Oral presentation rubric


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Oral presentation rubric

  1. 1. Oral Presentation Rubric : Oral Presentation of the Project Teacher Name: Mr. García Student Name: ________________________________________ CATEGORY 1 0.75 0.5 0.25Comprehension Student is able to Student is able to Student is able to Student is unable to accurately answer accurately answer accurately answer a accurately answer almost all questions most questions posed few questions posed questions posed by posed by classmates by classmates about by classmates about classmates about the about the topic. the topic. the topic. topic.Enthusiasm Facial expressions and Facial expressions and Facial expressions and Very little use of facial body language body language body language are expressions or body generate a strong sometimes generate a used to try to language. Did not interest and strong interest and generate enthusiasm, generate much enthusiasm about the enthusiasm about the but seem somewhat interest in topic beingPreparedness Student is completely Student seems pretty The student is Student does not prepared and has prepared but might somewhat prepared, seem at all prepared obviously rehearsed. have needed a couple but it is clear that to present. more rehearsals. rehearsal was lacking.
  2. 2. Stays on Topic Stays on topic all Stays on topic most Stays on topic some It was hard to tell (100%) of the time. (99-90%) of the time. (89%-75%) of the what the topic was. time.Speaks Clearly Speaks clearly and Speaks clearly and Speaks clearly and Often mumbles or can distinctly all (100- distinctly all (100- distinctly most ( 94- not be understood OR 95%) the time, and 95%) the time, but 85%) of the time. mispronounces more mispronounces no mispronounces one Mispronounces no than one word. words. word. more than one word.Attire Business attire, very Casual business attire. Casual business attire, General attire not professional look. but wore sneakers or appropriate for seemed somewhat audience (jeans, t- wrinkled. shirt, shorts).Listens to Other Listens intently. Does Listens intently but Sometimes does not Sometimes does notPresentations not make distracting has one distracting appear to be listening appear to be listening noises or movements. noise or movement. but is not distracting. and has distracting noises or movements.Time-Limit Presentation is 5-6 Presentation is 4 Presentation is 3 Presentation is less minutes long. minutes long. minutes long. than 3 minutes OR more than 6 minutes.Vocabulary Uses vocabulary Uses vocabulary Uses vocabulary Uses several (5 or appropriate for the appropriate for the appropriate for the more) words or audience. Extends audience. Includes 1-2 audience. Does not phrases that are not audience vocabulary words that might be include any understood by the by defining words that new to most of the vocabulary that might audience.
  3. 3. Content Shows a full Shows a good Shows a good Does not seem to understanding of the understanding of the understanding of understand the topic topic. topic. parts of the topic. very well.