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Dr.kiran mazumdar shaw

  1. 1. Presented by:Sanjay Singh
  2. 2. Chairperson and Managing Director ofBiocon,India’s largest Biotechnology company
  3. 3. BIOGRAPHYBorn on March 23 , 1953 in Bangalore.She did schooling from Bishop Cotton Girls School and Mount Carmel College, Bangalore.After completing her B.Sc. in zoology from Bangalore university in 1973, she went to Ballarat University in Melbourne, Australia and did her masters in Malting and Brewing.
  4. 4. HER CARRER Trainee brewer in Carlton and United Breweries, Melbourne. Trainee maltster at Barrett Brothers and Burston, Australia. Technical consultant at Jupiter Breweries Limited, Calcutta and as a technical manager at Standard Maltings Corporation, Baroda between 1975 and 1977.
  5. 5. THE JOURNEY BEGINS She moved to Ireland and joined Biocon Biochemicals Limited as trainee manager in 1978. Founded Biocon India in collaboration with Biocon Biochemicals Limited. Initially working out of her garage, and with only a handful of rupees in the bank, she began making enzymes for industrial application, such as papain, a proteolytic enzyme extracted from the papaya fruit, which prevents chilled beer from turning hazy.
  6. 6. KIRAN MAZUMDAR SHAWUnder Kiran Mazumdar ShawsStewardship Biocon transformedfrom a industrial enzymecompany to an integratedbiopharmaceuticalcompany with strategic researchinitiatives. Today, Biocon is recognisedas India’s pioneering biotech enterprise.
  7. 7. BIOCON INDIAIn 1979, Biocon became the first Indian company to manufacture and export enzymes to USA and Europe. Biocon is a research driven , global healthcare company with a strong matrix of capabilities along the biopharmaceutical value chain.They believe in strategic licensing partnerships which rapidly provide wider global access and greater market penetration.
  8. 8. SUCCESS OF BIOCONBiocon India Group story began in 1978.In 1989, Unilever acquired 30% stake.In 1997, Unilever sold their stake to ICI. Eventually John Shaw purchased the entire shareholding from ICI.In 1994, Syngene International was established to carry out drug based contract research.In 2000, Clinigene International was started to conduct longitudinal clinical studies.
  9. 9.  In 2003, Biocon became the first company worldwide to develop human insulin on a Pichia express system. Biocon creates a buzz in the stock market in March 2004 with its hugely successful IPO. Day 1 on the bourses closes with a market value of $1.11 billion, making Biocon only the second Indian company to cross the $1 billion mark on the first day of listing. In 2007 leading US trade publication, Med Ad News, ranked Biocon as the 20th leading biotechnology companies in the world and the 7th largest biotech employer in the world.
  10. 10.  In 2009 received BioSingapore Asia Pacific Biotechnology Award for Best Listed Company .It has Asia’s largest insulin and statin facilities as also the largest perfusion-based antibody production facilities. Between 2005 and 2010 Biocon entered into more than 2,200 high-value R&D licensing and other deals within the pharmaceuticals and bio-pharmaceutical space and helped Biocon expand its global footprint to emerging and developed markets through acquisitions, partnerships and in-licensing. On November 2012, Biocon become the only Asian Company to Feature in the Global Top 20 BioPharma Employers, by Science Magazine.
  12. 12. BIOPHARMACEUTICALSBIOPHARMACEUTICALS: The Indian Pharmaceutical companyBiocon is capable to meet the countrys demand for every drug. Themanufacturing units within the country are meeting about 70% of thecountrys drug requirements. The drug production sector is equippedwith technology and researched knowledge base. The companyproduces drugs worth rupees 18000 crores and is growing at 9 percentevery year. It offers quality products with internationally acceptedquality standards. There are many production units in India withproducts sold at competitive lower prices than international drugprices.
  13. 13. ENZYMESENZYMES: Biocon is Indias largest producer and exporterof enzymes. It manufactures and markets a broad range ofindustrial enzymes, food additives and process aids. Bioconis the first enzyme company globally to receive the ISO9001 accreditation. Enzymes manufactured by Biocon are:Amylases, Cellulases , Catalase , Lipases, Glucanases ,Phytases , Proteases, and Pectinases .
  14. 14. CLINICAL RESEARCHCLINICAL RESEARCH : Biocon subsidiary offers globalbiotechnology and pharmaceutical majors strongclinical trial services, regulatory and laboratorycapabilities for clinical drug development. Its valueadded services include patient registries and clinicaldatabases in diabetes, lipidemia , oncology, cardiovasculardiseases.
  15. 15. CUSTOM RESEARCHCUSTOM RESEARCH: Biocon subsidiary conduct highvalue R&D in early stage drug discovery anddevelopment for a diverse global companies.
  16. 16. LEADERSHIP STYLE OF KIRAN MAZUMDAR SHAWKiran Mazumdar Shaw is a transformation leader .She had a Vision of her own and she is an individualised type. She never follows what others do or never cares about what others think.Kiran Mazumdar Shaw inspires her team with a shared vision of the future.Divides the responsibilities amongst their team.Focussed more on R&D and innovative strategy to produce new products .
  17. 17. TRANSACTIONAL ANDTRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP In Biocon, both transactional and transformational leadership has been seen. The transactional leaders (or managers) ensure that routine work is done reliably, while the transformational leaders look after initiatives that add value. High regulating and low nurturing has seen as the key factor of her behaviour, she always defines the role of the group members telling them what task to do and how and when and where to do them. She is the master of her field so she has developed her trade like that.
  18. 18. PHILANTHROPIC ACTIVITIESIn 2004, she started the Biocon Foundation to conduct health, education, sanitation, and environment programs for the benefit of the economically weaker sections of society. The Foundation’s micro-health insurance program has an enrolment of 70,000 rural membersShe helped establish a 1,400-bed cancer care center at the Narayana Health City campus at Boommasandra, Bangalore, Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre
  19. 19. AWARDS ET Businesswoman of the Year, Best Woman Entrepreneur(2004) Ernst & Youngs Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Life Sciences(2002) Government of India also felicitated her with Padmashri (1989) and Padma Bhushan (2005) Nikkei Asia Prize, 2009 for Regional Growth Express Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit Award 2009 for Dynamic Entrepreneur Business Leader of the Year Award - Biotechnology, Chemtech-Pharma Bio Awards
  20. 20.  World Economic Forum and The Indian Chamber of Commerce Lifetime Achievement Award Received an honorary Doctorate of Science in 2004, from her alma mater, Ballarat University, in recognition of her pre- eminent contributions to the field of Biotechnology Honorary doctorates from University of Abertay, Dundee, U.K. (2007), University of Glasgow, U.K. (2008) and Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, U.K. (2008).Named among TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world in 2010.Recognised as the Global Indian (Woman) of the Year 2012 at the 5th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Business Leadership Awards 2012, India
  21. 21. CONTROVERSIESAir and water pollution in Hebbagodi in Bangalore. Death of fishes because of chemical effluent . People were suffering from skin disease, headache, kidney failure.Allegedly violate certain norms of manufacturing Methylcobalamin. Obtained license from the Karnataka government to manufacture the drug in seven stages But during inspection found that the company is importing the drug from china.
  22. 22. “If you have a vIsIon, a plan andthe conviction, you shouldfollow it and success will comeyour way”
  23. 23. REFERENCES www.biocon.com www.wipo.int www.scribed.com www.authorstream.com www.youtube.com