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Greetings from Genotypic Technology, Bangalore ( We are a 13 year old genomics and bioinformatics company ( 65+ employees, Service. Products and R & D) based in Bangalore, India, primarily working on applications of Microarrays and Next Generation Sequencing in Human Health and Disease, including in Molecular Diagnostics, Prognosis, Therapeutics, Vaccine Research, Basic Science Research, Veterinary Science, Agriculture, Industrial Biotechnology, Microbial Genetics and more.

Our major strength is in customized genomics solutions, particularly in your field, we can develop panel of markers for specific diseases, optimize, validate and help commercialize on open platforms or specific instrument platforms- in microarrays and sequencing based methods/ assays. We can also use genomic markers to aid in treatment of specific disease using personalized medicine approaches. All this can be done on a comprehensive end-to-end manner in our company as we have a very good blend of molecular biology and bioinformatics with totally 6 Ph.Ds. We work closely with Agilent's R &D as their partner.

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Next generation sequencing & microarray-- Genotypic Technology

  1. 1. Bridging the Gap between <br />Biology and Genomic technologies<br />Genotypic Technology<br /><ul><li>Established in 1998 – First Genomics R&D Company in India.
  2. 2. Pioneered Microarrays and Next Generation Sequencing Services.
  3. 3. Well equipped with cutting edge technologies to handle large scale genomics projects.
  4. 4. Our core strength is customization and new application development.
  5. 5. Team Genotypic has 8 PhDs and more than 60 Masters.
  6. 6. Teams: qPCR & Molecular biology lab, Certified Microarray Lab, NGS lab, Array Design informatics, Microarray Analysis, NGS Analysis.
  7. 7. With 2 GAIIx sequencers we specialize in long reads >140 base paired end short turnaround times
  8. 8. We specialize in custom arrays and non standard application</li></ul>Follow us<br />Largest NGS and Microarray Group in Linkedin – managed by Genotypic <br /><br />Plant breeding & Genetics AND Agri Genomics <br /><br />Released on 1st March 2011<br />ISO 9001:2008 Certified Laboratory<br />
  9. 9. MicroarrayServices<br />Certified Microarray services with<br />GUARANTEED RESULTS<br />8 x 15K format<br />8 x 60K format<br /><ul><li>Gene Expression Profiling (including non coding RNAs)
  10. 10. Cancer genomics
  11. 11. miRNAprofiling and small RNAs
  12. 12. Plant / AgriGenomics
  13. 13. Alternative Splice Variants
  14. 14. Bovine / Cattle Genomics
  15. 15. ChIP on chip & DNA Methylation
  16. 16. Toxicogenomics / Clinical genomics
  17. 17. aCGH (Comparative Genomics)
  18. 18. Biomarker Discovery / Epigenetics
  19. 19. CNV(Copy Number Variations)
  20. 20. Bacterial Biosensors
  21. 21. SNP Validation Arrays
  22. 22. Drug re-purposing/ Drug target discovery
  23. 23. InDELs (Insertions & Deletions)</li></ul>4x 44K format<br />4x 180K format<br />1 x 244K format<br />1 x 1M format<br />2 x 105K format<br />2 x 400K format<br />- New<br />High resolution scanning and<br />automated feature extraction with guaranteed high quality results<br />Custom Design Arrays<br />Any organism, Any sequence, Any application<br />NO SETUP FEES! NO MINIMUM ORDER!<br />Statistical analysis<br />Biological analysis<br />High quality RNA / DNA<br />extraction and quality control<br />Have an Idea? Talk to us!<br />We have the right solution and technology to translate your ideas into results! Write to us at<br />Ready to use arrays available for most bacteria, fungi, lower eukaryotes, insects, fish, plants, mammals and many more…<br /><br />Catalog OR Custom microarray slide<br />
  24. 24. Next Gen Sequencing Services (NGS)<br />Next Generation Sequencing has revolutionized Biological Research<br />Power of NGS<br /><ul><li> More than 100 times economical than Sanger sequencing
  25. 25. Extremely High throughput- Sequence 100s of bacterial, small organism genomes
  26. 26. Sequence complete human genome in a week
  27. 27. DNA, RNA Sequencing of organisms with little or no reference information available
  28. 28. Data from NGS studies can be used to custom design unique microarrays</li></ul>NGS Technological applications<br /><ul><li> Whole genome sequencing
  29. 29. Targeted Re-sequencing
  30. 30. SNP, Mutation identification
  31. 31. Transcriptome sequencing
  32. 32. Digital gene expression
  33. 33. ChIP sequencing
  34. 34. Methylome sequencing
  35. 35. Small RNA sequencing</li></ul>Popular NGS Themes<br /><ul><li> Bacterial and other microbial sequencing- De-novo and Re-sequencing
  36. 36. Human Genetics- Disease Inheritance studies
  37. 37. Transcriptome/RNA sequencing
  38. 38. Metagenomics
  39. 39. Agrigenomics
  40. 40. Pathogen detection in host system
  41. 41. ChIPSeq combined with ChIP on chip microarrays. Discover and validate Novel protein binding regions.</li></ul>Targeted Re-sequencing using Agilent SureSelect<br />Sequence regions that matter…<br />Agilent SureSelect Capture<br />Targeted Re-sequencing @ Genotypic<br /><ul><li>Full service available for all organisms
  42. 42. Sequence selected genes / genomic regions in multiple samples combined with DNA Capture using Agilent SureSelect Technology - On-Array DNA Capture and In-Solution (Liquid) Capture
  43. 43. Sample/ Library preparation, Multiplexing
  44. 44. Compatible with all NGS platforms.</li></ul>List of Genes, Exons, Genomic regions/ Choose from catalog DNA Capture designs<br />Baits Insolution<br />Capture Microarray<br />Genomic DNA<br />Hybridization<br />Elution of Captured Material<br />Fragmentation (Sonication / Shearing)<br />Enrichment by qPCR<br />Repair ends<br />Captured DNA ready for Shearing<br />Ligate adapters<br />At Genotypic we have successfully completed more than 200 NGS projects resulting in > 20 publications.<br />
  45. 45. QC, UNDERSTAND, ANALYSE, INTERPERT, APPLY<br />Efficient Analysis of High Throughput Genomics Data<br />“Any platform, Any format, Any application” <br />“Align  Assemble  Annotate  Analyze”<br />MICROARRAY DATA ANALYSIS<br />COMPREHENSIVE NGS DATA ANALYSIS<br />Genotypic Technology provides the complete microarray data analysis services for Gene expression data generated using any platform. The end-point of analysis includes Biological interpretation of differentially regulated genes into significant functional categories and pathways. Our Reports Include publication quality charts and graphs. <br />Sequence Data (Reads)<br />Reference Sequence (Optional)<br />QC on Reference<br />QC on Reads<br />PRELIMINARY DATA ANALYSIS SERVICE<br />QC Report of reads and reference sequences <br />(Min/Max/Median Read Length, No. & % of HQ Reads, No. & % of HQ Bases, No. & % of NON ATGC Bases)<br />Start Point:<br />Raw Data (.txt, .cel files accepted)<br /> Deliverables :<br />QC reports, List of differentially regulated genes/ Enriched probes with detailed annotation. Significant Gene ontology categories with p-value, Significant pathways regulated with p-value.<br /> Time taken – 3 Days<br />Alignment Statistics<br />(% Coverage, % of mapped and unmapped reads, Avg. Read Depth, No. & Length of Gaps, Avg. Gap Length)<br />CUSTOM DATA ANALYSIS SERVICE<br />Start Point :<br />RawData (.txt, .cel files accepted)<br />Deliverables:<br />Image QC, Raw Data QC, Raw Data,<br />Differentials / Enriched probes with detailed annotation, Significant Gene ontology categories with p-value, Significant pathways regulated with<br />p-value, spreadsheet with gene vs client requested key words with publication evidences.<br />Time taken – 5 Days<br />De Novo Genome assembly<br />Small RNA Assembly<br />15th April 2011<br />Variation Analysis<br /> BIOLOGICAL ANALYSIS SERVICE<br />ChIPseq Analysis<br />Start Point :<br />Gene list & Keywords<br /> Deliverables:<br /> Literature curated gene <br /> Vs<br /> keyword relationship.<br /> Time taken – 5 Days<br />Transcriptome Analysis<br />Simple Desktop Application for Rapid Quality Control and Reporting of NGS Data and Processed Sequence Files <br /><br />Project Planning till Publication Quality Reports,<br />End to End NGS and MICROARRAY services at Genotypic<br />NGS – Microarray Lab / Analysis <br />Training / Workshops<br /> <br />Tools for interpretation of Data<br /><br />Genotypic’sclientele, collaborators include Indian Institute of Science, UNILEVER, Astra Zenca, Evogene, JNU, IMTECH, Biocon, WiezmannInstitue, Quark Pharma, Novartis, Harvard University…<br />Genotypic Technology Pvt. Ltd.<br /> #259, Apurva, RMV 2nd Stage, 80 Feet Road, Bangalore – 560094, India<br />Ph: +91-80-40538200 Fax: +91-80-40538222,USA Phone: +1-(215) 253 4495<br />Website:, E-mail:<br />