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Sangamesh reddy CV.


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Sangamesh reddy CV.

  1. 1. Sangameshreddy CURRICULAM VITAE Sangamesh Reddy Mail: Mobile: +91 9686656377 Passport No: L3534925 Objective: To be involved with an organization which offers a competent developed environment, Challenging work and fair chance to growth. Utilizing my professional and personal skills to the maximum extent to achieve welfare of organization and self. Education:  B.Tech in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering JRN University 67% 2013.  Diploma Electrical and Electronics Engineer Gov. Polytechnic Bidar 66%.2007. Summary:  Overall 8+Years of Experience in Assistant Manager O&M NLD operation Reliance 4G Network in Bangalore area.  Knowledge of ISP/OSP NETWORKS and SDH & 4G-LTE TECHNOLOGIES.  Knowledge of FTTH-FTTX/DSLAM and Leased line connectivity’s.  Hands on experience on Nortel, Alcatel Lucent, ECI Networks, and Huawei, Ciena SDH equipment’s CISCO-Juniper routers.  Hands on experience of SDH and DWDM,DXC.  Hands-on experience with Bridging, Switching, Routing, Ethernet and TDM/SONET/SDH Transport Architectures Including: Ethernet (10/100/1000/10000) technologies, Routers and Switches, Spanning Tree, OSPF, IS-IS, BGP, MPLS. Professional Experience:
  2. 2. Sangameshreddy  Assistant Manager –(Reliance-JIO-O&M)Bangalore area, From Oct-10-2013 Till date..  Network Engineer –Bharti airtel services Ltd. Mangalore, From June -2011 to Sep 2013  OSP Engineer –Reliance Integrated Services Pvt Ltd. Raichur, From July-2009 to June-2011.  Trainee Engineer – Renka IndiaPvt Ltd. Bangalore, From Aug- 2007 to May- 2009. Job Descriptions: Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited. Worked in Reliance JIO 4G LTE network in India. The company complements its 4G-mobility network, broadband & telephone services with national and international long distance services. Role-1 Assistant Manager at Bangalore (Oct-2013 to Conti)  Handling O&M-Project LTE’s Own Facilities enodeb, AG1-AG-2 ILA & large facility as like AG3 MSC’s DWDM Network Bangalore area.  Installation Commissioning DWDM(core) LET Ciena & Collector ring ILA (Alcatel –Lucent)Enode b(intercity)Cisco equipment are handling in 4G LTE technology.  Installation and Commissioning CISCO-Juniper router’s 10G &1G ring’s.  Site end to end Implementation and COLO sites, successfully completed around Enb 220 sites.  Successfully maintenance of 400 km of NLD routes and 220 km of intercity fibers in cluster, Handover process, Getting PP Clarence, Row issue  Follow up with the Media partner (RCOM) and Infra partner on the media and infra issues respectively. Monthly review with the teams.  Repetitive fiber outage analysis, Protection path verification and alternative path implementation of critical circuits through media partner vendors.  New site implementation Passive and active up-gradation of Colo sites, BOQ preparation, Installation, absolute follow of RFI and AT processes.  Outage validation, SLA analysis and Day to day reports preparation by vendor wise.  Alarm integration, NOC Visibility activity, Conducting training for Service provide team Engineers and Technicians.
  3. 3. Sangameshreddy Hardware/Software Platforms tools are using.  CORE-Network- Ciena.  CWDM/DWDM-Alcatel-Lucent.  Cisco-Routers/Switches DCN 3925, ASR-9010, ASR-903, ASR-901, ASR-920.  Samsung BTS-2300Hz Band for 4G LET. 1800 Hz Band for VOIP.  SMPS-EMERSON Networks.  Citrix-Remotely Login CSS enodeB Pop’s.  Granite/NNMi/TEmiP-OSP/ISP Engineering Alarm Monitoring/Fiber Cut.  SAP-WO’s for closing PM activities and OSP/ISP Engineering, Bharti airtel Services ltd. Bharti Airtel, formerly known as Bharti airtel services Limited (BASL). The company complements its mobility network, broadband & telephone services with national and international long distance services. The company also has a submarine cable landing station at Chennai, which connects the submarine cable connecting Chennai and Singapore. The company provides end-to-end data and enterprise services to the corporate customers through its nationwide fiber optic backbone, last mile connectivity in fixed-line and mobility circles, VSATs, ISP and international bandwidth access through the gateways and landing station. Role-2 Network Engineer at Mangalore (June-2011 to Sep-2013)  Have Sound knowledge on PDH, SDH/SONET, Multiplexing hierarchy, Section hierarchy, SDH mapping, Automatic protection switching, SDH alarms, NMS, EMS.  Managing operations and maintenance of over 350km OFC and 100 NEs in Mangalore area Cluster.  Monitoring Planned and Unplanned activities by using HP Open view &Met solve  Applying Planned outages activities by using Remedy software.  Maintenance of SDH Equipment’s like Nortel, Siemens, Huawei, Ericsson, ECI, Alcatel and Optimux.  E1’s Provisioning and testing to the Satisfaction of Customers, Ensuring less MTTR in networks.  Involved In Network Planning & Design of Mangalore Region.  Adding of Nodes to live rings, Ring splitting and capacity up gradation for the new rings
  4. 4. Sangameshreddy  Monitoring Planned and Unplanned activities by using HP Open view & Metasolv  Installation Commissioning and Maintenance of SDH Equipment’s like Nortel, Siemens, Huawei, ECI, Alcatel and Optimux  Handling of major Network Testing Meters like Network Analyzer, Return Loss Meter, Power Meter, Laser Source Meter, BER Meter etc.,  Attended many BSNL Acceptance Test and completed it successfully.  Testing of 10Mbps100Mbps,1000Mbps Ethernet ports Using Ethernet Tester  Co-ordination with various local Agencies, Vendors and customers.  Ensuring Defect proof splicing and Termination of Optical Fiber to the Satisfaction of customers.  Link testing of various OFC links for M/s Bharti Telescopic Ltd,Tata Telecom etc. Reliance Integrated Services Pvt Ltd. This position is responsible for operation & Maintenance of the Transmission network through effective preventive diagnosis and fault-repair of the transmission equipment, Optical Fiber Cable links, Backbone, intercity& intercity sites, and Infrastructure equipment ensuring high reliability of the network availability. Role -3 Operations and Maintenance Engineer – Reliance Integrated Services Pvt Ltd. Raichur, From July-2009 to June-2011.  Installation, Commissioning and AT of SDH Transmission Equipment’s.  O & M of SDH & DWDM Equipment’s Nortel (OME 6110,6140,6500,) DWDM (Nortel)  Alarm Recording and Rectification, E1 provisioning.  FDMS Management and OFC enrooting.  Installation and commissioning of routers.  End to End circuit testing of Provisioned E1s by BER meter  Handling for Maintenance of OFC of 600K.M Raichur Maintenance Point.  Plan to shift the traffic, NE addition, Ring up gradation, Bandwidth up- gradation in Inter and Intercity network.  Co-ordination with NOC for its. Network maintenance.  DDF Termination, making E1 through & Loop checking by BER testing meter  Co-ordination with NOC & Switch for Network Performance  Operation and Maintenance of Optical fiber Network, Utility part of all BTS sites & Network Elements, OTDR testing, power meter and laser source testing.  As-Built Drawing generation, verification & Certification  Liaison with local Public and Government Authorities like PWD, NHAI, Municipal Corporation and coordination with other operators on parallel route.
  5. 5. Sangameshreddy  DWDM Equipment operation & maintenance (such as OLA Sites, OADM Sites).  E1routings, expansion of cabinets, hop up up-gradation.  Handling of OFC Splicing team, transmission network  Hand experience on DG SMPS and Battery Bank. RenkaindiaPvt Ltd. Role-4 Trainee Engineer – Renka India Pvt Ltd. Bangalore, From Aug- 2007 to May-2009.  Acceptance Test (AT) process for Infrastructure  Project Management/Material management  Managing multiple sub-contractors and other operators  Making Route surveys with much economy and feasibility,  Training & Mobilization ofc splicing team to sites for effective supervision. Project progress report  Drum testing, Drum planning, cable blowing &pulling, Splicing, Termination.  Chamber fixing, Route marker fixing, Electronic Route marker fixing, AT,& other related work., OFC Laying, at Earthling of joint closers,  supervising of Link Testing, OTDR Testing, Fault Rectification, site survey,  Project completed within time lines, Co-ordination with vendor.  Coordination with contractor, Local Authority for ROW, vendors, Manager.  Quality control of outside planned cable networks,  Working for both Access and operation & maintenance (O&M) projects,  Material Planning I.e. Monthly requirement, Dispatch instructions, Timely availability of material at sites. Strengths:  Team Player.  Positive approach towards problem solving.  Willingness to learn.  Positive thinking  Commitment to work.  Self-Motivated and Leadership ability.  Communication and problem solving skills. Achievements:
  6. 6. Sangameshreddy  Visibility to 25network elements in a given time line.  E1 routing and expansion for 3G sites and POI connectivity with in time line.  Onsite and online support for the team members to complete the works with in SLA.  Completion of installation, commissioning and integration of Switches for CISCO and juniper.  Network planning done for MSU shifting in Mangalore zone.  Completed on Yellow belt project known my route.  Visibility to 66 network elements in a given time line of 20 days.  Completion of NM to RM server migration of 68 Alcatel Lucent 1642 network elements in a time line of a month.  Onsite and online support for the team members to complete a target of 301 installation, commissioning and integration of Alcatel Lucent 1642 multiplexers in a month.  Completion of installation, commissioning and integration of 117 MW links including visibility and AT. Awards:  Best Network Engineer award for the month of SEP 2012.  Kudos for long pending TT span loss activity cleared with in a timeline.  Kudos for Ring up gradation STM4 to STM16 with in a time line.  Kudos for Best engineer award for the month of Sep-2012. Trainings:  SDH fundamentals training provided by ECI at Bangalore.  Alcatel DWDM and Multiplexers Training provided by Alcatel at Bangalore.  Attending of Team build up training at Bangalore at Airtel.  SDH Basic training provided by Nortel at Bangalore reliance office.  O&M SAS training provided at RCP Mumbai Reliance office. IT Skills:  Operating Systems -Windows 9x/2000, Windows Server 2007, XP Pro  Knowledge Base-Electronics, Microprocessor, Digital circuits Computer Networking Personal Profile:  Date of Birth - 5th June 1988.  Father’s Name - Sidappa reddy.  Marital status - Single  Passport No - L3534925  Languages known - Kannada, Hindi & English,Telgu.
  7. 7. Sangameshreddy  Hobbies - Attending Technical Seminars, Listening Music, Chess & Cricket. Place: Bangalore Sangamesh reddy