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Portfolio gita.d.singh


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Portfolio gita.d.singh

  1. 1. gita d. singh
  2. 2. D esign PhilosophyWhen I approach design, the biggest question I ask, how can I make this space more creative, better or unique fromthe last person. My inspiration comes from the painting, Mona Lisa. It makes me think, what Leonardo da Vinci wasthinking. How can I think this way and be creative as he was? My mind starts spinning on how I can capture theaudience like he did.I thrive to become a designer who can take a vision and turn it into new concepts. I am always exploring newpossibilities and focusing on ways to implement an innovative concept. This approach has always allowed me tothink outside the box. I feel this keeps my mind open to endless possibilities.My approach to design has always been to create an environment that is powerful enough to create an experiencefor that individual. Be committed in creating a healthy, sustainable environment by being socially responsible andby improving the planet’s overall environmental condition.
  3. 3. T able of Contents1. Resume2. Homeless Shelter3. Restaurant Design4. Furniture Design5. Judah House6. Male Inspired Hotel Design7. Graphic Design
  4. 4. gita d. singh c: 650.796.4053 h: 650.566.8943OBJECTIVE: I am well versed in design skills which include 3D rendering, model making and hand drafting. I would like to work for an organization where I can utilize my skills in LEED projects, and where I can use my 3D rendering skills in creating BIM models for more efficient construction. I have extensive experience from my interior design class which has helped me develop conceptual drawings and 3D renderings for presentations. My work has been highly regarded and I graduated with a 4.00 GPA in my major: graduated summa cum laude and won third place in an IIDA student competition.EDUCATION: San Jose State University, San Jose, CA 09.05 - 05.10 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Interior Design, overall GPA 3.89 (summa cum laude). Member of The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi Transferred from West Valley College to San Jose State University in 2007 Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano - Summer Study Abroad Design Program 06.09 British Columbia Institute of Technology, Burnaby, Canada Associate Certificate in Financial Planning, 1999 Langara College, Vancouver, Canada Major: Business Administration; Certificate in Internet Publishing, 2000EXPERIENCE: Intern 01.10 - 09.10 Barry Swenson Builder, San Jose, CA Assisted architects in space planning solutions and design concepts for interior and exterior projects. Input designs into AutoCad and Revit, research architectural styles for the project, interacting with the client and the Planning Department for the City of Santa Cruz. Space planning of a new wing for The Art League of Santa Cruz. Designed ads that were published in the Business Journal and Rotary Club of San Jose. Intern Pamela Pennington, Palo Alto, CA 08.07 - 12.07 Selected and arranged material finishes for both Commercial and Residential Clients, input designs into AutoCAD, designed furniture, assisted in surveying homes and preparing presentation boards. Senior Marketing and Business Manager 05.02 - 08.05 Alteris Therapeutics Inc, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Designed the website and marketing materials; prepared business presentations, budgets and reports and dealt with all Human Resource issues. Assisted in acquisition of Alteris by third party. Financial Industry, 11.98 - 07.03 Positions held: Branch Manager, Officer, Business Banking Specialist, Financial Service Advisor / Mutual Funds Investment Specialist. Proactively coaching staff to meet personal and team sales and service objectives, directly involved in generating new business and increasing existing business, recruit, train and develop new employees as well as monitoring their performances.PROFESSIONAL Co-Vice President of Student Affairs, Northern California Chapter 07.10 - PresentACHIEVEMENTS: San Jose State University Interior Design Alumni Panel 04.09 - Present IIDA, Northern California Chapter, Student Liaison 04.09 - 07.10 IIDA, Northern California Chapter 2010 Student Design Awards, 3rd Place 03.10 Committee Chair, Emerging Green Builders 09.08 - 09.09 Certified Green Building Professional, Build It Green 05.08 - 05.10 Chair Person, Competition and Scholarship Committee at West Valley College 05.07 - 08.08SKILLS: AutoCAD, Revit, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Flash, PowerPoint, Excel, model making and rendering with markers, pencils and watercolor. Fluent in Hindi.PROFESSIONAL International Interior Design Association, member #996625AFFILIATIONS: American Institute of Architects, member #30458844
  5. 5. A New Beginning Homeless ShelterLocation: San Francisco, CaliforniaConcept: My design for a homeless shelter is derived from a fetus in a womb. Like the womb, theshelter will give homeless people a place where they can feel safe, where they can grow mentallyand physically, and a place where they have a sense of stability. Overall, it will provide anenvironment where they can achieve a sense of balance and a sense of belonging.There are several elements of the womb that will be represented in the design of the shelter. Forexample, the uterus has a very thick layer, providing a strongbox for the fetus. The structure will bemade from polycarbonate which is very strong and will insulate the shelters walls and ceiling. Thefetus is cushioned and has a sense of balance in the womb. Balance will be created through usingelements which are similar in shape but hierarchically graded in size leading to a sense of harmonythrough rhythm and repetition.Overall, this shelter is designed to be disassembled or relocated if needed. But most importantly it Medium: Acrylicwill provide stability, security and growth for the homeless person.Design Process Medium: Revit and Photoshop
  6. 6. Materials Sleeping Area Open space plan Bamboo flooringDoor to providesecurity and privacy Storage under the bed Stainless steel Seating area -Outdoor storage space hooks for vertical Desk and chair made from fastening compressed sunflower seeds Some panels are transparent to provide natural lighting To help protect the occupant the shelter is flame-retardant, windproof, and waterproof For easy installation, the panels feature a waterproof tongue and groove applicationPolycarbonate panels are a recyclable material that is lightweight,tough and durable. Polycarbonate is energy efficient which allowsup to 90 percent transmittance of solar energy and 88 percent ofvisible light. The interior space is flexible and can accomodate various layouts of furniturePolycarbonate MultiwallUV Power film Excellent UV Blockingprotective PV modules Insulation - layeron the outer in the inner the protects side of the multi-walled objects sheets traps inside the air within Medium: Revit and Photoshop
  7. 7. Prefabricated shelters are very flexible and adaptable. Transportation and assembly of the shelter is effortless anderected at the site. Medium: Bass Wood, Pastel and Revit
  8. 8. Zen RestaurantLocation: San Francisco, CaliforniaFrom the moment you step inside the restaurant, you are immediately engaged in the transformation of the individualspaces. The interior space is so dramatic that the patrons are consumed by the structure of the 4 individual spacesof being: water, wind, light and motion. The feeling of movement and relaxation will be part of the overall experience.As you look around the interior space, your eyes will immediately move towards the ceiling, where the shape of thelotus flower ties all the 4 spaces together.The restaurant is located in the San Francisco Bay area and is inspired by the concept of Zen philosophy. Calm, clear,pure and wide open space is the qualities of Zen found in this space and in one’s mind. Through the 4 beings thepatrons can easily relate to the Zen philosophy. Since Zen is associated with simplicity, the interior décor will beminimalist and postmodern. Natural and warm colors will be used through out the space to evoke serenity andharmony. Sustainable materials will enhance the space.Following the concept of Zen, the 4 places of being will encourage the patrons to take a longer and closer look at allthat are around them to capture their heightened awareness. Zen sharpens our senses and intensifies our power ofperception and so enriches the overall experience. Each individual space will be transformed into something unique,and in sum the unique experiences will become an extraordinary experience.To achieve the insight of Zen, we must capture the essence and intimacy on different levels for all 4 places: water,light, motion, and wind. The space itself will create a relationship between the containing space: the original space ofthe building, and its content: the internal restaurant space.The restaurant will have natural light, asymmetrical form, reflective material and curvilinear shapes describing the 4individual spaces of being: water, wind, light and motion, the elements of the Zen philosophy. These elements areneeded to capture the essence of the feeling of this avant garde restaurant. As you flow from one space into another,you will have a different experience. And most importantly, the space will be functional and an environment thatenhances the experience for the patrons who will eat a the restaurant. Medium: Revit and Photoshop
  9. 9. radiAlis Furniture Design Concept: The scope of the project was to design an interactive, multi-use, media center for commercial application. The design of this conference unit was based on the radial design, which makes it easy for viewing the screen and interacting with one another. Overhead panels create an open environment where people are encouraged to interact. The chair is a pod style design that is clean and light which reveals the chair’s feature and functions. The table is part of the radial design and further facilitates interactions.Medium: Revit and PhotoshopTeam Project
  10. 10. Features Custom Seat Design: Cushion conforms to the body shape and offers comfort. Innovative Look: The chair is a pod-style design that is clean and light which reveals the chair’s feature and function. Privacy: Overhead panels for privacy. The chair comes in range of colors An open environment where that mix or match to complement people are encouraged to interact with interiors and other furniture. one another. Storage: Under seat storage for Features: Custom design each screen to match the personal belognings company’s logo and color. Sustainability: The chair is upholstered in Multiple Entries: Based on a radial design – radiates from a center knoll textile and the frame is aluminum and point. poly-carbonate. Sustainability: 3 form translucent panels– natural light passes through. The space does not feel confined. The poles are made from aluminum Sony Oled Space Efficient: Ideal for small spaces. Custom Table Design: The radial design makes it easy for viewing the screen and interacting with one another. Aesthetic Appeal: A modern and a sleek design which reveals the tables feature and function. Sustainability: Base is veneer finish made with certified sustainable wood. The table surface is made from 3 Form – chroma line. Medium: Revit and Photoshop
  11. 11. T he Judah House Judah Residence was our final project for Architectural Presentation class. It was extremely important in this project to maintain control of the medium by building color and tone density and mixing color gradually. The project included drafting a site plan, floor plan and two elevations. Rendering and drafting took a total of one hundred sixty hours to complete. medium: hand - drafted, pantone markers and prisma colored pencils Medium: hand - drafted, pantone markers and prisma, colored pencils Designed by: MacCracken Architectssite plan
  12. 12. S cheme MProject: Design a room that is gender specific to business travelers in their40’s and 50’s. The design is geared towards an environment that iswelcoming and pleasing to the specific gender, female or male, and ascheme that will reflect sensibilites specific to that gender.Scheme M is designed specifically for men. The M room is designed like ainterior of a fine luxury car: When a man opens the door it becomes hisinner sanctum. The space will be dramatically and boldly masculine butwith classic touches to make it more inviting. There are male motifsthroughout the design, such as bold textures, geometric shapes and straightlines.Interior Architecture Conceptual StudioMedium: colored pencil, markers, pastel, photoshop
  13. 13. Leather upholstery for chair and bench3 Form Panel Stainless steel Walnut finish for furniture and walls Wall paint Flooring Garbage can Legend 1. King size bed 2. Lounge seating 3. Desk wit fax machine 4. 5. Refrigerator TV cabinet Design Process 6. Safe 7. Bench 8. Ironing board 9. Storage for luggage and clothes 10. Trash can 11. Umbrella stand
  14. 14. Created design and graphic layout for advertisement for Barry Swenson Builder. Ad appeared in the local publication Try Design Build For your next home or office project A smarter way to get the job done! Contact our design TEAM at www.barryswensonbuilder.comG raphic Design Call us at 408.287.0246 for more information
  15. 15. Looking for a NEWspace? office / retail / warehouse omination ur n for yo n De oCreated design and graphic layout for advertisement For Available Properties visit our website at Barryfor Barry Swenson Builder. Ad appeared in the Silicon velValley / San Jose Business Journal. oper of the Ye ons ulati rat ar g n aw Co ard ! Call us at 408.287.0246 for more information
  16. 16. T ravels are my Inspiration
  17. 17. gita.d.singh@gmail.cominterior design c: 650.796.4053