Sanford Process Corporation Company Introduction and Recent Anodizing Developments


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Sanford Process is at the forefront of patented innovation in anodizing aluminum; with the first low voltage hard aluminum anodizing system and more recently with micro-crystalline anodizing, MICRALOX. Sanford Process licenses developed technologies and provides contract development work on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. We deliver validated process and product design solutions with detailed instructions, and can also arrange complete part processing through our sister company, DCHN LLC.

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Sanford Process Corporation Company Introduction and Recent Anodizing Developments

  1. 1. Company Introduction & Recent Developments
  2. 2. Why Sanford Process? • Proven track record helping clients succeed in their product realization • Successful engagements across numerous industries and end-products • Breadth and depth of front line experience with > 2000 customers • The world’s most respected experts in aluminum anodizing technologies
  3. 3. Project Types - Design or Functional Feature - Process of Record - Extensions - Modifications - Improvements - Fixes - Cost reduction - New Functionality - New Composites - New Processes OTHER PROJECTS NEW PRODUCTS PLATFORM PROJECTS
  4. 4. Mission Company Info Company Entity
  5. 5. Mission SPC extends the market applications for anodic coatings through development and licensing of new process innovations: Examples • Clear hard coat into Consumer Products • High chemical resistance anodic coatings into Medical • Hard surfaces on flexible substrates into Pharma Packaging • Sterilization resistant colors and printing into Medical We partner with industry leaders to delivery the anodic coatings required for their emerging product requirements.
  6. 6. Company Information Founded 1961 Subsidiary Katahdin Industries US Patents 7 (3 Pending) Anodizing Technology Patents Employees 6
  7. 7. Legal Structure
  8. 8. Development Services: Overview Exclusive / Non-Exclusive Project Overview
  9. 9. Development Services: Overview SPC creates innovative technologies to enhance the performance of, and extend the market applications for, anodic coatings: Across a wide array of end use markets:  Medical Instruments & Equipment  Semi-Conductor & Hi Tech Manufacturing  Consumer Products  Automotive  And More! SPC accomplishes this through expert services and technology licensing:  Structured analysis of unmet need(s)  Technology gap analysis  Utilization of advanced methodologies: DOE, Stage Gate, etc.  Proof of Concept, Engineering & Prototyping, Product Development & Design, Validated Process Standards, Turn Key Solutions  Staged Development & Reporting  Seminars & In-House Training  Implementation Services  Consulting Services
  10. 10. Development Services: Overview Cont’d SPC operates as a single source of multiple anodizing disciplines bringing together all the elements for successful anodic coating development: • Process Equipment  Rectifier, rack, cathode, and process tank design • Process Chemistry  Pre-treatment, electrolyte, post-treatment, etc. • Process Design  Chemistry, process steps, and process conditions • Other  Masking and marking
  11. 11. Development Services: Exclusive / Non-Exclusive New technology can be licensed on either an exclusive or non-exclusive basis: Exclusive: Sole rights to the use of the technology in a field for a period of time. Can be restricted to geography. Non-Exclusive Existing or new technology without ability to restrict use by others.
  12. 12. Development Services: Project Overview Stage 1 Needs Identification Stage 2 Technical Assessment & Solution Screening Stage 3 Process Optimization Stage 4 Process Verification & Validation Stage 5 Commercialization • Specifications of Success • Scope • Deliverables • Time • Costs • Review of failures / prior experience • Identification of Constraints • Project Plan • Brainstorming • Literature Study • Experimentation • Candidate Pathways • Preliminary Design of Experiments • Application Testing Development • Quality / Yield • Through put • Capital • Finalize Manufacturing specifications • Validate costing • Product performance optimization • Maximize process efficiency • IQ, OQ, PQ • Line Planning • Installation • Commissioning • Training • Start Up • Technical Support • Post launch review DEFINED PROJECT PROOF OF CONCEPT COMMERCIAL VIABILITY VALIDATE PROCESS PRODUCTION
  13. 13. Anodic Coating Solutions Design Solutions Functional Solutions
  14. 14. Design Solutions Permanent Marking in Metal: SANFORD PRINT™ Crystal Clear Hard Coat: SANFORD QUANTUM® Vibrant Colors Hard Coat: SANFORD QUANTUM® Beautiful Castings: SANFORD PLUS®
  15. 15. Functional Solutions Revolutionary Chemical & Corrosion Performance MICRALOX® Flexible Substrates Flexi-Coat Reclaim Lost Dimensions SALVAGE No Burn 2000 Series Hard Coat PLUS Unbeatable Salt Water Spray Resistance MICRALOX® Outstanding Color Fastness during Sterilization MICRALOX® Craze Free Hard Coat Medical Sterilization Performance MICRALOX®
  16. 16. Supplies & Equipment: Anodizing Process Equipment Coating & Finishing Chemicals Hard Coating Process Solutions
  17. 17. Anodizing Process Equipment • Low voltage hard coat anodizing rectification • High Current Density Coatings that pass Mil-A-8625 Type III specifications • 13 – 24 volts. Generates less heat, and eliminates burning • Maintains clear oxide coating without darkening • Less Electricity and lower power consumption • Sized from 100 to 6000 Amps • Digital, programmable controllers • Phase conversion technologies • Anodic process line consulting, project management, & turnkey solutions
  18. 18. Coating & Finishing Chemicals SANFRAN Fully organic electrolyte additive to protect aluminum from burning while reducing energy consumption. SANFORD PROCESS HARDLUBE Reduces the Co-efficient of friction, provides for easy release, and enhanced chemical resistance. ANTI-FOAMER SILICONE FREE Dramatically suppresses foam in the process tank without impacting coating properties CRYSTANT Accelerator for phase change conversion for the MICRALOX® process. MICROSEED Specially formulated chemical to seed and impregnate during the MICRALOX® process. SPC Electrolyte Custom electrolyte solutions
  19. 19. In-house Training & Support • Anodic Coatings 101 • Racking: Efficiency & Quality • Anodize Chemicals & Management • Wastewater Treatment • Specifications in Anodic Coatings • Fundamentals of Sealing, Colors, Post-Treatment • Line Chemistry Quality Management
  20. 20. Hard Coating Process Solutions SANFORD QUANTUM • Low Voltage Hard Coat • Produces Mil-A-8625 Type III coatings • Crystal Clear Hard Coat • Vibrant Colors Hard Coat • Sanford Print SANFORD PLUS • 2000 Alloys Hard Coat • Beautiful Castings SANFORD SALVAGE • Up to 6 Mil Hard Coat MICRALOX® • Revolutionary Chemical Resistance (10X) • Autoclave resistance • STERRAD Resistance SANFORD CLASSIC • Conventional High Voltage Hard Coat • Lower risk of catastrophic burning
  21. 21. Application Solutions Aerospace / Military • All major Mil Specs. • Detailed Hand Masking • Chromate / Non-Chromate Conversion Coatings Household • Dishwasher safe • Vibrant Colors Hard Coat • Crystal Clear Hard Coat Industrial • Exceptional Dielectrics • Sanford Salvage • Beautiful Castings • Crystal Clear Hard Coat Marine • MICRALOX® Medical • MICRALOX® • SANFORD Print • STERRAD resistant colors
  22. 22. Capabilities • Process Lines • Lab, Pilot, Small Production*, Large Production* • Two step coloring • Polishing (various) • Chemical Lab • Complete analytical lab capability • Application Lab • Multiple test capabilities, including: abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, voltage breakdown, hardness, cleaning performance, sterilization performance, and more. * Shared with DCHN
  23. 23. New Developments: Chemical Resistance Sterilization Resistance: Fading & Dye Migration Dielectric Properties
  24. 24. Chemical Resistance • Multiple end markets require chemical resistance up to pH 13.5 • Medical Clean ability w/ high pH detergents • Automotive Car Wash Tests • Consumer Products Dishwasher Testing • MICRALOX® provides an effective solution for many applications requiring chemical resistance.
  25. 25. Sterilization Resistance: Fading • Problem: Organic dyes are oxidized by STERRAD® Sterilization. • Solution: Sanford Process has created a protective coating technology to creates non-oxidizing colors and embedded inks.
  26. 26. Autoclave Performance: Dye Migration • Problem: Organic dyes contamination on surface after autoclave sterilization. • Solution: SteriCoat A and MICRALOX ® both eliminate the root cause of this failure. MICRALOX® also protects from chemical attack.
  27. 27. 1 Shorr Court, Woonsocket, RI 02895 USA (401) 597- 5000