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Describing graphs adjectives and nouns worksheets


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Describing graphs adjectives and nouns worksheets

  1. 1. Complete the table with the adjective form of the following adverbs:<br />AdverbAdjectiveconsiderablydramaticallyenormouslyhugelymoderatelysignificantlyslightlysubstantiallyvastlyconsistentlygraduallyquicklyrapidlysharplyslowlysteadilyswiftly<br />Complete the table with the noun form of the following verbs:<br />VerbNoun (+ article)to increaseto growto improveto jumpto recoverto decreaseto deteriorateto dropto fallto shrinkto peakto plungeto slumpto stagnateto level offto fluctuate[to fluctuate]_ _ s and _ _ _ _ s<br />Use these structures with adjectives and nouns: <br /><ul><li>There + be (+ quite) + a / an (+ adjective) + noun + preposition
  2. 2. e.g. There was a dramatic fluctuation in the share price in 2007.There has been quite a dramatic increase in the number of immigrants entering the UK since 2004.
  3. 3. Date + see (+ quite) + a / an (+ adjective) + noun + preposition
  4. 4. e.g. January saw a steady growth in our sales in the Czech Republic.
  5. 5. 2009 has seen a significant fall in the amount of students entering university in the USA.</li></ul>Change these sentences from ‘verb + adverb’ to ‘adjective + noun’. If there is no noun form of the verb, choose a different verb.<br /><ul><li>Last April orders increased dramatically.
  6. 6. So far this month, oil prices have shrunk significantly.
  7. 7. Last year, the value of the US dollar fluctuated.
  8. 8. Yesterday, our share price rose slightly.
  9. 9. This year, sales have gone down slightly.
  10. 10. Labour costs peaked in June last year.
  11. 11. This week, sales of washing machines have gone up considerably.
  12. 12. Last summer, our market share fell quite sharply.
  13. 13. This year, orders from Europe have levelled off.