UX design - Competitor review


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Competitor review as part of a Final Year Project of UX design portfolio

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UX design - Competitor review

  1. 1. Compassionate Dorset website user experience redesign Competitor review 28 October 2013
  2. 2. Goals of the review ➤Form a wider understanding of the practices in the industry ➤Determine how Compassionate Dorset website is performing in relation to similar websites based on set UX factors in order to achive user goals ➤Improve the experience of the website by examining the best practises on key factors of similar organisations’ websites
  3. 3. Key UX factors • Navigation • Readability • Calls to action • Signposting • Content layout • Trust and credibility • Content hierarchy
  4. 4. Similar organisation analysis By examining Compassionate World Farming support groups across the UK only 3 had a website. Out of these Compassionate Dorset have considerably higher results when measured against the criteria. To gain a wider understanding 5 other animal welfare related organisations were chosen.
  5. 5. Organisation comparison Compassion in World Farming supporting organisation Performance against 7 criteria Other animal welfare organisation Compassion Calderdale Montgomery Voice For Animals
  6. 6. Comparison overview ➤ Compassionate Dorset is in middle range regarding performance amongst the chosen similar organisations. ➤ By improving navigation, calls to action, content layout and hierarchy it is possible to significantly improve the overall experience of the website and help users to achieve main tasks of the website more easyily. Comparison to the higest rated website Navigation 100% Trust and Credibility 75% 50% Calls to action 25% 0% Content layout Signposting Readibility Content hierarchy Green Wood Compassionate Dorset
  7. 7. Best practice examples By looking at the best practices of other organisation websites for the key criteria and comparing it against existing practices in Compassionate Dorset website, it is possible to use findings for improvement of the experience in the proposed Compassionate Dorset website redesign strategy.
  8. 8. Navigation Navigation menu only accessible on the home page, which makes harder for users to navigate across the site Navigation is lacking visual cues of clickability
  9. 9. Navigation Clear navigation and structure, which allows user to perform tasks and find information
  10. 10. Calls To Action Clear call to action for buying t-shirts Lacking calls to action to other main tasks above the fold Visuals cues for calls to action (e.g. there are 4 click areas that brings user to the shop)
  11. 11. Calls To Action Clear calls to action for prominent tasks above the fold, which instantly attracts users attention
  12. 12. Content Layout Lack of white space makes the content hard to scan in order to find relevant information Layout of the footer is aimed to fulfil too many tasks, which can confuse user rather than help to aid goals
  13. 13. Content Layout The footer layout clearly groups several sets of tasks users can perform Usage of white space in footer guides the user and allows quick scan of information
  14. 14. Content Hierarchy Content hierarchy on the pages does not aid user ability to scan or orientate on the page because of lengthy vertical scrolling
  15. 15. Content Hierarchy Usage of appropriate imagery to support the subheadings of the page Clear heading and description of purpose of the page
  16. 16. Readability The font size and spacing prevents from easily reading the content, which can discourage user to read it at all The length of the lines of text is too long, which can cause frustration if it becomes hard to find where the next line starts
  17. 17. Readability The font size and line spacing allow user to easy scan the text Links are connected to nouns and are clearly distinguished from the text
  18. 18. Signposting Clear heading of the section Page does not provide further cue about users location
  19. 19. Signposting Headings allows user to identify the page specific content Breadcrumbs inform user of the position in the website Section title and subtitles provides assurance of position and means of navigation
  20. 20. Trust and credibility There is link to the supported and partner organisations The logos lack distinction from the rest of the content to be easily noticeable by the user
  21. 21. Trust and credibility Clear statement of how the donations are being used to aid the cause
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