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Social Media and Project Management


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Explore how social media tools benefit project managers and teams in completing complex projects, as well as how project management tools and practices support successful social media programs. This presentation was given at the PMI conference in Cincinnati, OH on April 17, 2013 by Sanger & Eby.

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Social Media and Project Management

  1. 1. Strategic Approaches:Project Management & Social MediaAPRIL 17, 2013Project Management & Social MediaKathleen M. Jenkins, Sanger & Eby
  2. 2. Two Approaches• Project Managing Social Media• Social Media for Project ManagementAPRIL 17, 2013 2
  3. 3. Important, But Not Urgent• The big picture is important, but unless you have a plan forimplementation, it stays just that: a picture.• We’re all busy: it’s easy to de-prioritize things that are importantbut not urgent in favor of things that are urgent.APRIL 17, 2013 3
  4. 4. The Downside of Urgent• When we focus on the urgent and deprioritize the important,we’re forced into being purely tactical• The important things, the strategic things, don’t get done• Business growth stagnates• Lose competitive edgeAPRIL 17, 2013 4
  5. 5. Successful Strategy• Defines vision• Distills vision into critical business issues• Distills critical business issues into projects– Discrete deliverables– Resource allocation– Project timelineAPRIL 17, 2013 5– Project plan• In other words…
  6. 6. Project ManagementProject Management
  7. 7. If you don’t know where you’regoing, you’ll probably end upsomeplace else.APRIL 17, 2013 7someplace else.-Yogi Berra
  8. 8. Strategy & Social Media• A clearly defined social media strategy is critical to success in thesocial space• Effective social strategy defines:– Audience and audience needs– Communication and business objectives– Platforms– Voice, tone, and interactionAPRIL 17, 2013 8– Voice, tone, and interaction– Specific, measurable success metrics
  9. 9. Developing a Social Media Strategy• Developing an effective social media strategy requires effectiveproject management• Follow process• Allocate resources• Set project scheduleAPRIL 17, 2013 9
  10. 10. Process and Timeline• Competitive Analysis and Benchmarking• Clearly defined audience• Research on habits and practices• Articulated goals and objectives• Appropriate platforms• Engagement strategyAPRIL 17, 2013 10• Engagement strategy• Resourcing and management plan• Measurement and analytics plan• Scheduled checkpoints, review, and approval
  11. 11. Project Managing Social Presence• Important versus urgent• Resources• Coverage• Frequency• Content development• Monitoring and communications managementAPRIL 17, 2013 11• Monitoring and communications management• Escalation plan• Measurement and analytics
  12. 12. Social Media for Project Management• 2/3 of Project Managers Surveyed believe social media is a keyissue for their industry• Primary Benefits Identified:– Collaboration– Communication– Networking Opportunities– Increased EfficiencyAPRIL 17, 2013 12– Increased Efficiency– Financial BenefitsSource: Harrin Survey 2011
  13. 13. Social Media for Project ManagementSocial Media for Project Management
  14. 14. In the Past, PMs Could Assume:• Most team members in a single office location• PM software on a desktop workstation• Status reports delivered at weekly meetings• Monthly executive reviewAPRIL 17, 2013 14
  15. 15. The Way It Works Today:• At least one team member likely to be physically separated atleast part of the time• Sponsors expect realtime access to project data• Executives want to view multiple projects as a portfolio• Global teams & the 24-hour workdayAPRIL 17, 2013 15
  16. 16. Overall Benefits of Social Media• Influences how people communicate• Communications to whole team in realtime• Develops relationships• Builds trust• Increases transparency• Provides cultural contextAPRIL 17, 2013 16• Provides cultural context
  17. 17. What Social Can Do for PM• Knowledge sharing & project visibility• Identify, organize, and deploy project teams• Collaborate across departments• Collaborate with remote resources• Real time information to project stakeholders• Meet the demand of the “24 hour workday”APRIL 17, 2013 17• Meet the demand of the “24 hour workday”• Reduce traveling expenses• Document best practices & project learnings
  18. 18. How PMs Use Social Tools• 48% use for document sharing• 36% communicate with project stakeholders• 34% for task collaboration• 32% hosting online meetings• 27% use for project status updates• 25% manage their teamsAPRIL 17, 2013 18• 25% manage their teams• 19% task tracking…and…• 90% networking online• 71% participate in online PM communitySource: Harrin Survey 2011
  19. 19. Online PM Communities• 6,500+ LinkedIn groups• 8.5 Million PM professionals on LinkedIn• 35,000+ members in LinkedIn’s Project Manager NetworkingGroup• 1MM+ YouTube videos on PM• PMI’s Online Communities of PracticeAPRIL 17, 2013 19• Yahoo’s PMP Best Group (13,000+ members)
  20. 20. Social PM Platforms & Tools• SharePoint• GoToMeeting• SlideShare• Tibbr• Yammer• LinkedInAPRIL 17, 2013 20• LinkedIn• Blogs• Wikis• Twitter
  21. 21. Getting Started• Define a social media policy• Define the purpose of social for PM• Develop list of acceptable platforms & uses• Establish rules of engagement• Determine proprietary data – what to share• Establish roles and permissionsAPRIL 17, 2013 21• Establish roles and permissions• Use your secure network• Monitor and manage (usually the PM)
  22. 22. Want to Know More?Great! This is what I do all day. ☺Kathleen M. JenkinsAPRIL 17, 2013 22Kathleen M. Sanger &