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Phrasal verbs word order


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Based on New English File Pre-Intermediate Unit 8

Phrasal verbs word order

  1. 1. There are three types of phrasal verbs.<br />Learn each phrasal verb in a sentence to help you remember which type it is. <br />Type 1: No object<br /> I get up at 8.00.<br />subject + verb + particle (+ …)<br />For example:<br />Marysatdown.The matchwill beoverat 5:30pm.Westayupuntil midnight at weekends.<br />Other type 1 phrasal verbs include:<br /><ul><li>come back
  2. 2. go back
  3. 3. hurry up
  4. 4. go away
  5. 5. go out
  6. 6. come in
  7. 7. stand up
  8. 8. wake up</li></ul>Choose three of the verbs and make your own sentences:<br />Type 2: Object, Separable<br />This is the biggest group of phrasal verbs. There are three possible combinations for type 2 phrasal verbs. They are:<br /> I put on my coat.<br />subject + verb + particle + object (+ …)<br /> I put my coat on.<br />subject + verb + object + particle (+ …)<br /> I put it on.<br />subject + verb + pronoun + particle (+ …)<br />The pronoun must be BETWEEN the verb and the particle. I put on it.<br />For example:<br />Iturnedonthe TV.Fredtriedona new suit.The receptionistwrotedownthe telephone number.<br />Iturnedthe TVon.Fredtrieda new suiton.The receptionistwrotethe telephone numberdown.<br />Iturnediton.Fredtriediton.The receptionistwroteitdown.<br />Other type 2 phrasal verbs include:<br /><ul><li>give up (something you don’t want to do again)
  9. 9. put away (your clothes)
  10. 10. throw away (rubbish)
  11. 11. turn down (the music)
  12. 12. turn up (the music)
  13. 13. look up (words in a dictionary)
  14. 14. fill in (a form)
  15. 15. find out (some information)
  16. 16. pick up (a towel from the floor)
  17. 17. turn on (the TV)
  18. 18. turn off (the TV)
  19. 19. put on (clothes)
  20. 20. take off (clothes)
  21. 21. try on (clothes)
  22. 22. give back (something you’ve borrowed)
  23. 23. take back (something to a shop)
  24. 24. call back (later)
  25. 25. pay back (money you’ve borrowed)
  26. 26. write down (the words)</li></ul>Choose three of the verbs. Write the same sentences using all three combinations.<br />Type 3: Object, Inseparable<br />This is the smallest group.There are two possible combinations for type 3 phrasal verbs. They are:<br /> I looked for my keys.<br />subject + verb + particle + object (+ …)<br /> I looked for them.<br />subject + verb + particle + pronoun (+ …)<br />The pronoun must be AFTER the verb and the particle. I looked them for.<br />For example:<br />The babysitterlookedafterthe children.Iam lookingforward tomy holiday.Hedoesn’t geton withhis father.<br />The babysitterlookedafterthem.I‘m lookingforward toit.Hedoesn’t geton withhim.<br />Choose two of the verbs. Write sentences using both combinations.<br />