to my requests for frank comments despite theircongested schedules. I am indebted to all of them, who did their best to bring improvementthrough their suggestions.I am very much thankful to Mrs. Kalpana. karegaonkar for his/her encouragement and guidancefor this project work. It would not have been possible for me to complete this work withouthis/her suggestions on every part of this work.I acknowledge the authors, whose works gave me insight and information related to this subject.I am thankful to library staff and administrative staff of the B.Y.K College who, directly, orindirectly, have all been helpful in one way or another.I thank my father and mother who encouraged me to extend my reach with their help andsupport,I have been able to complete this work. Signature (Name of the student)Date:- 2
  3. 3. INDEX 1. Introduction 1.1 Need And Importance Of Project Work. 1.2 Objectives Of Project Work 1.3 Methodology 2. Bajaj Auto Profile 2.1 Achievements 3. Product Profile 4. Theory 5. Data Analysis And Interpretation 6. Findings And Recommendation 7. Conclusion 7.1 Based On Work 7.2 Based On Learning Benefits Annexure Questionnare Other literature to be attached Bibliography Executive Summary 3
  5. 5. NEED AND IMPORTANCE OF PROJECT WORK:-Two Wheeler Auto Mobile¶s IntroductionThroughout the centuries man has striven to expand his capabilities through the useof machine. His ever inventive mind has constantly devised ways to use tool toincrease his abilities to explore the world around him. To go faster, deeper, higherand further than before was it. Coupled with his need to find new thrills, newadventures and new modes of transportation, the invention refinement of themotorcycle seems an inevitable outcome.It would seem that Michelangelo conceived of the bicycle as early 14th century.And his drawing shows a remarkable resemblance to he modern day bike. It hadwheels of similar size and even pedals and chain. Albeit made without anyapparent means of steering. Through never built, it was a remarkably clever design,and early bicycle makers would have done well to study his concepts, there have,in fact been 4 machines built based on his drawing, attesting to the viability of hisdesign. In 1885 the Daimler, Europe this is consider by many as the first truemotorcycle or motor bicycle, as it was the first to employ an internal combustionengine and was designed from the ground up to be motor powered. Designed bygottlibe Daimler it was powered by an Otto cycle engine producing about ½ horsepowers. Note this design again employed wooden wheels and Daimler dropped thetwist grip controls from his 1877 design in favor of leavers on the frame. In 1898orient-Aster, USA the American made production motorcycle was this entry builtby the Metz Company, in Waltham, mass, it used an aster engine that was a Frenchcopy of the Metz Company, in Waltham, mass.Introduction of India Two wheeler¶s CompanyBikes or two wheelers in India cater to various needs of the consumers. With thechoice of the Indians improving from bicycles to two wheelers, the Indian two-wheeler market has seen a significant growth over the years. Now owing a bike hasbecome a must for most Indians. Even if people own a car they prefer to have abike as it is very economical and fuel efficient. 5
  6. 6. With the growth in the economy the demand for two wheelers is increasing overthe years. It is one of the most dynamic industries today and with the increasingcompetition companies are bringing in new products with sophisticatedtechnologies and innovative features to capture a major pie of the Indian marketand itµs the consumer who is benefited from it..With the availability of reduced consumer loans and high disposable income theIndian two-wheeler industry has perceived an exceptional growth over the past fewyears thereby making India the second largest market for two wheelers in the worldonly after China.The motorcycle has now become one most popular mode of transportation amongthe Indian middle class families because of it is cost effective, economical and easyto navigate through the traffic.Moreover, the people have started preferring bikes instead of scooters and mopedsand today bikes form a major part of the Indian two wheelers. Indian companiesare one of the largest two wheeler manufacturers in the world. The number onebike manufacturer in the world, Bajaj auto is in close competition with the Indianmanufacturer Bajaj India.The motorcycle industry in India has witnessed a tremendous change in the 90µswith the invention of 4 stroke engine which makes the bikes more fuel efficient.Further companies are trying to bring in more innovations to make the motorcycleride more comfortable, safe and user friendly and economical.In a nut shell the followings factors can be distinguished for the growth ofmotorcycle industry in India:y Easy accessibility to cheap consumer loansy The increase in the average income of the family.y The reduction in duties and taxes.y Convenience with regards to commuting as compared to the public transport system.y The first choice among youths and teenagers. 6
  7. 7. Introduction of StudySelling of any product, there is needed to build relationship with customer. Forbuilding a relationship there is need for knowing the customer behavior and howwill be they satisfied?This project is undertaken to know the customer behavior satisfaction level forBajaj auto at Nasik. Also through this project get awareness that which factorsaffect on the selling of bike mainly in the rural area. Because the area whereproject was undergoing, it is almost rural area and most population incomedepends on agriculture or its products.There were some limitations while doing the project. The data was collected bypersonal interviews of the respondents. It was very challenging to fill up thequestionnaire as most of the population comes from rural back ground. As it wasthe rural area we were supposed to explain each and every question of thequestionnaire. Also many of them did not show any interest in fillingquestionnaires.This study will help Bajaj auto to know the most popular way by which they areproviding services and quality to the customers and to know various customersPerceptions.From the study, we found that, the customers were highly satisfied with theproducts and service of Bajaj auto, but there were some complaints regarding aftersales service and staff of Bajaj auto. It was found that Bajaj auto Motorcycle ishaving a good brand image in the market. 7
  8. 8. Objective of The Study:-To know consumer behavior for purchase of two wheeler bike.To identify the factor which influences on consumer decision?To study whether customers are satisfied regarding the two wheeler.Identifying possible areas of Improvement.In todayµs world customer is the key of the success of any business. So, Customerbehavior and its satisfaction level play very key role to sale of the product. Thatµswhy we decide to keep the project title related this key factor called ʊ ´Study onconsumer buying behavior and satisfaction level of two wheeler with refrenceto Bajaj auto.´Main purpose of the study was to know the customer buyingbehavior and demand into the minds of customer of Nashik because alwayscustomers say something and does something. At the same time as there are manycompanies manufacturing motorcycles, idea about thinking of customer onwhether, what, how, and for whom to purchase the motorcycle.Therefore, researchis required to measure present consumer buying behavior at the purchase ofBajaj auto bike. so the researcher problem is to identify what are the criteria thatprospective customer takes into consideration before buying the motorcycles. Alsoafter purchasing are customers being satisfied or not? 8
  9. 9. METHODOLOGYFor Preparing The Project And For Gathering Necessary Information Relating ToThe Project The Two Important Methods Of Data Collection Are Used, They AreAs Follows:Primary Data Collection:1. Distribution Of Questionnaire2. Interview3. BAJAJ Auto4. Shopkeepers Opinion5. Consumer PanelsSecondary Data Collection1. Survey2. Statistics And Graphs3. Observation4. Newspapers5. Magazines6. Sales Records7. Accounting Records8. Internet 9
  10. 10. Profile of The Company 10
  11. 11. Profile of the Company BAJAJ AUTO PROFILELogoFounded November 29, 1945 in Pune Maharashtra, INDIAHeadquarters Bajaj Auto Limited Complex Mumbai-Pune Road Akurdi, Pune 411 035. Tel: (020) 27472851(Extn 6063), 27406063 Fax: (020) 27407380 e-mail: 11
  12. 12. BAJAJ AUTO HEADQUARTERS Jamnalal Bajaj, Founder Rahul Bajaj, ChairmanKey people Mr. Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director Sanjiv Bajaj, Executive Director Industry AutomotiveProducts Motorcycles, Scooters, Auto rickshaw Website 12
  13. 13. Board of Directors: Name of the Directors DesignationRahul Bajaj Chairman Vice President (Insurance, BFSL)Madhur Bajaj Vice ChairmanRajiv Bajaj Managing DirectorSanjivBajaj Executive DirectorEric Vas President (New Projects)Abraham Joseph President (Research Development)Pradeep Shrivastava President (Engineering)S Sridhar CEO (2WH)R C Maheshwari CEO (Commercial Vehicles)Rakesh Sharma CEO (International Business)C P Tripathi Vice President (Corporate)N H Hingorani Vice President (Commercial)Kevin P Dsa Vice President (Finance)V S Raghavan CEO (Operations, BHIL)S Ravikumar Vice President (Business Development)K Srinivas President (Human Resources)Ranjit Gupta President (Insurance, BFSL)J. Sridhar Company Secretary 13
  14. 14. Achievements y November 29 Bajaj Auto comes into existence as M/s Bachraj Trading Corporation Private Limited. y 1948 Sales in India commence by importing two- and three-wheelers. y 1959 Bajaj Auto obtains licence from the Government of India to manufacture two- and three-wheelers. y 1960 Bajaj Auto becomes a public limited company. Bhoomi Poojan of Akurdi Plant. y 1970 Bajaj Auto rolls out its 100,000th vehicle. y 1971 The three-wheeler goods carrier is introduced. y 1972 The Bajaj Chetak is introduced. y 1975 BAL Maharashtra Scooters Ltd. joint venture. y 1976 The Bajaj Super is introduced. y 1977 The Rear Engine Autorickshaw is introduced. Bajaj Auto achieves production and sales of 100,000 vehicles in a single financial year. y 1981 The Bajaj M-50 is introduced. January 19 Foundation stone laid for the new Plant at Waluj, Aurangabad. November 5 The Waluj plant inaugurated by the erstwhile President of India, Shri Giani Zail Singh. Production commences at Waluj, Aurangabad in a record time of 16 months. y 1986 The Bajaj M-80 and the Kawasaki Bajaj KB100 motorcycles are introduced. 500,000 vehicles produced and sold in a single financial year. y 1990 The Bajaj Sunny is introduced. y 1991 The Kawasaki Bajaj 4S Champion is introduced. y 1994 The Bajaj Classic is introduced. 14
  15. 15. November 29 Bajaj Auto is 50. Agreements signed with Kubota of Japan for the development of diesel engines for three-wheelers and with Tokyo RD for ungeared Scooter and moped development. The Bajaj Super Excel is introduced while Bajaj celebrates its ten millionth vehicle. One million vehicles were produced and sold in this financial year.y 1997 The Kawasaki Bajaj Boxer and the RE diesel Autorickshaw are introduced.y 1998 Production commences at Chakan plant. June Kawasaki Bajaj Caliber rolls out of Waluj. July Legend, Indias first four-stroke scooter rolls out of Akurdi. October Spirit launched.y 1999 Caliber motorcycle notches up 100,000 sales in record time of 12 months.y 2000 The Bajaj Saffire is introduced.y 2001 November Bajaj Auto launches its latest offering in the premium bike segment Pulsar. January The Eliminator is launched.y 2003 October Bajaj Pulsar DTS-i is launched. October 107,115 Motorcycles sold in a month. July Bajaj Wind 125,The World Bike, is launched in India. February Bajaj Auto launched its Caliber115 Hoodibabaa! in the executive motorcycle segment.y 2004 October Bajaj Discover DTS-i launched August New Bajaj Chetak 4 stroke with Wonder Gear launched May Bajaj CT100 Launched January Bajaj unveils new brand identity, dons new symbol, logo and brandliney 2005 December Bajaj Discover launched June Bajaj Avenger DTS-i launched February Bajaj Wave DTS-i launchedy 2006 April Bajaj Platina launchedy 2007 December RE GDi autorickshaw launched September Bajaj XCD 125 DTS-Si launched August DTS-Si engine launched July Revamping of Organisational structure June Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi launched April New Bajaj Auto Plant at Pantnagar, Uttarakhand February 200 cc Pulsar DTS-i launched January Bajaj Kristal DTS-i launchedy 2008 September Bajaj Platina 125 DTS-Si launched August Bajaj XCD 125 DTS-Si is largest selling 125cc motorcycle July Bajaj Discover 135 DTS-i Upgrade Launched. June Bajaj Pulsar 220 bags IMOTY award 15
  16. 16. Product Profile 16
  17. 17. Product of BAJAJ AUTO :-Market share of Bajaj auto Motorcycle:-Motorcycle: 17
  18. 18. THEORY 18
  19. 19. The CompanyThe Bajaj Group is amongst the top 10 business houses in India. Its footprintstretches over a wide range of industries, spanning automobiles (two-wheelers andthree-wheelers), home appliances, lighting, iron and steel, insurance, travel andfinance. The groups flagship company, Bajaj Auto, is ranked as the worlds fourthlargest two- and three- wheeler manufacturer and the Bajaj brand is well-knownacross several countries in Latin America, Africa, Middle East, South and SouthEast Asia. Founded in 1926, at the height of Indias movement for independencefrom the British, the group has an illustrious history. The integrity, dedication,resourcefulness and determination to succeed which are characteristic of the grouptoday, are often traced back to its birth during those days of relentless devotion to acommon cause. Jamnalal Bajaj, founder of the group, was a close confidant anddisciple of Mahatma Gandhi. In fact, Gandhiji had adopted him as his son. Thisclose relationship and his deep involvement in the independence movement did notleave Jamnalal Bajaj with much time to spend on his newly launched businessventure.Founded in 1926, at the height of Indias movement for independence from theBritish, the group has an illustrious history. The integrity, dedication,resourcefulness and determination to succeed which are characteristic of the grouptoday, are often traced back to its birth during those days of relentless devotion to acommon cause. Jamnalal Bajaj, founder of the group, was a close confidant anddisciple of Mahatma Gandhi. In fact, Gandhiji had adopted him as his son.Thisclose relationship and his deep involvement in the independence movement did notleave Jamnalal Bajaj with much time to spend on his newly launched businessventure.His son, Kamalnayan Bajaj, then 27, took over the reins of business in 1942. Hetoo was close to Gandhiji and it was only after Independence in 1947, that he wasable to give his full attention to the business. Kamalnayan Bajaj not onlyconsolidated the group, but also diversified into various manufacturing activities.The present Chairman of the group, Rahul Bajaj, took charge of the business in1965. Under his leadership, the turnover of the Bajaj Auto the flagship companyhas gone up from Rs.72 million to Rs.46.16 billion (USD 936 million),its productportfolio has expanded from one to and the brand has found a global market. He is 19
  20. 20. one of Indias most distinguished business leaders and internationally respected forhis business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit.His son, Kamalnayan Bajaj, then 27, took over the reigns of business in 1942. Hetoo was close to Gandhiji and it was only after Independence in 1947, that he wasable to give his full attention to the business. Kamalnayan Bajaj not onlyconsolidated the group, but also diversified into various manufacturing activities.The present Chairman of the group, Rahul Bajaj, took charge of the business in1965. Under his leadership, the turnover of the Bajaj Auto the flagship companyhas gone up from INR.72 million to INR. 120 billion, its product portfolio hasexpanded and the brand has found a global market. He is one of India¶s mostdistinguished business leaders and internationally respected for his businessacumen and entrepreneurial spirit. 20
  21. 21. Dealer profileMr. Pradip. Wasan and Mr.Vijay. Wasan have started journey with Bajaj autoltd. on 1960 as starting workshop service station of New Agra Road, Nashik.After achieving some milestone in the company they are appointed as anauthorized dealer of New Agra Road, Nashik. Bajaj auto was established inPune (Akrudi). In years Bajaj auto achieve many remarkable milestone and beingone ofthe leading dealer behalf of Bajaj auto has given 4s (Sales, Service, Spares Safety) facilities to the Wasan and son.Bajaj auto at nashik 21
  22. 22. Service center of Bajaj auto 22
  23. 23. Value of Bajaj auto:TrustSatisfactionPassionVISIONTo make Bajaj Auto the dominant for best service provider dealer built on trustby all class people. This we hope to achieve by: Understanding the needs of customers and offering them superior products and service Leveraging technology to service customers quickly, efficiently and conveniently Providing an enabling environment to faster growth and learning for our employees And above all, building transparency in all our dealings.MISSION Understanding the needs of customers and offering them superior products and service Building long lasting relationships with their customers Bajaj auto. Providing an enabling environment to faster growth and learning for their employeesDEALER¶S ARD SERVICE STATIIONThere Are 1Dealer Showroom, 1 Main Service station Workshop, 3 ARD(Authorized Representative of Dealer).Which details are given bellowTYPE NAME ADDRESSDEALER SHOWROOM Bajaj Probiking Shop No :1, Rushiraj Heights, , Mahatma Nagar, 422007SERVICE WASAN SONS GURU NANAK HOUSESTATIONWORKSHOP , NEW AGRA ROAD 422002 23
  25. 25. E-R Diagram: 25
  26. 26. E-R diagram shows the process from inquiry of customers to delivery of bike or any services. Itshows the relation between entities.(Secondary data collection from RTO and data is related to Nashik ciy) 26
  27. 27. CUSTOMER BEHVIOURThe main aim of marketing is meet and satisfy target customers need and wantsbuyer behavior refers to the peoples or organization conduct activities and togetherwith the impact of various influence on them towards making decision on purchaseof product and service in a market.The field of consumer behavior studies how individuals, groups and organizationselect, buy, use and despise of goods, service, ideas, or experience to satisfy theirneeds and desires understanding consumer behavior and knowing customer arenever simple.The wealth of products and service produced in a country make our economystrong. The behavior of human being during the purchase is being termedasʊBuyer Behaviorԡ. Customer says one thing but do another. They may not be intouch with their deeper motivations.They are responding to influences that change their mind at the last minute. Abuyer makes take a decision whether save or spend the money.Definition of Buyer Behavior:-Buyer behavior is ʊall psychological, Social and physical behaviors of potentialcustomers as they become aware of evaluate, purchase, consume and tell othersabout product service.Customer buying Decision ProcessThere are following five stages in consumer buying decision process.1. Problem identification:-The buying process starts when the buyer recognizes a problem or need. The need 27
  28. 28. can be triggered by internal or external stimuli. Marketers need to identify thecircumstances that trigger a particular need. By gathering information from anumber of consumers, Marketers can identify the most frequent stimuli that sparkan interest in a product category. They can then develop marketing strategies thattrigger consumer interest.2. Information Search:-The consumer tries to collect information regarding various products/service.Through gathering information, the consumer learns about completing brands andtheir features. Information may be collected form magazines, catalogues, retailers,friends, family members, business association, commercial, chamber of commerce,telephone directory, trade fair etc. Marketers should find out the source ofinformation and their relative degree of importance to the consumes.Personal Sources: Family, friends, neighbor, as quittances.Commercial Source: Advertising, sales persons, dealers, packaging, displays.Public sources: mass media, consumer, rating organizations.Experimental sources: Handling. Examine, using the product.3. Evaluation of alternative:-There is no single process used by all consumers by one consumer in all buyingsituations. There is several First, the consumer processes, some basic concepts are:First, the consumer is trying to satisfy need.Second, the consumer is looking for certain benefits from the product solutions. 28
  29. 29. The marketer must know which criteria the consumer will use in the purchasedecision.4. Choice of purchasing decision:-From among the purchase of alternatives the consumer makes the solution. It maybe to buy or not to buy. If the decision is to buy. The other additional decisions are:Which types of bike he must buy?From whom do you buy a bike?How the payment to be made? And so on.The marketer up to this stage has tried every means to influence the purchasebehavior, but the choice is properly consumers. In the evaluation stage theconsumer forms preferences among the brands in the choice set. The consumermay also form an intention to but the most preferred brand.5. Post Purchase Behavior:-After purchase the product, the consumer will experience the same level ofproduct. The Marketerµs job not end when the product is buying must monitorpost-purchase satisfaction, post-purchase action, post -purchase use and disposal Post Purchase Satisfaction:- The customer, satisfaction is a function Of closeness between the buyer, expectation and the products Perceiver performance. The larger the gap between expectation and performance, the greater the consumer dissatisfaction. Post purchase Action:- 29
  30. 30. The Consumer, satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the product influence subsequent behavior. If the consumer satisfied, he or she will exhibit a higher probability of purchasing the product again. Dissatisfaction consumer may abandon and return the product. Post-Purchase Use or Disposal:-The marketer should also monitor new buyers use and dispose of the product. If theconsumer store the product in a close, the product is probably not very satisfying.If the consumer throws the product away, the marketer needs to know how theydispose of it; especially it can be hurt the environment.Characteristic of Buyer BehaviorsThe chief characteristics of the buyers behaviors are as follow:-(1) It consists of mental and physical activities which consumers undertake to getgoods and services and obtain satisfaction from them.(2) It includes both observable activities such as walking through the market toexamine merchandise and making a purchase and mental activities-such as formingattituzes, perceiving advertising material, and learning to prefer particular brands.(3) Consumer behaviors are very complex and dynamic to constantly changing.And therefore, management need to adjust with the change otherwise market maybe lot.(4) The individuals specific behaviors in the market place is affected by internalfactor, such as need, motives, perception, and attitudes, as well as by external ofenvironmental influences such as the family social groups, culture, economics andbusiness influences. 30
  31. 31. Stimulus - Response model for buyer behavior: 31
  32. 32. Research designA research design is the detailed blue print used to guide a research study towards its objectives.It helps to collect, measure and analysis of data.The present study seeks to find out the consumers attitude towards buying of bike. The studyalso aims at findings out the drawbacks of the marketing set up of Hero Honda. So this makesthe study a descriptive one.Type of ResearchThe study undertaken is of ʊDescriptive Researchԡ in nature.Nature of ResearchThe study is ʊquantitativeԡ in nature.It is structured, standardized, question based interview.Sources of DataSecondary SourceIn this study the secondary data is collected from the following sources.1. Companyµs website2. Reports of Company3. Discussion with marketing and sales staff4. Books on Marketing and Research methodologyPrimary SourceThe Primary source of collecting data for research is:Questionnaire filled by the customers of Supreme Auto. 32
  33. 33. Primary Data of CollectionResearch TechniqueIn this study the ʊsurvey methodԡ is used as a research technique. This method helps to obtainright information from respondents.Contact MethodIn this study ʊPersonal Exit interviewԡ it is taken as a tool for the contact method. In which thepersonal interview is conducted with customers of Westside. Sampling planSampling is a process of obtaining. The information about the entire population by examine apart of it .The effectiveness of the research depends on the sample size selected for the surveypurpose.The survey was conducted in nashik city:-Sampling Unit:- 33
  34. 34. It means ʊWho is to be surveyedԡ. Here target population is decided and it is who are interestedto purchase ʊBikeԡ and sampling frame is developed so that everyone in the target populationhas known chance of being sampled. So the survey is conducted particularly in Nashik city.Sample size:-For the purpose of proper survey, there is need of perfect research instruments to find out samplesize for more accurate result about buying behavior of bike. The sample size is 100 respondents.Sample ElementThe sample element of research is customer of Supreme Auto.Sample ExtentThe sample extent is limited to Nashik city.Sample DurationThe sample duration between June 2009 and July 2009Sampling ProcedureThe sampling procedure followed is convenience.Research InstrumentIn this study the research instrument is ʊQuestionnaireԡ. It consists of set of question presentedto respondents.The questionnaire is structured combinations of various close and open ended questions.Close ended question already have the possible answers and the open ended question allow therespondents to answer in their own word. 34
  35. 35. Data Analysis and Interpretation 35
  36. 36. 1. AGE WISE CLASSIFICTIONData:Age (in year) No. of respondents Percentage (%)18-20 30 3021-25 37 3726-30 15 1531-35 06 0636-40 07 0741 above 05 05Total 100 100Analysis: AGE WISE CLASSIFICTION 7.7 5.5 30.3 6.6 18-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 41 above 15.15 37.37Interpretation:Above Graph shows are 30% of respondent in age group of 18-20, 37%of respondent inage group of 21-25, 15% of respondent in age group of 26-30, 7% and 5% respondent are comein 36- 40 and 41above. 36
  37. 37. 2. OCCUPATION WISE CLASSIFICATIONOccupation No. of respondents Percentage (%)Agriculture 47 47Student 30 30Business 12 12Serviceman 08 08Others 03 03Total 100 100Analysis: OCCUPATION WISE CLASSIFICATION No. of respondents percentage (%) 47 47 30 30 12 12 8 8 3 3 Agriculture Student Business Serviceman OthersInterpretation: Above Chart Shows that 47 respondent are belonging Agricultureoccupation out of 100 and 30 are the students. 12 respondents are businessman. 37
  38. 38. 3. Income wise clacificationIncome Level No. of respondents Percentage (%)Less -5000 54 545000-10,000 25 2510,000-15,000 11 1115,000-20,000 07 0720,000 Above 03 03 Total 100 100 Income wise clacification 7.7 3.3 11.11 less-5000 5000 -10000 10,000-15,000 15,000-20,000 54.54 20,000 Above 25.25Interpretation:Above graph shows that 54% of respondents are income in =5000 income level,Second 25% of respondents are of 5000-10,000 income level. 11% of respondents are of 10,000-15,000, 7% of respondents are of 15,000-20,000 and remain 3% of respondents above 20,000 ofincome level 38
  39. 39. 4. SOURCES OF FINANCEData:Sources of By cash By loan TotalFinanceAgriculture 31 16 47Student 11 17 30Business 10 2 12Profession 3 5 8Others 1 2 3Total 46 54 100Analysis: 50 45 40 35 30 Agriculture Student 25 Business 20 Profession 15 Others 10 5 0 By cash By loan TotalInterpretation:Above Graph shows that 54 people purchase Hero Honda Bike by Loan and 46 people purchaseHero Honda Bike by Cash. 39
  40. 40. 5. MEDIUM OF SOURCESData:Sources No. of respondents Percentage (%)News Paper 12 12T.V.Advertisement 14 14Friends 26 26Others 48 48Total 100 100 Sales 12 48 14 News Paper T.V.Advertisement Friends Others 26Interpretation:Above graph shows that 48 % respondents are come to know from the Ĵotherµ. Then 26 %respondents are come to know from the Ĵfriendsµ. 14 % 12 % respondents are come to knowfromthe T.V.Advertisement news paper. 40
  41. 41. Findings And Recommendation 41
  42. 42. FindingsIn current market scenario, respondents give maximum no. of weight age to price then after they consider mileage and colors respectively.The study shows that more no. of respondents have connected as sources of income from agriculture.The study shows that 51 respondents are already user of Bajaj motorcycle. So Bajaj auto is popular automobile company in study region.The study show that 48 respondents are come to know from ʊothersԡ and 26 respondents are come to know from ʊfriendsԡ about Bajaj auto.The study shows that 55 respondents are purchase Bajaj auto bike by Loan and 45 respondents are purchase Bajaj auto bike by cash.The study shows that 31 respondents are give more points to mileage.The study shows that 46 respondentsµ father take a decision to purchase bike And 42 respondents take a self decision to purchase bike.The study shows that 30 respondents are give rank to availability of show rooms and 35 respondents are give rank to service. The study shows that 43 respondents are giving excellent to festival offer and 41 respondents are give poor rank to the anniversary offer. 42
  43. 43. Summary And Conclusion 43
  44. 44. Conclusion based on work:The Project Work Has Helped In Different Aspects. Each of which is stated below1. Provided Complete Information Of Bajaj Auto Company2. Explained The Concepts Of Marketing In Detail.3. Provided A Full Length Marketing Strategy Of Bajaj4. Displayed All Tabular Information Of Bajaj Sales And Profits In GraphicalForm5. Provided With Findings And RecommendationsConclusion Based On Learning BenefitsProject work is a unique opportunity in gaining practical knowledge. B.Y.KCollege of commerce provides this opportunity to its students.This projectwork hashelped me personally, it has helped me in confidence building through which now Ican communicate to any corporate staff.Project work has its own learning benefits, I have learned many aspects whilecompleting the project, like communicating at corporate places, gatheringinformation from various sources.Project work has proved to be a significant experience in my college tenure. Infuture it will help me while getting a job as it contributes as an importantweightage in my resume.This project work has enhanced many of my personal skills like communicationskills, corporate manners and etiquettes, writing skills and grammar 44
  45. 45. ANNEXURE 45
  46. 46. QuestionnaireyCUSTOMER PERSONAL INFORMATION:-A. Name: - ___________________________________________B. Address:-___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________C. Contact No.:-__________________________________________D. Gender: Male / FemaleE. Age (in year):- 18 to 20 ( ) 21 to 25 ( ) 26 to 30 ( ) 31 to 35 ( ) 36 to 40 ( ) 41 above ( )F. Occupation:- Agriculture ( ) Businessman ( ) Students ( ) Professional ( ) Others ( )G. monthly income:- Less - 5000 ( ) 5000-10,000 ( ) 10,000-15,000 ( ) 15,000-20,000 ( ) 20,000 Above ( )H. What is your level of satisfaction towards Bajaj motorcycle? a.0-25% ( ) b.25-50% ( ) c.50-75% ( ) d.75-100% ( ) 46
  47. 47. I. How do you feel when you ride your Bajaj motorcycle? a. Excited ( ) b. Playful ( ) c. Happy ( ) d. Boring ( ) e. Uncomfortable ( )J. What new /innovation would you like to see in Bajaj Pulsarmotorcycle?_____________________________________________________________K. Do you own a motorcycle?a. Yes ( ) b. No ( )L. Overall, how would you rate Bajaj Auto?a. Excellent ( ) b. Good ( )c. Neither good Nor Bad ( ) d. Bad ( )e. Very Bad ( )M. Are you aware of giving free service of your motorcycle tothe Showroom?a.Yes ( ) b. No ( )N. Which motorcycle of Bajaj Auto do you own?__________________________________________O. What was the source of information for the purchase of BajajPulsar motorcycle?a. Family ( ) b. Friends ( )c. Media ( ) d. Mechanics ( ) 47
  48. 48. e. Dealers ( )f. Others ( )__________(Please Specify)P. Are you satisfied of giving your motorcycle for free servicefrom the showroom?a. Yes ( ) b. No ( )Q. Give your suggestion if any:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sign.___________________ Date.___________________ 48
  49. 49. BIBLIOGRAPHYBajaj auto, Wasan and sonsGURU NANAK HOUSE ,NEW AGRA ROAD422002Website 49
  50. 50. Executive Summary 50
  51. 51. The present is the era of customers. Customers are more knowledgeable than everbefore because the customer is more knowledgeable companies must be faster,more agile and more creative than few years ago. So companies should strive toenhance customer satisfaction through knowing their expectations regardingproducts.It can be concluded on the basis that market research must be used to find outwhether customer͛s expectation are being met by current products or services.Consumer perception is based on the images consumers have of the organizationand its products, this can be based; on value for money, product quality , fashionand products reliability. This is anticipating future trends and forecasting for futuresales. This is vital to any organisation if they wish to keep their entire currentmarket share and develop more. Generating income or profit principle clearlystates that the need of the organization is to be profitable enough to generateincome or growth and satisfying the customer is a big part of a companies plansthey also need to take into account their own needs.For making satisfactory progress an organisation need to make sure that theirproduct is developing along with the market, if a product is developing well, thenincome should increase, if not then the marketing strategy should be revised. Anorganization should always know what is happening within their designatedmarket, if it is changing, saturation, technological advances, slowing down orrapidly growing, being up to date on this is essential for companies to survive.There are also certain external factors that a company should be very aware ofsuch as P.E.S.T factors i.e (political, environmental, social, and technological)And S.W.O.T i.e (strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat). A business musttake into account all these constraints when designing and introducing a marketingstrategy.It can be concluded that an organization must treat customers as a king in themarket and provide them essential, satisfied and quality products and than theconsumer buying activity will increase and subsequently sales will increase. 51