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SPSSD: Make Your Life Easier with Microsoft Flow


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This was the session I presented at SharePoint Saturday San Diego on January 13, 2018.

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SPSSD: Make Your Life Easier with Microsoft Flow

  1. 1. Make Your Life Easier with Microsoft Flow Work less, Do more #SPSSD
  2. 2. About Me
  3. 3. Why Microsoft Flow? • Automate business processes (and others!) • Create Flows using multiple services and data sources • Intuitive diagram-based interface • Successor to SharePoint Designer Workflows Have you tried Flow?
  4. 4. Get started… Try a template… There are hundreds!
  5. 5. Start from a Template… Hundreds available!
  6. 6. Or start from scratch… Or start from a SharePoint list or library, or OneDrive for Business… Watch for terminology in Flow templates: Lists have Items Libraries have Files Or from a selected file, item, or folder…
  7. 7. Plus! Common Data Service and On-Premises Data Gateway Connectors for nearly 200 services Used by both PowerApps and Flow NOTE: Some services are labeled as Premium (e.g. Salesforce, CDS) Where do you work?
  8. 8. Connectors vs Connections
  9. 9. Trigger (one) Action(s) Optional Conditions (with further actions) Basic Flow structure
  10. 10. Start with a Trigger Examples: • When a new item is created in a SharePoint list or library • When a new tweet is posted containing a particular term • Flow button on a mobile device • Triggered from a PowerApp • On a schedule
  11. 11. Perform Actions Examples: • Create a SharePoint item or CDS record • Post a tweet • Send a mobile notification • Interact with PowerApps • Use the Modern Approvals experience • Set a delay
  12. 12. Use values from other steps…
  13. 13. Add Dynamic content… … and Expressions (formulas) Expression reference: workflow-definition-language#expressions
  14. 14. Add Conditions for logic
  15. 15. The logic can get fairly elaborate…
  16. 16. Add a parallel branch
  17. 17. Run After
  18. 18. Manage your Flows
  19. 19. Click on a Flow to go to its dashboard
  20. 20. Analytics is a new feature – requires a premium Flow plan
  21. 21. View Flow runs and troubleshoot
  22. 22. Add people or groups as other Owners to create a Team Flow
  23. 23. Flow is available on your phone, too!
  24. 24. Flow Admin Center For Dynamics 365 & CDS
  25. 25. Flow Admin Center An Admin can also manage Flow owners from here
  26. 26. Use Flows in PowerApps Available in both web and Studio designers
  27. 27. @ mention Trigger and To-Do Connector
  28. 28. Flow Launch Panel, Modern Approvals, Run-only users
  29. 29. Physical inputs
  30. 30. Pricing As of September 2017 Also see: Also: Flow Free (750 runs, 15- minute checks)
  31. 31. Resources • • • Flow Community (forums, blogs) Flow-Community/ct-p/FlowCommunity • On my blog ( • Flow resources: • All Flow posts: • Twitter list: Submit ideas for new features to
  32. 32. Join us right after at The Urge Socialize and unwind after our day of learning. Urge Gastropub & Common House (practically across the street) 255 Redel Road, San Marcos, CA 92078 Thank you for joining us today! Don’t Forget SharePint