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4. Communication Management


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4. Communication Management

  1. 1. Communications Management 1 Best PMP Exam Simulator
  2. 2. * Project Communications Management includes the processes that are required to ensure timely and appropriate planning, collection, creation, distribution, storage, retrieval, management, control, monitoring and the ultimate disposition of project information 90% of the Project Manager’s job is Communication Communications Management 2 Best PMP Exam Simulator
  3. 3. Communication activities : Potential dimensions • Internal ( within the project ) External ( customer, vendor, etc.) • Formal ( reports, minutes, briefings) Informal ( email, memos, adhoc discussions) • Vertical ( up and down the organization) Horizontal ( with peers) • official ( News letters, annual report) unofficial ( off-the record communication) • Written and oral and verbal ( voice inflections) , non verbal ( body language) Project manager cannot control all communications but should try to control or prevent miscommunication, unclear directions, and scope creeps Communications Management 3 Best PMP Exam Simulator
  4. 4. FormalWritten • Anytime you are signing a legal document or preparing formal documentation for your project, blueprints, specifications InformalWritten • If you drop someone a quick email, leave them a memo or a sticky note FormalVerbal • If you have to give a presentation to update people on your project, speeches, prepared talks InformalVerbal • Just calling somebody up to chat about your project, meetings, hallway chats Kinds of Communication 4 Best PMP Exam Simulator
  5. 5. • Listening actively and effectively • Questioning and probing ideas and situations to ensure better understanding • Educating to increase team’s knowledge so that they can be more effective • Fact-finding to identify or confirm information • Setting and managing expectations • Persuading a person, a team or an organization to perform an action • Motivating to provide encouragement or reassurance • Coaching to improve performance and achieve desired results • Negotiating to achieve mutually acceptable agreements between parties • Resolving conflict to prevent disruptive impacts • Summarizing, recapping and identifying the next steps Common Communications Skills 5 Best PMP Exam Simulator
  6. 6. Project Communications Management Start Project / Enter Phase Initiating Planning Executing Closing End Project / Exit Phase Monitoring and Control Process Process Groups Initiating Planning Executing Monitoring & Control Closing Communication Management Plan Communications Management Manage Communications Control Communicatio ns 6 Best PMP Exam Simulator
  7. 7. Communications Management knowledgeArea 7 Best PMP Exam Simulator
  8. 8. 10.1 Plan Communications Management 8 Best PMP Exam Simulator
  9. 9. • A key component is communication planning is to determine who will communicate with whom and who will receive what information • Project resources shall be expended only on communicating information that contributes to success, or where a lack of information can lead to failure of the project Communication RequirementsAnalysis -T &T 9 Best PMP Exam Simulator
  10. 10. Communication Complexity • The project manager should consider the number of potential channels or paths as an indicator of the complexity of a project’s communication • Planning project’s actual communications is to determine and limit who will communicate with whom and who will receive what information No of Channels : n (n – 1) 2 n = Number of Resources 2 Resources = 1 Channel 3 Resources = 3 Channel 4 Resources = 6 Channel Communication RequirementsAnalysis -T &T 10 Best PMP Exam Simulator
  11. 11. Communication RequirementsAnalysis -T &T www.Testudaan.com11 Best PMP Exam Simulator
  12. 12. Sources of information to identify and define project communication requirements :  Organization charts  Project organization and stakeholder responsibility relationships  Disciplines, departments and specialties involved in the project  Logistics of how many persons will be involved with the project and at which locations  Internal information needs, when communicating within organizations  External information needs, when communicating with the media, public or contractors  Stakeholder information and communication requirements from within the stakeholder register Communication RequirementsAnalysis -T &T 12 Best PMP Exam Simulator
  13. 13.  Other Project Managers Customer, Sponsor, Functional managers, and Team Members Other Projects Other Stakeholders The Project Communication RequirementsAnalysis -T &T 13 Inadequate communication Planning leads to: Delay in message delivery Communication of information to wrong audience Insufficient communication to stakeholders Misunderstanding or misinterpretation of message communicated Best PMP Exam Simulator
  14. 14. The methods used to transfer information among project stakeholders may vary significantly such as -  from brief conversations to extended meetings  from simple written documents to extensive materials (e.g. schedules, databases and websites) which are accessible online as methods of communication • Factors that can affect the choice of communication technology include: The urgency of the need for information The availability :Technology, Resources Easily Usable Project Environment Sensitivity and confidentiality of the information CommunicationTechnology -T &T 14 Best PMP Exam Simulator
  15. 15. Sender Decode Encode Receiver Encode Decode NoiseTransmit Message Medium Feedback Message Noise Sender-Receiver Model Noise Acknowledge Message Basic Communication Model -T &T 15 Best PMP Exam Simulator
  16. 16. • Encode: Thoughts or ideas are translated into language by sender • Transmit message: This information is then send by sender using communication channel • Decode : To translate message back into meaningful thoughts or ideas • Acknowledge: Upon receipt of the message, receiver may signal receipt of the message • Message and feedback message : The output of encoding • Feedback/response: When the received message has been decoded and understood the receiver encodes thoughts and ideas into a message and transmit this message to the original sender. • Medium : The method used to convey the message • Noise : Anything that interfaces with the transmission and understanding of message (Distance, unfamiliar technologies, etc.) Basic Communication Model Sequence 16 Best PMP Exam Simulator
  17. 17. • Interactive communication - Between two or more parties in multidirectional (Phone calls, meetings, interviews), most effective way • Push communication - Sent a specific information to specific recipients. Examples are letters, memos, emails, faxes etc.This ensures that message is sent but will not certify that it is actually received or understood (Push the message to recipient) • Pull communication – Used for large volume of information and large audiences. Examples are internet sites, company data bases, e-learning, etc. Recipients has to access the communication content (Pull out information) at their own discretion Communication Methods -T &T 17 Best PMP Exam Simulator
  18. 18. The Communications Management Plan is a subsidiary plan of the project management plan, and it details how the project communications will be planned, structured, monitored and controlled. It contains : • Stakeholder communication requirements • Information to be communicated • Time frame and frequency for the distribution of required information • Person responsible for communication the information • Person responsible for authorizing the release of confidential information • Person or groups who will receive the information • Methods or technologies used to convey information • Resources allocated for communication • Escalation process identifying timeframes and the management chain • Method for updating and refining communication management plan • Glossary of common terminology Plan Communication - Output 18 Best PMP Exam Simulator
  19. 19. 10.2 Manage Communications-> Process flow 19 Best PMP Exam Simulator
  20. 20. Information Management Systems Information is managed and distributed through the use of a variety of tools given project demands and available technology - • Hard copies- letters, memos, press releases • Electronic communications management – e-mail, fax, video and web conferencing, websites etc. • Electronic project management tools – web interfaces to scheduling and project management software, meeting and virtual office support software, portals etc. Manage Communications –T &T 20 Best PMP Exam Simulator
  21. 21. Performance Reporting : The process of collecting and distributing performance information, including status reports, progress measurements and forecasts: Report may include : • Analysis of past performance • Analysis of project forecast • Current status of risk and issues • Work completed during the period • Work to be completed in the next period • Summary of changes approved in the period Manage Communications –T &T 21 Best PMP Exam Simulator
  22. 22. 10.3 Control Communications->Process flow 22 Best PMP Exam Simulator
  23. 23. 10.3 Control Communications->Process flow 23 “Wise men talk because They have something To say; Fools, because they have To say something.” -Platon Best PMP Exam Simulator
  24. 24. Thank you Saraca Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 24 Best PMP Exam Simulator