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Personal Brand Marketing

  1. 1. Upward BoundPERSONAL BRAND MARKETING<br />May 2009<br />Upward Bound Careers Inc.<br />
  2. 2. Program Agenda<br />Program Overview<br />Defining Your Personal Brand<br /><ul><li>Drop One Value
  3. 3. Interesting Interests
  4. 4. MBTI for Careers
  5. 5. SWOTshot
  6. 6. Competency Profile</li></ul>Marketing Plan<br />Creative Brainstorming<br />Resume Lab<br />Network Lab<br />Market Minute<br />Upward Bound Careers Inc.<br />
  7. 7. Marketing Yourself<br />If you think of yourself as a product or service being sold, what is your brand; i.e. what are you known for? <br />Do you know what value “Product You” brings to an organization? How would they value you if they “bought” you (i.e. how would your services be used)?<br />Where is there demand for “Product You”?<br />If someone is buying your time and service (Product You), what are they buying?<br />How would you define the image and reputation you have established in the organizations for whom you have worked?<br />What can you bring to an organization that has not been fully developed or recognized in the past?<br />Where in the marketplace might there be a demand for the skills, experience and reputation you bring?<br />Upward Bound Careers Inc.<br />
  8. 8. Personal Brand Marketing<br />Marketing<br />Branding<br />+<br />Developing an image and reputation of service provided that is supported by a strong track record of results<br />Getting the right services provided to the right people <br />in the right company <br />at the right time <br />and at the right price<br />= Getting You To Market<br />Upward Bound Careers Inc.<br />
  9. 9. Personal Brand Marketing -Services Provided<br />Personal <br />Marketing <br />Plan<br />Defining <br />“Product You” <br /><ul><li>Knowing Yourself through Myers Briggs
  10. 10. SWOTshot
  11. 11. Competency Profile
  12. 12. Creative Brainstorming Panel
  13. 13. Market Minute
  14. 14. Resume Workshop
  15. 15. Network Web
  16. 16. Interview Preparation
  17. 17. Marketing Plan</li></ul>+<br />Branding<br />Marketing<br />= Getting You The “Perfect” Job<br />Upward Bound Careers Inc.<br />
  18. 18. Personal Brand Marketing -Inputs and Outputs<br />Inputs<br />Outputs<br /><ul><li>Competency Profile
  19. 19. Market Minute
  20. 20. Revised Resume
  21. 21. Network Web
  22. 22. Marketing Plan
  23. 23. Inclusion in Search Firm Database
  24. 24. Myers Briggs
  25. 25. SWOTshot
  26. 26. Creative Brainstorming
  27. 27. Resume Lab
  28. 28. Network Lab
  29. 29. Interview Preparation</li></ul>Upward Bound Careers Inc.<br />
  30. 30. Market<br />Needs<br />Company<br />Needs<br />Behaviours<br />Attitudes<br />Values<br />Your Core<br /> Product <br />You<br />Skills<br />Style<br />Benefits<br />Interests<br />Quality<br />Competencies<br />Demands<br />And<br />Demands<br />And<br />How to Define “Product You”<br /> Who you are in the marketplace and to your customers and potential customers is driven by:<br /><ul><li>what people in your targeted area(s) value and demand
  31. 31. What companies expect and demand of their employees in order to meet market needs and demands
  32. 32. a deep understanding of who you are and what you have to offer which translates into the array of valued benefits that differentiate you in the marketplace
  33. 33. clarity in your own personal value proposition</li></ul>Upward Bound Careers Inc.<br />
  34. 34. Determining “Product You”<br />In <br />Myers Briggs Type Indicator<br />Weaknesses<br />Strengths<br />Strengths<br />Weaknesses<br />+<br />Opportunities<br />Threats<br />Opportunities<br />Threats<br />SWOT SnapShot<br />+<br /> Your Competency Profile<br />Management<br />Technical<br />Behavioural<br />Upward Bound Careers Inc.<br />
  35. 35. Myers Briggs helps you to <br />better understand yourself<br />If you can determine and define what it is you do well and that would be considered of value to a potential company, then you have begun to define “Product You”. Myers Briggs can help you to know yourself better, by identifying:<br />Your preferred ways of working and management style, and how those behaviours are seen by others<br />Consequently types of organizational cultures that complement your preferred ways of working (or not!)<br />How others’ preferences for working can complement or conflict with your own preferences<br />Constructive use of differences in working with others<br />Strengths and capabilities that can be leveraged into potential new career directions<br />Upward Bound Careers Inc.<br />
  36. 36. Create Your SWOTshot<br />It is important to understand (i.e. have a working knowledge of) your key strengths in order to understand what value you are bringing to a potential employer. Similarly, it is important to understand what things you are not as competent or as comfortable doing (your “weaknesses” or areas for improvement) so that you understand what you are NOT selling to a potential employer.<br />An analysis of opportunities and threats will help you understand what risks are inherent in you failing to act (e.g. pursue an opportunity, upgrade your skills etc), and what pressures exist now such that attention to your marketing initiatives is critical.<br />The SWOTshot begins with a quick examination of your strengths. An effective assessment of your strengths explores your areas of accomplishment and competency in a number of different arenas. Once you have a grasp of your strengths, you can build a picture of your areas for improvement, and from that you can identify areas of opportunity and threat. The result of this snapshot will be used to craft your Profile for your Resume, your Market Minute, and indeed will serve as the backbone for the development of your Personalized Marketing Plan.<br />Your strengths are assessed in terms of four different areas: <br /><ul><li>Values and Attitudes
  37. 37. Behaviours
  38. 38. Focus, and
  39. 39. Technical Competencies</li></ul>Upward Bound Careers Inc.<br />
  40. 40. Your Competency Profile<br />A SnapShot of your distinguishing competencies: managerial, technical and behavioural<br />Summarizes your experience, skills and attributes<br />Focuses on core abilities and talent and innate ways of working<br />Distinguishes between the content of what you do and how you work<br />Allows for comparison to corporations’ own competency profiles<br />Helps you to build your Product You branding<br />Supports your Market Minute message: ‘this is who I am’ <br />Upward Bound Careers Inc.<br />
  41. 41. Creative Brainstorming<br />Once you have established your brand, you will sit for an hour with a panel of 3 or more of our Partners and brainstorm the following:<br /><ul><li>What roles might suit you?
  42. 42. In what industries?
  43. 43. In what types of companies?
  44. 44. In what areas within a company?
  45. 45. Are there areas you have not thought of, and why?</li></ul>In addition to you being added to our Executive Search database, we will also use our collective and vast networks to see if there is connectivity we can recommend for you.<br />Upward Bound Careers Inc.<br />
  46. 46. Market Minute <br />(One Minute Message )<br />I am a __________________ ________________ <br />(Functional area(s)) (Leadership level)<br />What I do well is (or my “sweet spot” is):<br />(Talk about technical competencies and the proven results that they drive)<br />I get results by:<br />I am known for:<br />(A quick description of the values and attitudes, behaviours and focus points that define you)<br />(Optional) Most of all I like to:<br />My educational background includes:<br />My objective is to work for a company that ________________ and where I can _______<br />So if your organization needs (recap strengths and results), I would welcome the opportunity to further discuss.<br />Use an Acronym to remember<br />Upward Bound Careers Inc.<br />
  47. 47. Key Elements of an Effective Resume<br />Your resume must be written for the benefit of the targeted reader(s). Consequently, you will likely have more than one resume. The reader should end up with a very clear impression of what you are accomplished at, how you produce results, how you are perceived, and where you can add value.<br />An effective resume will include the following:<br /><ul><li>A meaningful Profile Statement: a quick snapshot of who and what you are, stated in a way that is meaningful to the targeted reader
  48. 48. A stated objective: what is it you are seeking?
  49. 49. A chronological work history (starting with most recent job) without any time gaps
  50. 50. Work experience descriptions written with an accomplishment or “so what” focus, not a job description or duties list
  51. 51. Succinct and lazar-like commentary
  52. 52. Education and training background with dates; include relevant courses or focus of education and training
  53. 53. Use of effective descriptors
  54. 54. Examples of how you are perceived
  55. 55. Use of verifiable testimonials if possible
  56. 56. No more than 3 pages
  57. 57. Correct spelling and grammar</li></ul>Your Resume is a Marketing Tool!<br />Upward Bound Careers Inc.<br />
  58. 58. School and University Alumnae<br />Training Seminar Attendee Lists<br />Community Clubs and Church<br />People<br />Who<br />Children’s School and Activities<br />You<br />Professional Services:<br />Lawyer<br />Pharmacist<br />Banker<br />Accountant<br />Truly<br />Win<br />Professional Associations,<br />Board of Trade<br />Chamber of Commerce<br />To<br />Want<br />You<br />Business Networks at Past Companies<br />LinkedIn, Facebook<br />Create Your Network Web<br />Effective Networking starts with an identification of the people closest to you who would truly like to see you “win” in life. They will want to help you if they can. From there, you need to consider contacts in ALL walks of your life that may be able to provide a referral or lead (a “warm call”) into a company. <br />The sky is the limit!<br />Upward Bound Careers Inc.<br />
  59. 59. Preparing for Interviews<br />There is an abundance of informative material that addresses proper etiquette and behaviour at an interview. What we address is how you prepare for an interview, because even the best etiquette and behaviour will fall flat if you are ill-prepared.<br />Ultimately, you must be prepared to answer two key questions:<br />What do you know about the company and the industry in which it operates?<br /><ul><li>Research the company and industry from every angle:
  60. 60. Relevant websites
  61. 61. Google the names of the company and its competitors, names of key leaders within the industry, etc…
  62. 62. Relevant associations
  63. 63. Employees at the company if appropriate</li></ul>Why you? Why should the company select you above other highly qualified candidates?<br /><ul><li>Know who you are and what you want (there may be multiple answers)
  64. 64. Know what competencies, attitudes and behaviours of yours would be relevant to this company
  65. 65. Be clear on the value you bring to this company and if possible this particular interviewer</li></ul>You must also be prepared to also ask a very relevant question, the answer to which you need to have at least partially clear in your own mind:<br />What can your company do for me?<br /><ul><li>Be clear on what future career directions are of interest to you and obtain an understanding of the level of support this company will provide towards your career goals (by means of its strategic mandate, and its approach to leadership development and promotion)</li></ul>Upward Bound Careers Inc.<br />
  66. 66. Your Ultimate Marketing Plan <br />Encompasses:<br />Look beyond the obvious industries<br />(your skills are transferable to other industries)<br />What Companies?<br />What Industries?<br />Look beyond the obvious companies<br />(e.g.if you are thinking small, look big; if you are thinking private, look public)<br />You and <br />Your <br />Core Benefits<br />What Areas <br />within <br />Companies?<br />What Ways <br />Can You <br />Promote Yourself?<br />Look beyond the obvious areas<br />(your skills may be transferable to other areas within a company)<br />Resume<br />Market Minute<br />LinkedIn, etc…<br />Network Web<br />Interviews<br />Personal Website<br />Conferences, Board of Trades <br />What Service <br />are you Selling?<br />At What Price?<br />“Product You”<br />Are you competitively priced?<br />What ‘s important to you? <br />Where are the trade-offs?<br />Upward Bound Careers Inc.<br />